How to Make an Initial Necklace with ImpressArt Personal Impressions Kits

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this jewelry making tutorial video, learn how to make a metal stamped initial necklace. This is a great way of personalizing jewelry and making meaningful gifts. This project is quick and easy and a great idea for bridesmaid jewelry, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and more. The supplies for this project are from an ImpressArt Personal Impressions kit which actually gives you all the supplies for 5 full necklaces. The tools and the kits are available at
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Hi, this is Julie with for yourself and your friends and so I have this gold-plated one right here and I've opened up the silver-plated once you can see what it looks like so you get five of these little stamping blanks they are silver plated they're ten millimeters for the little round circle one and you get five necklaces and you also get five jump rings and they even give you a little sample test blank to practice on so a really great little kit there's a couple different styles you have a long rectangular bar and this one here measures 38 millimeters long and it tells you to use it with a 1.5 millimeter stamp and you can kind of see here on their little illustration what that would look like so great for writing a date or a name on it and then there's also a narrower one up here there's also a shorter one up here and this is again a rectangular bar but it is only gonna be 20 millimeters long and then there's also a square the square is 11 millimeters square so you've got all these different sets they are all a set of five little individual kits they're all silver plated and gold plated and all the necklace chains are 18 inches so really great item and you can make a lot of gifts with just one of these little kids so I've already made a necklace using the circle so here's a circle I stamped the letter G for an initial on it there so Georgia or Gina whatever you might want you see is a really nice it's all pretty thick a little blank and it's got that jump ring and a nice coordinating necklace with a lobster clasp so I'm going to make one here in this video and so what you're going to need to do that is you're going to take one of your little kits that comes with you get five of them and the jump ring is actually already on the necklace chain then you're going to need stamping blocks so I've got this 2x2 inch one and there's something special on the top it's a little actually cysts occur and what that is is it is a scratch protector protector you can get them in these little booklets and everything you see here is available for sale at so if you want more information on any of it please do check out our website and our listings but to make the impression pop I'm going to be using a stamp enamel marker I'm going to be using this genie stamp set this alphabet one so a lot of little lowercase letters here either really like this font so you can see what that font looks like and then I'm gonna need a brass hammer and then just a couple pairs of chain nose pliers to open and close that jump ring alright let's begin so whatever letter you want or letters you can do someone's first and last name initials too or you could do a date whatever you may like so I think I'm gonna do a love C I think I'll do a J or my name Julie okay so I'm going to put my blank right there on here now you can use the grid line to help you if you want I mainly wanted it to act as a scratch protector so it's doing this job but I do find it easier if the hole is up top now when you're doing these stamps what's really great about impress art and say put their logo on it and they put whatever the stamp is right down here at the bottom so you always want that facing you so then when you tilt it up you know that it's oriented properly so I'm just gonna try to Center this right on my stamping blank here I'm gonna look at it from a couple different angles make sure it looks good and I'm gonna give it one nice solid hammer there we go and I've got a little J on there and I like it just like that I think it would be lovely as is but if you want it to pop a little bit more you can go ahead and put some the stamp enamel in it so if you're going to do that make sure to cover your work surface and have some paper towels shake up your marker and before we probably can't hear me over the shaking before we actually do it I want to show you the difference so the G was filled in and the J has not been and we're just going to put it right on top of our letter just like that so a little goes a long ways and then we're gonna wipe it off in about one minute we're only gonna wait a minute as we are waiting I want to show you what also comes with your set so you do get instructions which is really nice so whenever you get one of these little kits it's gonna show you how you orient your hammer how you open a jump ring you close a jump ring it's also gonna give you a little tip about the amount of force you use so that's why they give you this little sample blank so if you've never done stamping before you can go ahead and practice how hard you want to hit it and also a little guide about how you properly open and close a jump ring so if you are considering giving this as a gift it's really nice that it comes with instructions I don't know it's probably been close to a minute okay so I'm just gonna hold it trying not to touch the ink it's not a big deal if I do because we're just gonna wipe it off anyways just wipe it stamping blank a little polishing while you're at it and there we go now to add it to the chain is very very simple just opening a jump ring it is nice that these do come with jump rings I like that it's always fun when you get a kit and you don't need to buy any other supplies just supply the tools okay so I've got that open oops I am not giving myself enough room there there we go close up that jump ring so the ends meet and you have your finished necklace and so I've got a J I've got a G and you can definitely pick whatever your friends names are your children's names your relatives your bridesmaids whatever you want to do definitely can customize so that is how you go ahead and you personalize these wonderful little kits I'm going to show you them again so you get five necklace kits within this one set and they're really fun to do a lot of different things you can do with them and you can find them at you

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