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Hi! This Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to cover a Nunn channel bangle bracelet with bead weaving you can see I have one finished here and I love it, it's one of my favorite things ever and all it is is a strip of even count flat peyote stitch and it's actually really very simple to do it takes a little bit of time to do the weaving other than that it's a really simple concept all I did to start I took the channel bangle and I'd just a strung some seed beads on my needle to see how wide to make it so I'm working with 11/0 delicas seed beads I just put your beads on your needle and just hold it up to the channel to see what would fit I'm using six per row because I can see that it fits here but if you're going to use a different bead definitely this would be the easiest way figure it out. String them on your needle and hold it up I do recommend and that you stick to a cylinder bead I would not recommend doing this with a round seed bead because you need that uniform size to get it to fit into the channel evenly so if you're gonna to choose a different size of the cylinder beads that's fine and this could be the best way to find how wide to make your strip but I wouldn't go using something that's going to have more of a variation in size so then all you do is make a strip whoops I forgot to trim that end. I did already tie that off go ahead and make a strip of bead weaving use even count flat peyote and we do have a video online if you're not familiar with it. What you do is keep going until your piece is almost long enough to reach around and the reason you don't wanna make it exactly the right size is because there's this little teeny lip in the channel bangle and that is gonna hold it on really pretty well for only if it's tight so it gives a little bit. It's got some stretch to that and you want to go ahead use that to hold it on says you can see this one I didn't put any glue on and I can actually rotate the bead weaving but it doesn't go anywhere because it's really snug if you're worried about it holding, if you think it's gonna get a lot of wear and tear just put some E6000 on the bangle in the channel before you put this on you don't know want to put a lot. You don't it to seep through the bead weaving but that will help if you're worried about it. Personally I think it's pretty secure I'm just gonna use the tension so get you're weaving wrapped around and I worked until it was before I started stretching it was probably about an eighth of an inch separation and then just push it in. You will get some beads because they are not completely uniform you will get some that sticks up a little bit and don't fall right into the channel it's not that big of a deal. You can't really notice them that much push them in as best you can. Pull it around your fingers and pull your weaving around until it meets up then you're going to with the thread that's already on there just start zipping up the ends by going into the last bead on the row across and then going into the beads that stick out on each side back-and-forth you don't need to pull it tight on everyone. It might actually make a last row a little loose. Just kind of go in and get through all of them loosely and then you can pull it tight stretch them so that it's all the way together and pull. You can see that seam just disappears you do want to make sure that you tie off and weave in all of your loose ends before you do this otherwise you're not going to be able to get in there very well make sure the only thread you have is the one that you're working with and once you get through you can tie off and weave in your end of your working thread too make sure since its you're trying to work with it flat that when you get to where you're going to tie your knot just pull the ends together tight again by pulling on that loop and then go ahead and make your knot weave it through a little bit before you cut it off and that's all there is to it. If you have left it a little short and you used that tension it's really pretty sturdy, it's really not going anywhere so it's a pretty easy concept. It makes a really eye-catching pretty finished product. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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