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Hi this Megan with and I want to show you How to Make a Celtic Button Knot and this is a good all-purpose knot that's especially useful for using as a button in a loop and button closure so I have some paracord parachute cord here that I'm going to use to show you with. It's nice and thick and it's in good bright colors so hopefully they'll be easy for you to see what I'm doing and here's what they look like so I'm going to show you three times and you may need to just watch the video over again after that if you haven't gotta it down by then so to start with you're gonna hold the cord a few inches from the left end of you're left hand and you're going to take the rest and loop it over with the crossover coming from left to right over the top go the same thing again and you want these to overlap so that you have this space in the middle then you take the right end tail of your cord and bring it over the first string under the second over the third and under the fourth and then go ahead and let go of the left hand tail and let it fall over to the right and bring your piece that you brought through all really back around you're going to go underneath this x right here so you're going to go over that edge under the x and pull through then you're gonna tighten this up and this is one of those knots that you just have to pickup part and start pulling through It will look like a mess but once you get it tighten up it will start to pull into the shape that you're looking for then you can just keep working it through. Pick a spot and start pulling it tight until you get to the end and pull those tight just like that and I'm going to show your two more times. I'm not going to tighten in between. So you can just see what the knot looks like grab the cord a few inches from the end in your left hand and loop over over again make sure that you have these overlapping take your right hand tail over under over under and pull it through but not letting go. I've doubled the loop all the way let go of your left tail let it move over to the right then take this piece here that you pulled through and you're going to go over that right loop and then under the cords crossed right here to the left and tighten go back and tighten that one show you one more time grab it a few inches from the end go over, over take your tail go over, under over, under pull it through let go of that tail there take this piece and you're going to go over that right loop under the next x and pull out then you just pull tight start pulling and follow it through it will start to pull together into something nice looking that is how you make a Celtic Button Knot if you need to see a few more times just rewind to the beginning and start over 'cause it might take a few times but once you get it down then it will be easy to understand and you can make them really quickly

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