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Hi! This is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make all of these fun little stretch bracelets from these round acrylic beads and we like to call these affectionately gumball beads because they make us think of candy I have five lots of the acrylic beads in three colors in two sizes I have two colors in sixteen millimeter and three colors in twelve millimeter I used the same assortment with different colors to make these six bracelets. As you can see you can get a lot of variety with just these simple color scheme of beads. So you can wear all of them at once if you want to pick which one you want to wear it's a lot of fun, it's a really fun way to have to add a pop of color to your outfit I'm going to use patriotic red, white and blue I think that they make a really fun bright color scheme so I'm using Opelon stretch cord. That's my favorite stretch cord for a bracelet I'm using a bead stopper and a big eye needle and you'll need a pair of scissors I'm making bracelets to fit me, so you may need a different number of beads to make the bracelets fit you so don't don't just go with my count no matter what you can adjust it a little bit here and there I'm going to start with about a foot of the sketch cord at a time you need a little bit extra to hold onto and tie knots in and then put the bead stopper at one end open the big eye needle and put it on the cord and now I'm going to go with the same basic bracelets that I have here so I made one solid of each of your basic colors and I have white is my kind of accent color on this. I'm actually going to scoot the beads over so first I wanna make a couple of solid ones. I'm going to make a solid red bracelet and a solid blue bracelet you can totally play with us and arranger beads differently than how I am arranging mine. There's totally room for creativity there from the other set I know that I want my bracelets with the small beads to be sixteen beads on a bracelet so I'm going to start with sixteen If you're not sure on how you want the bracelet to be go ahead and pinch your cord right next to your last bead wrap it around the wrist and pull the bead close to the other bead. You can see if that's gonna fit for you if it's too big you can take a bead off. If it's too small you can add one on figure out how many you want on your own and then take off your big eye needle take off your bead stopper and just tie the ends in a snug knot. Don't want to pull too tight on it because you don't want to snap your cord you just need it tight enough that you're not gonna see the cord through the beads then pull the knot nice and tight. You can put a damper of like regular semantically jewelsburg had the cement glue on the knot if you want to cut it close it down for me I'd just like to put into bead and you will see everyone smile pup when you put it on you can adjust adjusted so it's inside to be done and you won't see it again so you can make a couple of solid bracelets like that and made a couple uh... three that have of large bead and a small bead like alternating too slick those ones you see there not being used the larger caller and them the small accent color and I've used seven of each size so since the larger piece cover a lot of our agm on these in the east seventy weeks hence instead of sixteen I have fourteen total kind of they're all just to be very very basic stretch bracelet theirs nothing much to the construction on some tents justify medically with color and you get a whole lot of parading out of your materials here and they look really cute stacked up but I don't know that I would wear all six but I would definitely probably worth three or four time they're really cute you could also make a stacked against him your friends everybody won ninjas don't forget if you want alternating pattern that you need to and begin with different beads cell don't start and end the debate would be if you want to talk to me and not have doubled up yes vincent he concedes that starts to look really fun and faster that reduced the couple continue you could give a small light beads and the bad part rabin seek an alternate the red and blue today like eight o'clock tonight here and then I had another one here that I've pretty much displayed with but after pizza had left about this these five packs of these enemies six bracelets out of them south you can get a lot of mileage out of just a few taxes eats a lot of fun so b_c_c_i_ went ahead and I used to almost ninety eight six and nine named the whole set into seconded that the black white and pink and I ended up with about sixty five so you can really play around with how you combine that and he's almost all of them up and make yourself a really funchal collection. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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