How to Make a Tassel using Ultra Suede Fabric Strips

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video you will learn how to make a tassel using ultra suede fabric sheets. These tassels can be added to your jewelry designs or used in crafts and other accessories such a purse charms and key chains.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and this I created this is just a gorgeous purse charm so you can see I have a really big lobster clasp here and I have a little ring of focal and that's a quatrefoil and I have several different tassels here and this would just look really cute on a little purse and they just kind of swing and dance and I've used a couple of different colors and I've actually used a pattern ultra suede here which is the one I'm going to show you how to do today so you can use this in a lot of different jewelry techniques and in many accessories and crafts as well so to do this I'm going to be using a hammered brass bead cap here I have some e6000 that I'm going to be using and you're just going to need a little piece of paper or something to cover your surface because we're going to pour that glue out and I'm going to be using a couple of toothpicks and a pair of snips or scissors and I have a ruler here so let me go ahead and show you what we're going to be working with now to create these particular tassels you can create them in any size you want but the ones that I created here I used a strip that was about three inches long and two inches wide here so we sell our ultra suede in a couple of different sizes so you can cut it to whatever you desire but I'm going to go ahead and sort of just snip and measure right at about three inches right there okay so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to flip my work over and I'm just going to cut straight across so I have a two by three inch piece to work with all right so you can cut either using this side or this side but I'm going to show you cutting on this side just a bit it'll be a little bit easier to see so basically what I'm going to do is I'm going to curl it up and put it into my bead cap but before I do that I want to cut the fringe so I'm just going to take my snips and I'm going to start by just doing about a quarter of an inch little slice going up my ultrasuede and depending on your bead cap you want to go about less than I'd say a half inch to about a quarter inch maybe three-eighths of an inch up to the top what you want to do though is just kind of gauge on your bead cap that that cut will be hidden but you don't want to go too close to the top so that it'll cut right off so you just keep going and you create your little fringe you want your little slits here your little fringe slits to be about the same size going all the way across and again when you get up towards that top there you just want to make sure that you snip just enough so that it stays attached so I'm going to continue and go all the way across here and then I'm going to show you how to wrap it up and finish off the tassel okay so I am just finishing out my last cut here and there we go so now I have my fringe ready to go and as you can see it's all attached at the top there which is exactly what you want and now because I have the pattern side and I want to get that going on the outside of my tassel you could sort of do a peekaboo tassel if you wanted to go it the other way but I'm going to go ahead and start by just curling up the end here and just rolling it in NSL just like a little cinnamon roll and you want it to be fairly tight at the top so you just keep rolling it all the way across making sure that n stays nice and even and don't worry too much about your fringe that's going everywhere now all right and so it should look like a nice little tight little cinnamon roll at the top there all right perfect look I'm good all right so now the tricky part comes go ahead and pour out a little bit of your e6000 onto your table or onto your little sticky note or whatever you have and what you're going to do is sort of hold your little well of the bead cap get a little bit of that a 6000 on to your toothpick and just kind of swirl it around getting it in there now these particular bead caps that I'm using do have a little tiny hole at the top so you don't want to put too much glue in at the bottom but you want to make sure that it's going to be nice and coated I'm just going to kind of wipe off my little stick there right on top there perfect all right and now just go ahead and place your bead cap on top and as you're placing it in just kind of swirl it down so you can kind of get all that glue in those little pockets here we go and just give it a nice little press down you can see I'm getting a little glue come out that top there but that is alright we can clean that up later if you're using a bead cap that doesn't have a hole it's also going to be good that you can clean up any glue that might come out at the bottom here but I don't have any spillage of that just yet all right so now we have our cute little tassel and he will need a little bit of time to dry I'd say at least 24 hours before doing anything that's weight bearing on the other side so we can kind of set him aside and if you're making multiple tassels it's a great way to just kind of lay them all out and then the next day you can come back and finish your piece and put it all together so there you have it that is how easy it is to make a tassel using ultra suede fabric be sure to check out all of the styles and colors of ultra suede fabric that we have here at you

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