How to Make a Delicate Seed Bead Color Blocked Chain Necklace

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a delicate necklace featuring color blocked Miyuki delica seed beads. The necklace features fine beading chain with three colors of seed beads strung on and then finished with crimp beads and a small lobster clasp. The beads have been chosen from Exclusive Beadaholique seed bead palettes.
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Hi, this is Julie with and some seed beads so in this particular video i'll be showing you the chain and then we'll have another video if you're interested in seeing how to make that little medallion so really the focal of this necklace is the beads and I'm using my yuki delica size 11 o's and i'm actually pulling from our beadaholique exclusive palette so we have palettes which we've already made for you the designers and hand-picked these guys of for coordinating colors now you can definitely use whatever seed beads you want but if you're looking for some inspiration and a great place to start do check out the palette so I also have a green one over here and I pulled just a couple other ones to show you the choice and also to pick one to do in the video here so we have a lovely purple these great blues pink metallic you could do this color blocking technique in or even this wonderful turquoise and I think it is this turquoise palette that I'm gonna pair with my other supplies so you can use as many different colors as you like from this particular project I'm going to use three so I think I'm gonna do these three here the beautiful thing about these palettes is all the colors do work well together so you can't really go wrong so these are the three I'm going to choose I'm going to be using some beading chain so if you're not familiar with beading chain it's this really nice thin chain I'm going to be finishing it with a little lobster clasp a couple jump rings and then these little crimp beads with loops on the end and then for my tools I'm gonna have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers to open those jump rings a pair of crimping pliers and a pair of cutters now I've pre-cut my chain to 16 inches but just to show you how you would cut it to whatever length you like you just snip it there's really nothing more to it it's very very easy to do so let me show you how to make this color-blocked seed bead necklace I pour out a little bit of each of my different colors and everything you see here is available for sale at beautifully calm and we have a lot of other instructional videos and projects too to give you more ideas you see this is not using very many beads which is great you can then make a lot of different projects these are pretty big tubes considering how small the beads are alright so we've got our beads laid out and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna start by finishing off one of the ends and that is gonna work as a bead stopper for us so I am going to take my crimping pliers if you're not familiar with a pair of crimping pliers this is what they look like they have a couple of notches here the knotch closest to the handle is kidney-shaped and that is what we're gonna be placing our crimp bead into first and then the second one is more of an oval shape and that'll be the second step in our process so the way I like to do this is I like to preload my crimp bead so I just rested in there and I can actually hold it now which is nice and I take the end of my beading chain and you notice a beading chain is so fine that you're not gonna be able put a jump ring through it so you really do need to have something like this crimp bead at the end of it alright so I'm putting it in and I'm gonna squeeze down and I'm gonna apply some pressure but I don't have to apply a lot you see what just happened it made it so that it mimicked that kidney shape in the plier so now I'm going to rotate it so it's standing upright in the oval just like that and then we're just going to squeeze and that causes it to flatten in on itself and it is nice and secure that's not going anywhere you can go ahead and put a crimp bead cover over this or you can leave it plain personally I want this to be a really delicate fine piece of jewelry so I'm just gonna leave it as is so if you look at our pattern here that we did already so I have the darkest color on the outside for about an inch then my medium color and then I have a couple inches of the lightest color followed by the medium color and the darker again so I'm gonna start because this is one of our ends now by placing the beads onto the beading wire directly with the darkest color first when you see what I just did I'm using the end of the beading chain as my needle I don't need a needle which is great because you really wouldn't be able to put a needle on the beading chain now we're just gonna go bead by bead placing it onto the end and sliding it down and I'm just gonna do this for as long as I want now you could fill the entire beading chain up with beads if you wanted to totally up to you you could use a whole bunch of different colors you could limit it to just one color have like an inch hanging at the bottom a lot of different things you can do and because we are using size 11 oh my yuki delicas these are very fine and it creates that really delicate dainty look like that could even be a piece of jewelry right there just a tiny little splash of color I'm just gonna keep going takes a little bit of patience but not a lot this goes you know you'll have a finished piece within 20 minutes or so by the time you load all your beads and finish off your ends okay so let's see what we have when you slide them together I'm going to take a little ruler here that is almost an inch I'm gonna add one more bead and then I'm gonna go to my next color which is this pretty matte turquoise here alright and then we're just gonna add it and that's all you do so add as maybe just you want as few beads as you want you're going to create a colored block design you see where that we transitioned right there and just keep going until you're got all your beads and then I'm going to come back and show you how to finish the other end of the chain it's the same way you finish the first end but I'm going to show you how to add the jump rings and the clasp so you have a wearable piece of jewelry I finished my color blocking and I kept in my pattern I had before where I did the darker color the medium and the lighter with the lighter in the middle I think it's really fun to note though how the shiny beads really pop compared to the matte ones so have fun playing with different finishes when you're doing this project and you can see I still had a bunch of beads from the original ones I laid out these don't take a lot of beads so now let's go ahead and finish it off so we can actually wear this so we're going to start with the same process as we did before we're going to take this little crimp bead with the loop and I'm going to stick it in my plier to start with so it can grip it okay just put in my beading chain and squeeze there we go turn that on its side and squeeze and we've flattened it now we're ready to just attach our clasp and we're gonna just need two pairs of chain nose pliers and these open jump rings these are a four millimeter jump ring and I chose a four millimeter just because I personally if I'm buying supplies for our project I don't like to have a bunch of different size jump rings in my project cuz there's this extra stuff to buy so I like to use the same thing to connect my ends to my lobster clasp and also to use as the second half of the lobster clasp so the four millimeter is big enough for this little guy to hook on to if you have some other jump rings laying around you could also loop on a five millimeter or a six millimeter if you want to have a little bit bigger of a ring to connect to but the four does work so now I'm just gonna open my lobster slide on that little end and we have a nice delicate finishing technique for our chain and that is how you can color-block beading chain using my yuki delicate size eleven OC beads so if you like this video please do check out the rest of our videos on our youtube channel and subscribe so you get notifications when we make more and also check out our website or you can buy all these supplies but there's also a lot more videos and tutorials thanks so much for watching you

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