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Hi. This is Julie with and I want to show you how to make this ring. It uses C-Koop copper enamel formed flower shape we put it on a pretty ring finding based upon how we're gonna make this we can actually spin our flowers around. It's a fun ring to make so what you're going to need is a ring form, you need one with a hole in the middle. I've got this one with a pretty filigree edge it's going to be perfect for it We've got a three inch head pin in antique brass to match the ring finding I've got three of these copper enameled flower shape to it. I've got one that is twenty four millimeters approximately, they are going to all vary a little bit in turquoise I've got a mustard yellow one that is seventeen millimeters and I've got a little white one which is twelve point five millimeters and then I just have a little czech glass bead that is four millimeters. In terms of what tools you're going to need is a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters super easy to make this project. You're gonna take your head pin and place onto a little four millimeter bead then you're going to place the smallest of the flower shapes you're gonna have the cap facing upwards so that it captures the bead inside go ahead do the medium size followed by the large take the base wire of your head pin put it through the middle of the ring finding and pull it down tight you can see what we've got on the other side now once that is secure in there you're gonna go ahead and take your wire pull it to the side keeping a nice tight tension wrap the wire from the head pin around the base of your ring finding and the ring shank and the filigree and you just going to keep wrapping as many times as you can take your flush cutters trim off the edge and that's actually nice and tight up against there. If you do have a wire which is poking out it looks like it's going to actually hurt your finger take your chain nose and just push it in a little bit but that's up there nice and tight and then it will spin and that is how you make a C-Koop copper enamel spinner ring. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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