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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to make a fun bangle bracelet little different approach to it so that I have this Nunn Design bangle bracelet with this channel core a lot of things you can do with it and one option is to paint it and I'm going to show you how to do that to me show you how to add some embellishments as well and give you some tips along the way so what you need for the paint is Vintaj patina and this is specially made for metal, so it's gonna stay on there really well you're going to need a paintbrush and I recommend if you think you're going to be doing several of these to get the paintbrush with a flat tip even about the weight of the bracelet, if you do you wanna make a lot of these, if you don't you don't need such a specific brush but it really does help than I've got these little embellishments. They're SWAROVSKI flatback pearls. I'm going to add them using some g s hypo cement and then I just have a little plastic bag, it's actually what the bangle bracelet came in which I'm using as my paint tray and I've covered my work surface so first off shake up the patina and put some on the paint tray or in this case my little plastic bag Vintaj patinas do dry very quickly so you're not going to what to put a lot on there put some on the tip of the brush not soaking our brush and we're just going to start to paint the core now you'll notice you're not getting a lot of coverage. I don't want you to paint a heavier coa.t I want you to do this nice light coat to begin with and actually go back over the area that you started so you don't have a lump there see how I'm holding it, I'm not touching any of the sides and also making sure that you don't cover the rim, the edges gonna make it look really nice and polished so rotate pick up a little bit more paint just again on the tip and painted in that core go back over restart it just so you don't have a big puddle of paint right there and rotate a little more paint just do that until you get to where you started now I'm going to put this down for only about five minutes for this first coat because it is so thin I can go right over it again. You can see it's uneven. You could see the copper through it don't worry about that you're going to do several coats again and you will end up with a nice solid opaque color go wash your brush out in the meantime now, the patina will dry on it's own and you'll end up with a paint brush that's not going to work anymore so you can see this is not completely dry and actually look at what happen and this is going to be what can happen on yours, you'll see a little gaps here and there and you also notice it's definitely not a nice even coat so we need to do another coat and we're going to do that the same way. I already pre shook this put some down on my little piece of plastic and do the exact same thing we're just gonna go over paint the area again I want to show you a little bit of this before I sign off again to paint the whole and let it dry there are still streaks so what you're going to do and I'm not gonna show every step of this in the video because you don't need to see me painting over and over again you're gonna paint enough coats until you have a completely opaque solid layer with the green it took five coats of paint, with this light blue it's probably going to take the same amount and just paint a layer let it dry throughly and then go back and paint another layer what you're going to be doing is when you're going over the layers you can start to get a nice even look along the edges it's going to start to look even and more solid along the band until it's completely and a nice solid opaque layer and don't be tempted to do a super thick layer, that's not going to help you in the long run nice even coats letting them dry and then go back in paint a top coat it did end up being coats but I do have an nice even coat of blue I'm ready to go ahead and add my embellishments I'm going to use G S Hypo cement and a little mini magical pick which has this little tip on the end which will allow me to pick up my embellishments. You can use flat back rhinestones, you can use these little cabochon pearls, you can do whatever you want to put on here or you can leave it blank. I'm going to spruce it up a little bit with a polka dot designed using these great little SWAROVSKI embellishments so what's nice about Hypo cement is that it has this great little applicator tip and what I'm going to do is you'll probably notice there are slight imperfections in my paint which is just bound to happen. You probably have the same thing so I'm going to start by putting an embellishment over one of those. Squeeze a little bit of the G S Hypo cement right onto my bracelet put up an embellishment and stick it on there now I want a polka dot pattern. I want this to all be even. Make another little dot and another one go ahead place these into the dots of glue now rotate it slightly and then if you get too much glue that's coming out of your applicator tip if you have your work surface covered just go ahead and smear it onto your work surface it this does dry pretty quickly so I'm doing about three dots at once before I place them on now I'm going to go ahead put the tip back into my glue and I'm going to let this dry in an upright position for about ten minutes and then I'n going to feel like I can rotate it and continue adding more of the little pick dots these are dry, I can go ahead right now and so I could feel free to rotate and now I'm going to do the same process again look for any imperfections I might want to cover up it helps if you are doing like a random polka dot pattern this is as much as I want to do this time and I do believe on the next time around I can finish it up last segment rotate do the exact same thing does not take a lot of G S Hypo cement just one more dot and we are done now you have a great pastel, in this case pastel bracelet perfect for spring and I very popular bracelet style. 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