How to Make Earrings Using the Cymbal Earring Posts

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how you can use the Cymbal Bead Endings, Substitutes, and Earring Posts to make a variety of styles. The Cymbals are metal components that match various 2-hole beads and seed beads to give your jewelry a professional finish. You will also see how to make a quick pair of earrings using Ginko 2-Hole Beads.
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hi this is kat with and then I'm actually gonna do a little demonstration so the first example I want to show you is actually this guy over here now this is a bead substitute but it also has a nice little loop on it now you can see that I made this really simple medallion just by going around looping about up again and then looping around again now this is the symbol this is that silver piece right there and you can see that it has that nice little loop to it so what this allows us to do is to create a finished piece of jewelry having that piece inserted there while also not having to create any type of thread bridge using the actual seed beads that I'm using in the piece so you can see that it's a really nice look and you can do this with for earrings this is a little medallion that I put on a finished chain necklace but there's a lot of opportunity to play with this so that one features that Paisley Jose and I have a couple more examples here so you can see that some of these have loops on them and then this one here actually looks really Paisley like and it is a bead substitute so what it is is it is a metal version of one of the two whole beads there so you can just kind of see that in my hand alright now moving on we do have a lot of similar styles with the ginko beads now the gingko beads are unique because you can see side by side here one of them you can loop through the bottom and the other one it has the loop on the top so you can string through the sort of the other side I'll say but that way they can be either top or bottom and for these ones we also do have those bead substitutes now it's the same type of style when you look at these guys here these are gonna be great little endings now you can use these as a start of an earring or a big pendant or you can use them to sort of finish off side by side and have it be the ending to a bracelet so that's another thing you can do with those bead endings as well so speaking of the earring post that I'm gonna be demonstrating here in a little bit I have some of the ginkgos here and let me just kind of show you so this is what it looks like so with the ginkgos you can actually have it facing that way or that way it's entirely up to you so I have that version and then we also have some for the gem duo's now these are actually very cool they look almost spaceship like but you can see that that gem duo is gonna fit right in the center there so you have those holes drilled through on both sides there so you can actually add more pieces to the sides or you can just drop it down really nicely and a little example of that type of ending I have over here now with this one it has that loop on it so I had to attach my own hook to it but again this is a great opportunity to use these endings and see how it can just drop down to be a nice little earring but you could also use them side by side so you could create a little bracelet so lots of fun opportunities there so it's also with those gem do's pardon me alright so moving across here we have some that are gonna be really great to work with delicate and a toe beads so you can actually use these as the base for a seed bead so this one has a nice little drop and the holes are at the bottom there very cool right alright we also have some that work with the super duos again we have a different style here that's gonna work with those seed beads something else I want to introduce you guys is we have the side beads and then like these little tip beads here so you can actually use them on the side to cover up some of that bead weaving so let me take your eyes back over here to this example here if this was the gem do as per se I wouldn't have to use those white seed beads I could use those little tiny little side beads to fill that in we do have a video showing you how to do that with some gem duo's so you'll be able to see that alright just to finish off here we have some Paisley pieces here and you can see that I've created a nice little component here now let's say you wanted to get really creative and you just had a few beads left well you could make this into an earring hang a tassel from the bottom you could also make several versions of this and link them side by side you can see that these particular endings here have a different side on both edges so this one has a little more of a floral design to it and this side has that kind of wavy design but you can create lots of little fun components like this and string them together so there's a lot of opportunity in terms of making stuff so let's get down to it I want to show you guys how to make a quick and easy pair of bead woven earrings that is gonna take just minutes so now I'm gonna show you how to make this earring now this uses those ginko beads but what you'll notice is it uses a post it uses two different sides of those loops together and then it also uses a bead substitute so you're really gonna get a chance to see everything in action here and to see how easy this is so I've taken some fireline in the four pound and I've start about three feet onto a needle and I'm gonna actually be able to do both components with that amount of thread so I'm using a size twelve beading needle very simply let me kind of show you how I came up with this so I'm gonna flip my little piece up there at the top so that all of my Kinko's are facing the same way and then it's just gonna sit together just like so and I'm gonna bring this down here and they're all gonna fit together just like that so let me do this bottom piece for you here just to start so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna string through this second side here coming down leave a little bit of a tail about six to eight inches or so and string it back up so I create a little thread bridge along the bottom there and now simply going up through one hole stringing that down across because these little loops have the across version not be up and down like the other ginkgos and stringing it down through the speed on the other side alright so now I'm gonna pull that all together and what I'm gonna do is just take both of those ends and tie a little overhand knot and that should bring my nice little component together perfectly so you can see that so I just tied a little little knot that's gonna sit right in there and now because it's so tight what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna do that again I'm gonna tie another knot bring it down give it a nice tug make sure everything is secure and pull through again now if you want to you can go ahead and weave in all of those little ends but I'm gonna just move my threads to the back here come in with my scissors get as close as I can and snip that off so there we go we have one component down so you guessed it it's gonna be about the same on this other one here so here's the difference we're gonna come up through one of those little beads now for the post you are going to string up and over down oops just like through so to the other side and then we're gonna catch another side of that ginko bead keeping that down so I wanted to show you how it lays out early alright and now we're gonna string across that little ginko bead and hopefully I have done that all correctly so we're gonna see so go ahead and tie that together and I'll make incas laying right away yes they are beautiful so again same thing you can string through that again if you feel that you need more security but I think three little knots a nice good tug is gonna do it for me because these aren't really load-bearing so that's another thing that if you are doing a bracelet I always recommend I kind of tying a few extra knots but if you're just doing you a little earring here it's gonna be nice and delicate you can see that I'm just coming in and trimming that off on the other side all right so to finish off my little earring here I'm just gonna take a couple pairs of pliers open up my little jump ring slip-on my first component slip on my second component and close that up and I have my little earring back you can choose many different styles whatever suits your needs but there we have it and it's all ready to go and finished up so now you can do this little design featuring different styles of those ginko beads this also works for a lot of the other designs really when it comes down to it what you're focusing on is just trying to make it work make sure that you're always kind of following the same pattern in terms of going around and around just to make sure that it kind of fits together now if you wanted to let's say try on a different style of this you could actually substitute this in for those two kinko beads you can see how easy this is to really modify it to suit your design I hope you enjoyed this video and found it very informative you can shop all of the symbols by heading over to and you'll see even more tutorial videos by subscribing here on YouTube thanks so much for watching you

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