How to Make a Nunn Design Seed Bead Medallion

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to create a pretty medallion featuring a Nunn Design bezel setting and 11/0 Miyuki Delicas from an Exclusive Beadaholique seed bead palette. Use this as a focal piece, pendant, or charm. Easy to make and looks great in a variety of colors.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and some iug delica 11 OC beads now this one is part of a project where I went ahead and the color blocked this beading chain to make a necklace and there's another video showing you how to do that now for my beads I've chosen to use one of our exclusive out so that all the bees are going to be guaranteed to work well together which is nice so I'm gonna be using this wonderful kind of marigold honey palette the one I've already done is using this green palette and I just wanted to show that there are other colors available at beadaholique and everything you see here can be purchased at so let me show you what you're going to need you're going to need the beads now I'm going to take some of these down here I know I'm not going to need that many of each one and I'm gonna be using four different colors of beads going from the darkest on the outside to the lightest in the center of course you can switch that up if you want what's nice about this particular project here is there's a lot of ways you can alter it adapt it customize it like you could have filled this entire beading chain with seed beads you can make the medallion just one color really whatever you want to do alright so now we've got our beads in front of us you're also gonna be using some nemo thread don't worry about the color because we're actually gonna be pulling the thread out it's just gonna help us get those beads into the center of the Nunn design bezel in a circular pattern I would recommend having a post in it or some scrap paper handy we're gonna be using gs hypo cement has a nice fine applicator tip for tools you're gonna need a pair of scissors a needle and then just something to help you place your beads when you put them down into the glue line so I have a metal all I have a pair of tweezers a toothpick would work whatever you have this gonna help you scoot the beads into place so let me show you how to do this we're gonna take a length of our thread now this could also be any type of thread that you want it doesn't have to be Nemo just has to be a soft flexible thread and we're gonna put our needle on to it and you could use a big eye needle you could use a twisted wire needle whatever would go through the hole of a little 11 o Teleca and we're not going to tie a knot so for this outer edge we're gonna do 25 beads so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 25 alright and when you're scooting down just to make sure you don't scoot it all the way off okay so this is what we've got thus far and now we're gonna go ahead and you can either if you're a thread is long enough and you think you might be able to reuse it for the next segment you can go ahead and just cut it here and leave the needle on it or you could just take off the needle so we got our little segment of beads now we're gonna create a glue line now I like the GS hypo cement for this particular project because it has a nice fine applicator tip so what we're gonna do is we're gonna make a little glue line on the inside edge of the bezel setting this is a little Nunn design bezel so we're not gonna overdo it but we definitely want glue all the way around on that outer edge now we're gonna take our beads we're gonna carefully lay them down into that glue and this is where a little tool comes in handy just kind of scoot them what I like to do is you can pull the thread out once you've got them or you can just trim the tail depending really on the color of your bead and how visible that thread is now when you get down here you might find you have an extra bead like I think I have an extra bead on here for how these particular beads curved that's okay just kind of get rid of that guy okay get them in place I'm like I said you can try to pull that thread out if you want I would recommend holding your beads down like that if you do that you can also just trim your thread tail and then just take your little tool whatever it may be to kind of push that tail into the glue so we have that first outer row and you'll notice that my glue is pooling on my little pad of paper I would recommend putting the little tip back on your glue between uses but for the video purposes it is a little hard for me to see it's a very final hole from a distance I usually kind of look at it very closely it was a little hard for me that's why I'm not putting my cap back on but I would recommend doing so between your uses just to preserve your glue all right so now we're gonna do the second row we're gonna do 16 beads of the next color in our pallet the next darkest so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 all right and then again we'll see if this is the right number if we need to add one or subtract one okay I'm gonna just cut that length down all right we're going to do another glue line on the little trick here is that you don't want to touch the beads that you've already set down into the glue if you touch them accidently it's okay but you want to try to make your glue line just right next to them not really touching them and the only reason for that is because those are still drying if you touch them too much with your glue tip applicator you might pull the out of there they're setting a way to avoid that is to let each row dry fully between glue applications which you can definitely do so this one we're just going to pretend that that first row we did is our edge of our bezel so a same technique just set it down in there and again if you want you can trim that tail and set in there here we go need a little bit of well maybe just a hair more glue right there if that's the case ah okay yeah I'm just gonna carefully you know what I am NOT going to trim that tail if you run into this where it's kind of popping up a little bit I would recommend trimming this tail once it's all dry because I actually have to lift it up out of the glue line to trim that tail so I would recommend trimming that once it is dry so now we're gonna do the last row with the exception we have one final bead on the very center but we're gonna do eight for that third row with so four five six seven eight and on this one we're gonna try a little something different we're gonna take our thread we're gonna loop it into a little circle and then we're just gonna do a little knot like so yeah trim our tail trim our other tail now we're gonna put some glue in that Center well yeah we're just gonna very carefully pick up this little guy I'm gonna set him down in you kind of press it into place and now we just have one little middle area and I am going to just put a little cream bead in it and we put glue in that Center while we filled it all up so now there should be glue already there for this guy and pop them in and there we have filled our little Nunn design bezel with seed beads now I'm gonna see if this is dry enough at this time so just trim this tail and I think it is there we go so this is a delicate process you do need to take your time and go slowly and definitely have some type of tool handy a toothpick really would work to help position your beads but there we go we've filled that and now if we look at it how we'll hang from that necklace it's a really pretty little look very dainty very petite and we finished our project so a really pretty dainty piece of jewelry well maybe you can find everything you see here and many more projects and ideas at you

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