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Hi! This is Julie with Beadaholique and today I'm going to show you how to make basketball wive style earrings. These are a particular style of earring which is characterized by a big hoop and all these fun, sparkly beads on it and I've got these acrylic rhinestone beads, so they're really lightweight but they're really very sparkly and very pretty and that's what I'm going to be using for this particular project to make my hoop I'm actually using memory wire which is great because it's going to help to hold it's shape, you've not going to have to form that perfect circle. It's already going to be formed for you and I thought I'd put on a little ball post and I just got a little earring back as well the tools that you're going to need is a pair of round nose pliers chain nose pliers and some type of memory wire or heavy-duty wire cutter memory wire is very strong so you're not going to want to use your good flush cutters on it. You want to use something that's either specifically made for it or a little heavier duty this is a easy project and we're going to put one together right here. I thought I'd use a different color earring to show you how to do this so I've got my memory wire and it's perfectly spiraled find one end of it see where it overlaps to make s complete loop and I want to overlap by about half an inch. I'm just going to eye ball it snip it so now I've got a circle my ends are overlapping for one end I'm going to take your round nose pliers grip just the tip make a loop. Roll it back that's what we've got so far on the straight end now just going to load up my beads I'm going to put on this end on this particular earring I'm going to put nine of these beads and because they are plastic they are very lightweight they're not gonna be too heavy when they are on there I've got six put three more take my round nose grab the tip again. About the same spot on my pliers before. so I have nice even loops I'm gonna roll it over and create another loop Now we've got two loops now we've got our beads on there and they're not gonna fall off now to attach the post take my chain nose plier open up one of my loops a little bit just enough so that I can slip the loop of the ball post on there now I'm gonna bend it back try ti bend it back into place as carefully as you can just so that there's not a gap for your post to escape so now for open the other loop up as well this is the trickiest part that's not all that hard, it's just getting another right angle slide it on there as well I've captured both of them and I'm just going to take my chain nose bend my loop back in place all that's left now is putting my earring back on it was that simple to make a pair of basketball wive style earrings. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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