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Hi! My name is Wyatt White and I'm the education direction and product manager at Beadalon today I'm be showing you how to set a stone, a faceted stone in a square wire ring now we're going to make a ring set it it's a faceted stone It's a bottom on it and of course some engines and we're gonna be using square wire this is the square wire and it's made of tarnish resistant brass This is a medium temper or a half hard wire and for a ring and today we're gonna make it a size six-and-a-half or seven so I'm going to use approximately seven inches of wire I always like to err on the long side so that you have plenty of wire to make the basket that's going to hold the stone actually seven inches is too long we can cut that back to six again I'm going to straighten the wire just with my hands the wire does not to be completely straight because we're gonna be wrapping it around a ring mandrel to get to the point of what we want. We're going to use four strands of wire two of the strands will be used to help hold the bead the whole ring together and then the other the others will make the basket so we've cut the four wires together we need to be much side by side now when we bend these wires around the ring mandrel I'd like to start out one size smaller than the ring that I wanna make, so we want a six-and-a-half ring I'm going to bend the wires around a size five and a half to get started and the reason I do that is because when we pull this, the wire is going to bounce back and it's going to roughly get to the larger size now the tricky part here we have to interlaced these wires so I want to take the very last wire here and put it in front of that one and then take the next one put it between those and then the same thing with this one between that then those are already separate so again we want to keep that size six-and-a-half so we're going to bend over a little bit smaller we're going to take this last one from this side and bend around and the first one from this side then this guy around pulling the wire as taut that you can get it each time you make a a round this is gonna hold the whole ring together so it's gonna be nice and pulled and tight it does take some pulling to hold this whole thing together pull this up into the center pull this one up into the center so that they're pretty much side by side in the here we should have it about a six-and-a-half we're a little bit bigger than six-and-a-half we can adjust it a little I'm going to pull this back down under so that this holds the whole mechanism together go back in here and tighten these just on the top to flatten out nicely okay we've got our ring we can adjust this a little bit pull these apart to form the basket I'm going to leave these on here while we're forming the ring just to make sure that we've got everything tidied up. So we have the six wires and the best way to to start forming the basket is to go diagonal, so this needs to be in the same line as this and the same with this one trying to keep the angles just about right now the the stone is a very flat so it's going to sit down here fairly nicely and we're gonna want each of these corners to be over one of these cuts on the stone so we're fairly close and it doesn't have to be exactly perfect and this is what I call the loosey goosey ring because this actually has some movement which makes it a much easier ring to wear because it actually does move and we'll secure the stone up in here in a few minutes. Just wanna make absolutely certain we got all of our angles coming to the right places the stone sitting down in there just right and if we wanted to cut these so that one is about the same size as the other we're just going to do a added little feature of a coil right here just like that do the other one the same way so creatively getting rid of the ins is always something you want to experiment with when you're doing any kind of wire wrapping especially with square wire being able to get rid of those ends in a clever and cute way, it always helps with the design this kinda nice, it'll be nice underneath the stone now we just need to make sure we're on the corners and then very carefully place the wire in the center of the corner and bend up center, bend up hold it down and bend that straight up bring that to the center and bend that straight up so we've almost got our stone to the point where we can start figuring out exactly what we're going to do with the ends of these but get them all to where they're sitting straight up and your stone should be hopefully at the right angle both here and here we still a little bit of movement going on we can change that pretty easily okay so I think I'm gonna do with this is I'm going to bend these up and down and kind of put this put the end of it right at the tip of the stone with a little loop so I've got to figure out my size and again here you just have to kinda eyeball it. I don't want a lot of material left but I'm gonna say it's going to be approximately from the top edge of the stone we're going to go about a quarter of an inch so let's try that and just come around the stone and kind of line up the cutters up with the last cut and you can go back and correct that once you get them all fairly close. That end one was a little bit long across the side I want that to be approximately a quarter of an inch same on this side and also there now we're gonna take chain nose pliers and very carefully grab it and twist it so this comes down just like that I like to set from opposite ends so I did that one so I'm going to go diagonally across and opposite to get this one to sit down the same way This one is a little bit tighten so I'm going to twist this down just a little bit more This needs to be in the middle so I need to bring it out Now we've got that one in I want to do the opposite of that one This one needs to be a tad shorter and we've got our stone set and probably just need to adjust some of these prongs just a little bit this one needs to be bent back over so that we're there and we've got our ring. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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