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Hi, this is Kat with bangle and in this video i'm going to show you how to do it with beads and adding a charm we do also have another video showing you how to do the basic technique of creating one of these bangles and you might want to watch that video before trying this technique is just a little bit more complicated but still very nice and easy so let's get started so for this project what you're going to need is you're going to need a charm and I have the Buddha charm by tierracast I have some four millimeter metal beads I have my artistic wire jig and now we're going to be using two of the pegs in two of the backs today I have my 18 gauge craft wire I have my measuring tape here you can also use a ruler I have my mandrel or you'll be able to use something that is a cylindrical from your house I have my bent chain nose pliers wire rounder tool nylon tip pliers and my flush cutters so let's go ahead and get started first I'm going to go ahead and set up my artistic wire jig I'm going to take one of the pins and I'm going to put it at the top there and I'm going to go ahead and add the back now I'm going to move a few pegs to the left on the second row and add my second pin and now my artistic wire jig is all set to go so I'm going to go ahead and take my 18 gauge craft wire and I'm going to go ahead and pull some of it out leaving it on the spool it helps to give you a better grip and take my nylon tip pliers and go ahead and stir it in that wire out it's okay if it's a little curved because we're just going to curve it anyway so now I'm going to leave the wire on my spool and I'm going to start threading my beads so let me go ahead and set some of this aside and you can do it in any way you like I'm just going to kind of alternate my silver if I can my silver and gold beads and again these are just four millimeters I have round and then I'm alternating with the silver bicones just to give it a little little sparkle in the little pop and you're going to thread on until you have about six inches of beads okay so I'm just going to check that I have about six inches and it can just be rounded and that's fine I'm going to go ahead and set that aside so now I have six inches of beading on to my wire so I'm going to go ahead and just slide that down and by keeping your wire on the spool this will sort of act as your bead stopper as well so now I'm going to go ahead and take my jig and I'm going to wrap under and down and wrap it around and it's okay if your beads start to come up here you can actually go ahead and slide them down so you just keep wrapping around the jig and just go up and over and now you'll get to your second peg here and you're just going to wrap up it's just like that so it looks a little messy now but don't worry go ahead and take your flush cutters and you're going to cut off that end of the wire so you can put your spool down and then you can go ahead and clip this here as well and go ahead and set that scrap of wire side so now you're going to remove it from the jig and just undo your pins here and just be careful because it will spring off a little bit yeah and now you're done with your jig so now this is what your bracelet will look like so what we're going to do first is I'm going to take my wire rounder tool here and just clean up those ends much better and on both sides okay here we go so now you're going to go ahead and take your chain nose pliers and just bend it in and bend it up to give it that nice ninety degree angle and again with this one go ahead and bend it in and bend it up there we go make sure that's nice and straight and now before we bend it around our mandrel we're going to actually add the charm so go ahead and you're going to open one of these just as you would a jump ring and you can actually leave it open we go put that on backwards so my charm hangs like that so now go ahead and take your mandrel and what you're going to do is at about like your six and a half to six inch mark here you're just going to bend it around the mandrel just to give that wire a nice curve and this will help sort of with that spring action that you're going to want for your expandable bangle yeah just give it that nice curve so now you can see that it's a little bit smaller to work with and it's already sort of overlapped nicely so now you just slide your beads around and keeping your charm in the middle all you're going to do is let's get that going alright way there we go you're going to open one side like a jump ring and slide it on and close that up and keeping your charm in the center you're going to do the same with the other side and just close that up because it was still open from when I put the charm on all right so now we just kind of use our fingers and you can use your nylon pliers to sort of help form that into shape just a little bit I'm actually going to use my chain nose pliers to get that a nice little Bend that I want and there you go yeah fix a little bit all right okay I'm actually glad this happened this is a little different than the one I made earlier which is a little bit tighter you can see that my beads still move a little bit but this is a little too much for me so I'm going to show you how to fix it actually sometimes we make mistakes and it's easy for us to show you how to fix it because then you can fix it yourself at home so what I'm going to do is I'm going to unhinge one of my sides here from the bracelet and I'm going to unhinge the other side so basically you just go back a step so now my bracelet is separated so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my mandrel and I'm going to go a little bit higher as to one of the smaller spots and I'm going to bend it around that to give it that little extra spring so a little bit smaller there we go hang it off and again just go ahead and slide your beads out from that Center you can leave beads in the center that's a design choice if you like go slide them out and now I'm just going to sort of put that bracelet back together just using those chain nose pliers all right and there we go it's much tighter now so that's the look that I wanted you like I said you can add more charms you can add less beads to the outside if you want to add thicker beads so there you have it that is how to complete an adjustable wire bangle using the artistic wire 3d bracelet jig adding beads and a turn I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and watch more videos at you

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