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Hi. This is Julie with and today I want to show you how to tile tila beads make a fun ring. So what I'm going to be using is this glue on ring form and it measures twenty five millimeters by twenty five millimeters if you can see it there. There's a twenty five millimeter mark and it's perfectly square. I'm going to be using tila beads which are known for uniformity and they are five millimeters by five millimeter so I know I'm going to get five up and five across. So that's a really good indication so you know the size of your setting. You'll know how many tilas beads you can fit into the square which is a perfect shape for these square tila beads. The tools I'm going to be using are basically nonexistent. All I need is an applicator. I'm using a piece of wire. I'm actually going to bend my piece of a wire a little bit just to make it a little easier to use and that's my only tool. For the adhesive, I'm going to be using E6000 which you've seen me use a lot. It's just a really great strong industrial adhesive. Which is perfect for jewelry making. So I made this bracelet in another video and I really like the color combinations. So I want to use it again to make my tile tila bead ring but I did pull a couple other tila beads just so you can see the wide variety of color choices and this is just a very few of what's available but please when you're making this ring use your favorite colors. There's a lot of possibilities. So to start I'm going to take my glue I'm just going to put some in the middle of my setting. E6000 does not try right away so you do have a little bit of time to work with it but it does dry out quicker than perhaps a white glue if that's what you're used to working with. So what I'm going to do is I'm not going to smear this over the entire surface. I'm going to do it on about half of it just so I have a little bit more time to work. I'm going to right up to the edge making sure that I have a nice even layer but I don't want it to be too thick because I don't want it to squish out the sides. Take my applicator and put it away. Also a toothpick would also work really well. I'm just going to place my tila beads. You're probably familiar with them. They've got the two holes. I'm not going to use those holes at all but I want them to all going to go all same direction. I'm just going to place it into my glue. I'm going to do a checkerboard pattern They're going to look a little bit better if all going in the same direction just because they've got these nice curved edges. We did the measurements so we knew it's going to fit five across so it's going to fit be perfect. Here we've got five. Now I'm going to do another round and I'm pressing them down into the glue as I go. Try not to get glue on the top side of it. You can peel it off initially but it's going to be a little bit of a struggle so it's best to avoid that if you can. I'm going to spread more glue down. These actually glued in there and they're not going anywhere. I'm not going to want to let it fully dry that way but for the moment I can let it sit like that. Go grab some more glue. Pick this back up and place it where I did not have it placed before. You might want to now use the pointy edge just because I don't want to get any on the top surface of my tila beads. Again I'm going all the way to the edge making sure you get into the corners. You don't want it too gloppy. I'm just going to continue on. When you're all done go ahead and pat that down. Make sure they're all in their please. If you see any areas where there is a little bit of a gap you shouldn't have too much but you can always just move them around a little bit while they'll still wet. Again we have an adjustable ring. It's going to fit everybody and actually this is going to be in this direction like so. To dry I'm going to take my little tile bead containers and I'm just going to put the ring base between them and let that dry upward. That is all there is to making a Tiled Tila Bead Ring. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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