How to Make an Odd-Count Peyote Stitch Ring

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create an odd-count peyote stitch ring using 11/0 Miyuki Delica seed beads in the exclusive Beadaholique Avignon color palette. You will see how to seamlessly join the two ends of your bead weaving, as well as a suggested design variation.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to show you how to make an odd count peyote stitch ring for this project I'll be using some beautiful 11o sized my you keep delica seed beads that come in some wonderful color palettes that we've created some thread snips and fireline and here you can see I've put together a ring using odd count which facilitates that central design and so as a variation I'm going to start with this color palette here and just begin with a couple feet of fire line and thread on my stopper bead and I'm going to leave about a six inch tail and these both are going to be nine beads wide so I'm going to take on my first stripe of color this is gonna be a simple striped ring and the delicas are great to use with this because of their uniform shape they really stack nicely or thread those down to the end to my stopper bead and now begin my second row of weaving by picking up one bead per stitch going under my following bead and alternating we have a really good beginner video on odd count peyote so you might want to reference that if you've never done this before the first few rows are always the trickiest you don't have a loom or a tool that's holding your beads together so it just takes a row or two for them to get so you can hold them more easily so I'm just going back and forth here in my order right these rings are good projects if again you are new to peyote they are shorter to complete a little bit more manageable than say a full bracelet and what's nice about the design also is that it facilitates a really clean seamless join which I will demonstrate at the end to bring the two ends together alright so coming up on the end of my second row here and pick up my final bead and do that extra step that's necessary for odd count peyote so what that involves is coming around back through the first bead that I strung on and up on the diagonal through those three beads again our other video shows contrasting beads in a larger size that may be easier to see so this is a bit of a crash course here now what I need to do to get back is I'm utilizing this block of five beads on the end I'm going to come through these two the object being to avoid a threat bridge so I'm gonna keep my thread as invisible as possible get my fingers out of the way for you so I've come back through these two beads also gonna come back through that first bead that I doubled back through initially my little tail out of the way here the weeds the reason we leave a tail is so that we can tie off the end of our thread now is where I can come back through that first bead and begin my third row so just continue to add my beads row by row this pattern will have three beads to each color row fill my little spaces and you'll see here on the opposite end I can feed my last bead in and I don't have to go through that procedure of doubling back through beads and just continue as I would for even count peyote on the way back so this is the process of getting started on the ring I'll do one more pass at this end now that I have a bit more of a grip to work with just to illustrate this extra process of adding that last odd count bead so my ninth bead is on my needle what I'm going to do is string back through that last bead on the previous row and those two angling up toward the row I've been working on slide my bead on come through this little quadrant of five beads that I work with to get back to where I want to go I can get my fingers out of the way hide my thread bridge through the previous edge bead get the tail out of the way and then lock that last bead into place the way I want it like so so continue just a couple more beads and then we'll move on to the next step that's the process of odd count just start now take my thread off and pulling my little finished swatch that is my full ring comprised of all the colors of the pallet and each one has rows of three just in straight line I was keeping it simple so here's my end point I'm going to thread on my needle so I've gone and got no little knot on the end get rid of that I read my needle and I've got all the beads on that I want and it's come full circle in the pattern which is nice I sized it to my finger you might also want to use a ring sizer to get it the size that you want so what I'm gonna do is bring the two ends together for the seamless join it really is neat how they zip together like perfect little teeth so you can see that I'm coming out of my last edge bead of brown I'm gonna come over to the opposite side of my beadwork you simply thread back through alternating every bead back and forth zipping up the two sides it's a very satisfying tiny little process you do have to do each single individual bead one by one sewing them together and it is the same process as you would do for even count peyote oops got stuck there we go you don't want it to go through an extra bead one by one here we go once I'm to the end I will tie off and weave in my thread and then do the same on the opposite side where my stopper bead is flip this around finish my last stitch here and rather than tying off along the edge where I might see my knot on those thread bridges let me go ahead and tuck my bead into the center of my beadwork avoiding thread bridges just one by one hiding my thread until I get to the point where I can find a bridge inside like so double back through tie it off once in twice in my darkest beads which our heart is to see the thread there we go and then weave in my thread just go through a few adjacent beads before I clip it you use my thread snips for this and take my needle and do the same thing on this other side gonna remove my stopper bead I've left my little tail thread the needle a little bit into my beadwork and tie it off always tricky to find a thread bridge in these tight tight beads there we go and I'll go ahead and do a surgeon's knot here go once and twice around tuck the bead in where I know it's adjacent and again and clip so there is a little neapolitan peyote ring and these again they use these beautiful delicate color palettes that we've come up with so that's how to make an odd count peyote stitch ring I hope you enjoyed this video all of these project bundles tools and supplies are available at and please visit our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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