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hi this is Alessandra with beadaholique to show you how to make a stopper on leather cord I have a project I've made here with a wire wrapped pendant that was slipping along the leather which would normally be fine except for I found that the class will tend to travel to the front of the piece so to keep it stationary I experimented and tried with a couple of crimp covers pinched onto the leather to keep the piece in place and it worked really well so I've experimented also with a size three millimeter crimp cover on some 1.5 millimeter leather which works pretty well it's biting into the leather just a little bit so I wanted to experiment with some of these four millimeter sized crimp covers the ones I used were five and so the four is just in between so I'm going to experiment here and see how it works first on the three millimeter concerts two millimeter leather that I made the necklace with so we'll see how this four millimeter crimp goes on it's going to be gentle and flow with pinching this bead on so I don't warp the metal or cut the leather strange so I think that worked really well let's see how the four works on the 1.5 millimeter I'm wondering if it's going to slip we'll see you and that works as well so I think the four-millimeter quick cover is a winner and so this is just a quick tip all these materials are available Nebuta holy calm you

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