How to Make a Vintage Lucite Rivoli Bracelet and Earring

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Designer: Julie Bean
Use vintage lucite rivoli links and pendants to make pretty quick and easy jewelry. In this video see how to make a bracelet and an earring. The only tools you need are 2 pairs of chain nose pliers.
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Hi. This is Julie with and today I want to show you how to make a really quick and easy a Vintage Lucite Rivoli Bracelet and Earring this is quite simple. All you're going to need for tools are two pairs of chain nose pliers In terms of findings that just means that five millimeter jump rings a clasp. I've chosen a toggle clasp and then for the earring you need a pair of earring hooks in the video I'm going to show you how to make one so these are what we will be working with. These are vintage lucite links and they also come as a pendant as well. The links have two little loops one on each side and the pendants of course just one. They're a great little drop and they come in a variety of shapes and colors and there are larger pendants as well. They've got a great metal surround which is anchoring that lovely color lucite center and this shimmers. It has great facets to it and we're gonna connect these together with the jump rings and make a really easy project so here is the bracelet I made which is amethyst and I thought I would make it in emerald as you can see we're gonna need three of the larger links you need two medium links and then two smaller ones and the toggle clasp and we just going need some jump rings to connect them start on one end and work my way all the way down to the other end and you'll see how very quick and easy this is so open a jump ring connect that to the one point of the toggle and one end of the link close it up you got those two connected open up another jump ring link the next in line close it up just keep working your way down it's helpful if you are making a project like this to just lay it out ahead of time it makes it so it goes real quick and easy, you don't get confused about what needs to be connected to one already halfway done I chose antique brass to go with these just because I felt like the gold I had would be a little bit too bright and shiny and these are vintage and they have a wonderful warm luster to them I want to not distract from that. I didn't want to have the gold clash I choose a brass jump ring just so that it blend into the background and allow the focus to really be on the vintage lucite pieces themselves one more connector, then just the other end of the clasp if you were to time me on this it appropriately took me less than two or three minutes to do this entire bracelet it makes it a great gift idea if you do a lot of gifts the clasp then we're done with the bracelet and then I'll show you how to do really quick and easy matching earring there we go now we've got a matching emerald bracelet to our amethyst. You can see how that would look on it's really pretty if you want to make a necklace, you could just keep adding more of the links all the way around and then just have the toggle clasp at the back of the neck then for the earring a bunch of different ways you can do this but I'm going to follow the same pattern I did for the amethyst a large one a medium one and then a smaller drop connect these with jump rings as well. No additional tools required now we need to connect our earring hook we open the base the earring hook the same way you do with a open jump ring link it through close it up now for these particular earrings if you are doing a project using the links do take note that it is pretty wide at the top so small a small earring hook is probably not gonna work. You need something that has enough hoop at the based to fit through that and to be able to be closed there you have a emerald earring to match your emerald bracelet and these are all done very quickly and very easily just using some jump rings, some chain nose pliers and these great vintage lucite pendants and links. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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