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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make this zig zag style double row shambhala style bracelet so instead of having one bead across the middle this one actually zig zags back-and-forth with two beads and I've used they really pretty Beadelle pave crystal beads I'm going to make another one here and show you using the Beadelle candy beads and this is a very pretty emerald and then I'm using some 24k gold plated metal beads so I'm using a ten millimeter round bead and I'm using ten of them. So for the two color stripped effect here I have six of one bead and four of another color and I have a one and a half millimeter waxed cotton cord and I have a six-foot length and a three foot length and then you're going to need some way to attach your work to your work surface. I'm using masking tape you could use a clipboard something like that to finish this off you'll need some E6000 glue and then you'll need either flush cutters or scissors. I like the way that flush cutters give a really clean and tidy cut on this kind of cord so to start with take the six foot piece and fold it in half take the three foot piece and fold it in half and I've done that kind of clasp on this one where you have a loop and then two ends and you just tie the ends through the loop. It's adjustable What I'm going to do to start that is take your shorter piece then take the middle of your longer piece and place it underneath the shorter piece and I'm gonna leave this loop at the end about an inch long so go ahead and if you're not familiar with how to tie a macrame square knot, you want to start by watching the video how to tie a macrame knot because you have to use them on the beginning and the end of this bracelet So we're going to tie your knot right around this loop just take your left string, bring it over your right string over that underneath and through the loop and just pull it tight about an inch from the top and then you're going to create your under under over through the second half of the square knot just like that on this one here I did five square knots at the end and then five square knots at the beginning so I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to make mine this time with six just a little bit more knotting so it's a little bit longer so you want to finish that up Rember when you're doing this kind of square knotting you're going to take your left hand over and then the next one take your left thread under and in order to keep the knotting flat. If you want it to spiral then you just do one and it will spiral. You just keep going over or keep going under but to get it flat alternate back and forth and each set equals one square knot so each set of two is one so once you have as much as you wanna put at the beginning now you need a nice flat work surface you need to secure your work to the work surface so if you're going to tape it down, make sure that you really secure that tape. Get inside the loop and everything so that it has a decent amount of stability there then you're going to string the beads onto the center cords and go ahead and string them just like this. So every other one on each one and they'll automatically adjust to that staggered look go ahead and just string them separately first and the one-and-a-half millimeter cord will just fit through these ten millimeters Beadelle beads. If you're using a different bead make sure that the hole is going to be large enough to accommodate the cord that you're using and this cord is pretty good about not getting frayed but if it does get hard to put through you can just clip it That's for one side and then grab the other of the short cords and string the same number of beads okay now we're going to tape our center strings also down to the work surface. Give yourself a little bit of room play with but we're going to be wrapping around those beads we don't want them to go off the end of the strands. Tape them down being able to get under there and reach around take the right one of your longer cords you gonna wrap it underneath the top left bead but above the top right bead if you want to hold those beads still, we're going to take the right strand and wrap it right underneath and then go around and around when you're going to go between each bead in the next continue around catch between each piece and make sure that you're getting all the way down to that center string really get it in there don't let your beads move too far down. You want to keep them pretty snug This has a lot to do with how this looks with tension you want to really keep a hold on it now we're going to hold that there with your hand and then we're going to wrap the other way when you start this way you're going to skip that first bead on the left and go around Now you'll be doing the same wrapping but the other way again you wanna get it all the way down to that core thread If your done a regular shambhala bracelet this one actually is faster. It's got no knot in the middle. It's just wrapped to hold it in place So then go ahead and untape that center strand going to start by going under and just make another square knot right there. Try not to twist your center strand and pull it up tight enough you don't have a lot of extra room hanging out of the bottom. At the top you can see it worked pretty nicely the way those twist together. You want very similar kind of thing at the bottom Started with a under on the left, go over with the left strand complete your first square knot and then you're going to do five more square knots so that you have the same piece at the bottom as you do at the top and if you want to make this bracelet longer or shorter you could just increase the number of beads or you can increase how much of the knotting you have at the beginning and the end it is also adjustable pull your tape up and that's going be them main part of your bracelet just like that so we you do have a whole video on how to finish macrame square knot basically all you need to do this take your loose strands and tie a regular knot on the back here and you're gonna just put some glue right inside there You want to use E6000. It's really gonna hold it well, keep it from falling apart after you wear it go ahead and put the glue right at the base and then try to open them up a little bit and get a little bit into the cords that are going to attach. Pull tight. you can wipe away any excess and then you want to go ahead and let this dry thoroughly before you go in and trim the ends then clip those there than what you want to do is leave yourself a good six inches past the end of that and cut off those cords and then just tie a little overhand knot at the end and tighten that up I'm going to clip these now so you can see but you really want to let them dry so that it doesn't come open and that's all there is to it. Take one of the end pieces, pull it through the loops and tie back you can tie it in a knot if you think you can get it undone or you can tie it in a little bow. Either way That's how you do the double row zig zag shambhala style bracelet. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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