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Hi, this is Kat with something pre-made here and i made just a cute little earring and you can see that i'm using two different colors of the round leather cord for a little fun sort of two-tone look so we're going to make the second one in this video here just to show you a nice technique so I have two colors of my round leather cord and this is two millimeters in width I have my end cap here and all you're going to need is some e6000 some flush cutters or you can use scissors as well a ruler and I have a toothpick and just a little notepad to help me when I'm going to do my gluing so the first step is to start by figuring out exactly how long you want your tassel to be and you're going to subtract what you want out of that well because it will sort of stick into it so if you want a two inch you're going to need two and about a half an inch so I want to actually cut my cords to be two inches long and you will be able to fit about eight cords into this particular finding so what I'm going to do is I'm going to cut four pieces of each color at the two inch mark and you can measure individually or sort of do it like I'm doing where you just sort of eyeball it from the next one you can also trim these a little bit later so you're going to need four of one color and four of the other color so I'm going to continue cutting and I will be back to show you the next step all right so now I'm cutting my last cord there so I have four of my Brown here and four orange I'm going to go ahead and set those aside and now what I want to do is you can see with this I've done all of my cords on one side that are brown and many other side that are orange but you can sort of alternate them or place them however you want to in the well but what you're going to do is you're actually going to sort of gather them up and put them together and sort of make sure that all those ends come nice and evenly down so you want them to all fit nicely having trouble with one of mine there I wanted to get lost you want them to all fit nicely in there and they all need to be touching the tip top of your cap so that they all get that glue on there all right so that looks good all right now I'm going to kind of do this one-handed and unscrew my glue and put a little bit onto my paper there and what I want to do first is I'm going to kind of get that glue there you're going to want a good size and I'm just going to kind of kind of do this all one-handed you know it we have to put those down you'll have enough time using your e6000 that you don't need to worry too much about working quickly you'll have enough time to really let it glue there so all I'm doing is kind of swirling that e6000 so that it gets all on the wall and you don't want to get any on the outside there so just kind of pick that up there we go and now I'm going to place that down again just sort of rearrange my cords and when you're working with such a little cord sometimes this part can be a little test but you have time to work with it so you're okay there we go get all my cords up there make sure I don't have any stragglers and now I'm going to sort of place that over the top and just sort of use your nails to kind of squeeze it in there make sure like I said that we don't have any stragglers and you're just going to kind of move it around and this is where you want to just go to take each individual cord and press down just make sure that they all are nice and snug in there and kind of bring them all together give them a nice little extra tug you can see I have a little bit of glue sticking out there so I'm going to take the clean edge of my toothpick and just sort of clean that up a little bit and write down and when it dries you'll be able to clean that up as well so there you have it it's just nice and easy it's a very simple technique and very logical just to cut different cords and kind of place them in there and you can use two colors one color you can make like really long tassels you can kind of fan them out a little bit or keep them a little bit more straight like I've done here but this leather cord is really nice and it's very forgiving so you can do a lot of fun little things with it and then just add an earring hook if you want to do that or you can add this to a necklace just by adding a jump ring there's a lot you can do with these you can find the cord and all of these supplies and even more videos at you

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