How to Make a Wig Jig Christmas Tree Earring

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to use the Dephi style Wig Jig and green Artistic Wire to make a festive wire Christmas tree. You can then add a sparkling bicone or other pretty bead to the base of your tree to add to the charm of this design.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm going to show you how to do a really fun Christmas tree earring. It's a modern take on a Christmas tree made out of wire I've actually have two here. One is using 24 gauge wire and it's pretty flimsy the advantage is it's a lot easier to make than using the 22 gauge but the 22 gauge is more solid and it's doable, it just is a little trickier so you might have to practice a little bit more with it but this is the final project and I'm a show you how to make it in terms of ingredients you're gonna need some artistic wire I've chosen green for Christmas. This is 22 gauge I have eight green head pin, a green earring hook and a little bicone bead, this is six millimeters this is actually all the supplies you need in terms of the ingredients. You can see you can actually make quite a few of these earrings with not a lot of ingredients and in terms of tools you need a ruler you need a pair round nose pliers, chain nose pliers flush cutters and then you need a jig and I have the Delphi wig jig here and different wig jigs have different grid patterns on them and this is the one that's going to work for our tree and then it's got these little pegs that just go into this holes wherever you want them so I've wind it up in almost like an arrow formation my pegs and you'll see that I have a total of 5 on each side coming to a 6th one in the center so there's 11 along the outside and one in the middle which is going help to anchor our wire where we begin with and also to give us the little loop that we're going to be able to attach a bicone onto so to begin we're going to measure 12 inches of wire Start by making a little loop, We're going to grasp the tip of my wire with our round nose pliers and bend it just into a nice little loop and then bend it back that's what we've got to start. So we're gonna place this loop onto our first peg and this is gonna anchor our wires and give us a place to start now we're gonna hold it as best we can and go to the first peg you're going to press the wire down as you work hold it in place and twist it around the pegs and one thing I found that works really well for me is I like to move my wig jig as I work. I just find it a lot easier so now I'm gonna hold where I just curved go around that peg almost like in a figure eight pattern, back under the peg, opposite and I'm going to hold this wire and really press it down, go up through the peg and I'm just gonna do this figure 8 pattern I'm going under the other peg opposite, curving it around holding it in place, to the other side and you wanna pull pretty snug because you don't want your wires to be loosened there go back and forth pressing it. If you reach in there do not remove this middle peg out because that is still anchoring your wire in place and this does take a little of strength to get these straight that's why I mentioned that you can do it in 24 gauge it's not going to be quite as solid and sturdy it will work but it is a lot easier we're just going to go back and forth the same pattern and I'm pressing it down I want to make sure nice and even and flat coming up to my last peg. I'm just going to go just as if there was another regular one and loop it around. Go all the way around the top peg to make a loop and cross it over and I'm going to trim that when I remove it. So this is what we've got for a tree now to remove it, some people like to remove all the pegs I actually like to just very carefully scoot my wire up along the pegs, if they come out great if they don't doesn't matter, do not force it just go nice and slow scooting it up along. Make sure it comes up all together so that you not having one part of it completely undone and one part still back down here so I just popped it off. Now we're gonna trim the top you notice we have some extra wire. You want that extra wire otherwise it can be too hard when you get up to the top to make that final loop so now the beauty of this is that it is wire go ahead and bend it if it came out of shape at all bend it into shape how you want it you can try hammering this I don't necessarily recommend it unless you have a nice nylon mallet otherwise it will mar the finish on the green wire and will ding If you do have a nylon hammer go ahead and you can hammer it gently on a bench block otherwise just use your fingers. So now we just need to complete our earring we have our shape. To do that we're going to take our head pin put the little bicone on it and make a simple wire loop trim it and open it up the same way I'd open up a jump ring, connect it onto that bottom loop. Close it see if we need to close this loop too now just the top part, open it the loop at the base of the earring. My loop is open at the back so I want my loop to be open at the back here and there we go. We have a really fun modern Christmas tree earring made out of wire. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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