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Hi this is Megan with and going to show you how to make this simple spiral sea glass pendant and I'm just using a sea glass bead and some nice twenty gauge sterling silver wire so it's really quick and easy.It's a really simple wire wrapping project The only wrapping is actually a wrapped wire loop it's good if your not hugely familiar with doing all this or even if you just on a nice simple project I'm going to start with just about eight inches of wire I like to cut a little more than I need If you find you don't need that much you can cut less it is not overly cheap wire take the clean end I just cut and bead it into a spiral doesn't have to be perfect either first I'm going to straighten it a little bit if it's really coiled up you can actually use the the nylon pliers to straighten it This is half hard wire I'm using so it will take a bend relatively easily find the nice flush end you just cut, take some round nose pliers and just take the very tip of the wire and bend it around when you're not quite done I'm going to use regular chain nose pliers because I'm going to hammer this so I'm not really worry if it gets a little tiny bit marked up and it will grip it better so I'm just gonna take the loop I made and put it into the chain nose and grip that and then just start bending the wire around and I want my spiral to have a little bit of room. It doesn't need to be super tight coils rotate it as you can keep it the way you want it to look. If you want it to be a little tighter in, you can do it that way too this is very kind of free-form project you can do it whichever way that you like best I have a bench block and a rubber block to absorb the shock I'm using a little mallet for this I'm just going to hammer all over the spiral and then just right up next to where the spiral is just to flatten it out then flip it over to the other side when you're happy with the hammered look and how that is gonna pick a sea glass bead whichever one you want for your pendant. I like this one it's almost a nice drop shape decide where you want that spiral to sit right at the end of for my hammering is great so I'm going to make a bend with my round nose pliers to help that kind of bend nicely around the curve when it goes to that side of the bead so that's more a gradual bend then I want it to bend where it's going to go into the hole to be more square off. So I'm going to go ahead and use chain nose pliers and make that bend more squared then at that point it's a little bit of wiggling around and making it work make this bend in and over a little to center the spiral over the back piece of wire then I'm going to try it out see how it gaps up a little bit I'm going to go in bend it a little bit more because I want to sit flat Im going to use my fingers and bend it down flat and then put it back to see if I like the setting I want it over to the side make it the way you want I'm pretty happy with how that is and where the spiral is and all that so I'm gonna create a wrapped wire loop I'm using wire looping pliers. You can also just use round nose and chain nose and I want my loop to sit front to back instead of side to side so I'm going to make my loop that way to use it as a bail to hang on the chain and don't forget the bead is glass so don't be too tight onto the bead when you're doing your loop otherwise when you tuck the end in you might break the top of the bead you can go ahead and straighten that out and then you can hang it on a chain it's a really quick and easy way to really showcase a pretty glass bead. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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