How to Make a Dancing Angel Earring Set

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial, see how to make a lovely pair of crystal angel earrings. This special angel also features little 'legs' that sway and 'dance' as you move. A variation on the design is also shown in the video. This is a great project to give as a gift for the holidays or to wear to a party.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I'm going to show you how to make a little dancing angel earring. You've probably seen a number angel earrings before. I wanted to do something a little bit different and I saw these new Swarovski elements dome beads I thought they just really made the perfect angel skirt and I thought why not give her little legs. I thought that would be very cute I want to show you how to make her and then if you don't want the legs I actually did another version. This is the exact same design just in a smaller scale and without the little dangling legs. So you would do the same thing just use a head pin instead of an eye pin when it comes to that step. So there's the small scale and here's the one that we're gonna make in this video today. So what you're going to need to make this little gal is a dome bead you're gonna need a round bead for the head you need a bead cap that's going to be the crown you need two smaller little scalloped bead caps which are going to be the little shoes an angel wings bead, looks like a pair of wings going to need a earring hook. an eye pin and two head pins. Then in terms the tools you'll need a ruler you're going to need either a round nose plier or a wire looping plier I'm use the wire looping pliers. I love them. A chain nose plier and a pair of cutters. So we're gonna go ahead and first make the legs. To do so we take a head pin and place onto it one of our small scalloped bead caps facing downwards. Lay it against our ruler and measure one-quarter of an inch from the base So I've got my finger right where that is take my wire looping plier and lineup the edge up my wire looping plier right where my finger was for a measurement and squeeze. That just made half my simple wire loop for me and gonna wrap it around rotate here we go just make a complete loop where wires criss-cross cut and then just use your chain nose to make sure you straighten that out and that's connected. Repeat that step Make my other leg again bead cap facing downwards onto the head pin measure it at the one quarter-inch mark Press make your simple wire loop trim it There you go. So you have your two little legs. Now take our eye pin, open up the loop at the base slide on the little dangles that you just made close that loop back up and now we're going to set our ruler aside because we no longer need it. Put the pin through the middle of the dome bead next we're going to add our wings followed by our round bead and capped off with our crown which is another bead cap facing upwards you can see her now on the pin so now all we need to do to finish this off is we need to take our wire looping pliers and I wanna hold it so that gravity is keeping everything down at the base and reach in there make my loop. This is where it can get a little bit tricky because you're trying to actually make a simple loop where you have this crown so you just wanna bend the wire, kinda force it a little bit so that gets over those points of the crown which is the bead cap think so go ahead trim it and now you are gonna probably need to straighten it out a bit with your chain pliers just because it is a little hard to get deep in there Now instead of opening that loop up we're going to take our earring hook, open the loop at it's base and just slip it onto this simple wire loop we just made. We now have a little dancing angel earring and you just made a set. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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