How to Make an Adjustable Slider Bracelet with Snake Chain and Tassels

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how you can make an adjustable slider clasp bracelet featuring snake chain. You can finish off the ends with tassels, gemstones, beads or even crystals!
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Hi, this is Kat with fun funky colorful tassels all right so I have a couple examples here on my table so I did one that had these little turquoise teal sort of fun little guys here these tassels and then I did a purple and gold version so let me first talk about the snake chain that we're gonna be using so let me draw your eye up here to the top so I have five different varieties of snake chain so I'm just gonna kind of move them with my hand so you can see that they really have a cool sparkle to them as they kind of roll around so what's really neat is we have up here at the top we have a lovely silver and then going down we have a gold and then these three at the bottom so this is a gold with a white on top of it and this is a gold with a black and a gold with a turquoise teal so some really fun colors and of course you can coordinate them with the colorful tassels and we do have gold caps and silver caps in the tassel so you can just mix and match and choose so you can also do mixed metals if you like there's there's no wrong answer here so this is really fun and we're gonna be working with that today so the main component here is the adjustable slider clasp now I'm just gonna pick up one of these so you can kind of see how it looks so you just sort of pull it and it adjusts to your wrist so you can pull it all the way to the ends to wear it and then when you're ready just pull it on and sort of adjust the size that you want now you can see that I'm trying to not sort of pull too much on the tassels here because we don't want those to pop out so I would put the stress if you're wearing this onto that chain so go ahead and pull from the chain so just a little tip as you kind of wear these so really fun so what I'm going to do is I'm going to kind of recreate one of these using the navy blue tassels I have some silver snake chain here and I have my little silicone adjustable slider there I have some jump rings these are going to be four millimeter 21 gauge and then I also have these great little sort of end caps I'm just going to kind of try to pick one up so you can see that it's going to fit our chain nice into the side there all right so that's gonna fit our chain and then for tools I have a couple of pairs of chain nose pliers a pair of flush cutters and then we're also going to be gluing that chain in so I have some e6000 and a little scrap of wire that's gonna help me with that so if you have everything ready let's go ahead and get started okay so to begin we're gonna take our snake chain and this is about a foot of snake chain and we're gonna put it through the slider now the first one slides through nice and easy so what we're gonna do is we're going to take that same end and we're gonna go up and around and sort of back through going the opposite way because you want your ends to be coming out opposite directions now this chain is actually stiff enough to sort of go back through itself sometimes you'll notice that in previous ones we've had to use a scrap of wire or a needle so this one is stiff enough you just got to kind of work it in there and push it through there we go and I'm just kind of feeding it through all right so now I'm gonna kind of pull it on one side there okay so you can see that obviously this is very lopsided so what you want to do when you're sizing this is to kind of pull it so that you have maybe about a half an inch on one side and then you're gonna kind of try to put it over your wrist and that one actually is maybe a little tight for me so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of pull this large side here and I'm gonna see if I can pull that out just a little bit it's just a little bit alright slip it over my wrist there we go so that's the size I want so before I adjust any further what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come in with my flush cutters and I'm gonna trim off this side so that I have again just about that half inch or so alright so now we can remove our extra a little bit so now go ahead and take these two ends and sort of you know you can let them come together a little bit because what we're gonna do next is we're gonna add on our little blue ends so just take a little bit of e6000 here remove my examples out of the way I'm just gonna place a little dab onto my post-it note here and I'm just using a little scrap of paper so you can just use whatever you like so what we're gonna do now is I'm gonna get a little bit onto the edge of my wire here I'm gonna take my little end cap and we're just gonna kind of try to get some glue down in there don't worry if it kind of spills over a little bit this is a tight little space so we're I'm just gonna clean up the sides there and the great thing about East 6000 is you can just really kind of pick it off afterwards so I'll show you that later all right so now I'm just going to gently sort of slide it in there and just kind of press it together let it kind of glue for just a moment and then I'm gonna move on to the second side here now the thing with the e6000 like I said you don't want to put too much stress on this particular part of the bracelet because you don't want it to kind of come out on you so go ahead and try to get as much a six thousand in there as you can without it kind of spilling over and then we're gonna let this sit for at least I would say at least an hour before moving on to finish off the necklace or it and I'm sorry finished off the bracelet but then once it's once we're done with the bracelet I would wait at least 24 hours before actually wearing it just to make sure that they're nice and secure okay so I'm gonna leave my little cord ends here I'm just gonna make sure that they're nice and in there there we go alright so I'm gonna leave this like this for about an hour or so and then I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna show you how to just sort of add those little tassels and I'm going to talk about some other little design elements that you can add alright so I'm still letting my glue dry for just another moment here but I wanted to kind of take this opportunity to talk about all the ways that you could embellish this very simple design so I have a couple of little crystals here that I could just add on with some jump rings so that kind of makes it a really nice little elegant look if it you just add some little drops you can also add on some charms which would be really great now there's also nothing saying that both have to match so let's say you wanted to add on a Tesla you could add on a little charm maybe a little star or a little heart or something so there's a lot of really fun options you can also take a headpin string on a bead and make a little wrapped wire loop or a simple wire loop and just kind of attach it onto the ends as well so if you wanted something that's a little bit smaller a little bit tighter because obviously when you see the drop of the tassel is about 35 millimeters so if you wanted something a little tighter towards your wrist something a little smaller you could always just add a little tiny dangle or a little bead there Channel charms work great for this there's just so many opportunities to really make this your own so with this very simple design all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna attach some of those fun tassels because I wanted to make sort of a double blue tone things that I could actually wear these together because I love stacking these up because then you have all these fun little tassels sort of hanging and dangling from your wrist so very simply just to finish this off we're going to take our chain nose pliers here and again just to remind you this is a four millimeter 21 gauge jump ring that I'm working with here so again we want to do our best to try to keep it as tight to our wrist as possible but sort of hiding in that little little tassel there all right so just opening up that jump ring and slipping it on there slipping it on there so it stays here we go alright yeah we're just gonna close that up and just repeating again making sure that we're all lined up there yeah slipping on my tassel maybe this side will be better for me spoke too soon there we go alright and just close up that jump ring so that is how easy it is to just kind of finish off that look so again be sure to wait about 24 hours before you actually wear it but just kind of seeing how they kind of stack up and you can wear them it's just really fun and it gives the nice little allusion of a fun little tassel kind of hombre at the bottom there if you use the same two-tone but be sure to check out and pick your favorite color of tassel and your favorite chain and again we do have these barrels in gold and silver so you'll be nice and color-coordinated so if you want to see the full tutorials of these and written instructions head over to and that is of course where you'll find all these beautiful chains tassels and tools and if you liked this video be sure to hit that subscribe button below you

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