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Hi! This is Megan with and today I want to show you how to make this really fun simple stretch bracelet with these vintage flatback plastic rhinestones so our little stretch bracelets are plastic with a little cute bezel cup this is a twenty-millimeter round and I have a little twenty-millimeter flatbacks one thing to know is that some of these fit than better than others but they do fit close enough. I think if you just use enough glue, they work fine it may not sit totally flat down in there but it'll be fine and personally as quick and easy as this is, this is the kind of thing that I would love and wear to death all you need is some E6000 glue your vintage flatback and your bracelet it's literally one of the most simple things you could do you need eight flatbacks which is how many come in a twenty-millimeter anyway, it's exactly the right number to fit on your bracelet put some glue on the back and like I said don't go crazy on there and have it oozing out once you put it on there onto the bracelet but enough so that it's not sitting totally flat it's still going to touch the glue and just work your way around glue all 8 down on these bracelets you may see the knots poking out but that's very very simple all you do is reach in... don't mess with it too much while it's still wet so once it's dry, if you can see the the knott you just pull on there a little bit and get it to go inside the bezel what I did the first time was I went ahead and did two or three at a time because they do fall out sit it for a few minutes to let the glue set a little bit do the next two or three and work that way so once you get all 8 of your flatbacks on you want to let this dry completely by all the way before you try to wear it it's a good idea to let it dry over nigh. Plus the fumes will dissipate and you won't smell like E6000 glue it's really simple, we have this stretch braceletand the silver color and the black color, so you can pick your favorite color of the twenty-millimeter vintage lucite flatbacks and your favorite bracelet you can get a different look depending on the colors that you choose that's a really fun quick and easy project. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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