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hi this is rachel with beadaholique make a wire bail for bead embroidery so I have a little piece of bead embroidery that I've just finished and we have other videos showing you how to glue your cabochon on to your beading Foundation I use Lacy's stiff stuff and also how to back stitch your beads onto your beading foundation which is why you see all this kind of messy thread on the back but don't fear that we'll all be covered up by your ultra suede by the end of this piece so the next step is I want to create a way to attach this piece to a chain to make a necklace and I'm gonna do that by making a little wire bail so the first thing I'm gonna do is take my wire I have some 22 gauge artistic wire here I wouldn't recommend using any thinner gauge wire because the bail has to be strong enough to hold it hold the piece from a chain so I'm just going to unspool just a couple inches about this 22 gauge wire and I'm gonna take my nylon jaw pliers and straighten it and I'm gonna say this is just about enough wire here to work with about two two-and-a-half inches so now I'm going to take this piece and hold it in my round nose plier tips and I'm just going to roll the wire around one of the jaws of this round nose plier and just create a loop at the top and if I hold this against my piece that loop will just peak over the top and create a bail that I can then put a jump ring over and hang it from a chain so all I'm going to do is take some e6000 glue and I'm going to let's see I'm gonna place my piece where I want it to lay on my ultra suede beading Foundation and I'm just going to first put some glue over my bail and I'm just going to glue that down onto the foundation now I'm going to take some more e6000 and just put a couple of dabs of glue along the back of my bead embroidery and I'm just going to glue this down on top of the bail let's see so there's a little bit of the bail peeking out I think I want a little bit more I think that's good so I'm just gonna press this in place gluing my piece down onto my ultra suede and once this dries I will cut the whole piece out of the ultra suede and start making a beaded edging to sew up the ends of the piece and make it look nice and professional and polished and we have another video showing you how to create a beaded edging around bead embroidery and I'll come back to show you how to edge your beads around the wire bail so now I've done most of my edging around my bead embroidery piece and you can see that I just have little delicas lining the piece and I've come to the top again where I have my wire bail and I'll just show you quickly what I will do to accommodate for the bail as I finish edging my piece so just to review when you add your piece you would take a bead on your needle and you can either go front to back but I like to go back to front and I just stick my needle through the faux suede backing the ultra suede and through the lacy stiff stuff and I pull and I like to hold the NEEMO in place because I want to keep that loop there and now I'll take my bead and stick my needle out through that bead and pull it down and that is one edging stitch so now I've come up against my bail here and I'm just going to account for that by leaving a little bit of room around the wire and just edging inside the bell so I'm going to put my needle through the ultrasuede through the beading Foundation and hold my thread in place and this is gonna be a little tiny bit tricky but I'm actually going to stick my needle through the Bell and then through the bead and when I pull you'll see what happens so I just created an edging stitch and my thread bridge from one bead to the other is behind the wire bell and it looks like I have room to do one more bead inside the Bell so I will pick up another bead go through the backing and once again I'm gonna take my bead and hold it and get my needle through the bail before I go through this bead and I'm gonna pull that tight so now it looks pretty seamless you just have your edging inside the wire bail and to finish it off I'm gonna create my one last thread bridge through I'm gonna sew down through the first delica that I put on when I started edging the piece and back here I'm just going to create a knot and tie that off and to get my not really close to the back I'm just gonna grab the thread and roll that knot down and pull it really tight against the ultrasuede and I'll make a double knot for extra security and I want to make sure I have that first knot securely inside the second knot there now I'll cut off the extra thread and the piece is done so that is how to create a wire bail for bead embroidery you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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