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hi this is kat with beadaholique.com i bracelet so you can see here that it's a really nice finish and you can just see that those super duos nestled right in there just perfectly so I'm going to show you how to make this bracelet in a different colorway I'm gonna do a gold version and these beautiful SuperDuper colors are the Matt bond Ellie's so they're really bright very fun very summery we do also have an antique brass version and then I brought out some other super duo symbol bead endings here just so that you could see you don't have to do a Chevron style diamond at the end you can also do it straight across so if that's something that you're interested in we do have a straight across version with five super duo endings there and we also have one with four so you can create lots of fun designs but I wanted to bring those out to show you just some of the opportunities that we have with these symbol bead endings alright so for this project what you're gonna need and what we're gonna do is we're gonna use a double needle method so I have two size twelve needles here and I have some fireline now I obviously am going to be doing a demonstration here but go ahead and cut off as much fireline as you feel comfortable working with I usually like to work with maybe about a good wing span or so maybe about five feet it's entirely up to you you can add more thread as you go if you find that you want a longer or you may even want a shorter bracelet so we're going to use two size twelve beading needles I have my three colors of super duos here I have my symbol bead endings I have my jump rings which are five millimeter 20 gauge and then I have my little lobster clasp as you can see that we're gonna finish this whole thing off with alright so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started okay so to begin we're gonna take one our beat endings here and what I want to do is I want to send that needle through that top hole right there so it's gonna go right on across but because that little space right there is so small what I'm actually gonna do is set up my little super duo in there and kind of balance him so that it's easy to get through all right so now I'm coming through with my needle and I'm gonna catch that first hole of that super deal and slide it all the way across so you can see that my needle is going all the way through that first hole on the side of it the cymbal and now what I want to do is bring that down and make sure that that is sitting right dead center of my thread now I'm gonna take my right hand needle and I'm gonna turn it around and go through the second hole that's coming down right there and I'm gonna go ahead and pull that through just like so now I'm gonna pick up the same color of that super duo because I want to create a little diamond in there so I'm gonna pick up another purple and I'm gonna go through that second hole in that super duo now just sneak my needle down there perfect and now you guessed it I'm gonna pick up one more of those purple super duo's and head out that second hole just like so now with the needle that was on my left hand side I'm gonna send it through going back the other way and this is gonna really reinforce this clasp portion because you want this to be nice and strong alright now I'm gonna give it a little tug give it a little tighten up and you guessed it we're just gonna repeat that and we're gonna go through the third hole in the cymbal and now here's where you can choose your next color I'm gonna go with the green as my next color and I'm gonna send that through that first or excuse me that second hole of that purple and to complete my little diamonds there I'm gonna pick up another purple here we go and then pick up another green and go through that last little hole there and as I'm sure you've guessed we're gonna take our needle that was in our left hand there and we're gonna send that through now I'm kind of doing this all on the side so I'm kind of working more up and down as opposed to left and right but you just want to make sure that your criss crossing those threads all right so now we have that ready to go all right whoops and I lost my needle on one of my sides there let me just reattach that there we go perfect all right so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually add another super duo that's on the outside here so this is gonna be your third color so I'm gonna pick up that blue bead and I'm gonna go through the green right there let me pick this up it might be a little easier there we go pick up that blue go through the green pick up another green because we want to keep our little diamonds there with our purple and then pick up another green and then pick up a blue now that blue is the first one that's just gonna kind of hang there so what we're gonna need to do is create that thread bridge with our other needle here so again just making sure that we're turning it around to the right way and just kind of sneak it through think it'll start to get tight but you can just kind of wiggle it through you can just see that I'm sort of going a little bit back and forth there we go and give it a nice little tug all right so now to continue our pattern I'm gonna turn it around on that blue bead and instead of picking up another blue bead I'm gonna finish this off with a green bead here and then to start that next diamond with the purple go ahead and pick up your purple bead here there we go all right anti green bead and coming out that blue bead and again just turning that around that was on the other side weaving all the way back through to come out the other side alright so now we're ready to add on another blue bead and continue our pattern so just so you can see the pattern example here this is what we're working with so in terms of substituting those pink beads are the actual blue beads here the orange beads are the green beads and the teal beads are the purple beads so just continue your pattern for as long as you want to get your desired length and then I'm gonna show you how to finish it off on the other side cuz it's a little bit different and I want to make sure that it's clear for you alright so go ahead and finish your bracelet and I'll see you on the other side okay so by now I've woven the entire length of my bracelet and just so you know I've used about nine feet of thread to achieve a seven inch bracelet so if that gives you a little bit of room for adjustment if you want more or less it's entirely up to you alright so we're gonna take our second cymbal ending here and to make sure that we're ending on the right diamond so it's mirrored perfectly on both sides I'm just gonna slide that into place so what you're gonna see now is that you have four excuse me three little openings there to complete the four diamonds of the super duo there so criss crossing our threads again it's gonna look very similar we're just gonna kind of reverse what we did on the other side and we're gonna go through that bottom hole right there and go across and now I'm just gonna pick it up so you can see picking up a purple going into that purple there picking up another purple going through that green and now making sure everybody is where they should be there we go you'll see it come together and I'm gonna go out the other side of the bottom of that symbol right there all the way through and pull that together and now to repeat going back the other side I'm going to take that and create that little thread bridge and weave all the way down all those little beads that I just just strung there and all the way out the other side and again give it a little tug make sure it is nice and tight there we go and now I'm just gonna turn that thread around go through that bead right there that purple bead and this will be our final bead that we're adding going through the other side and through that second hole there and again Criss crossing with our other side going all the way across in one one swoop if we can and again make sure to give it a nice little tug and we're gonna criss cross one final time going through and going through there we are so now what I recommend is that you take your thread and kind of as you did in the beginning go back down through a couple here and we're just gonna go back through and now you can create this last little thread bridge here and go down through just that one bead come down beneath it catch that little thread bridge and tie a little knot there to tie it off and you can repeat that for extra security if you like through that little loop there and tie a knot and now I'm just gonna go through that adjacent bead or two depending on how tightly it's woven like I said this is gonna get kind of tight here and let me just get that through perfect and so one side is tied off so now just repeat that with the second side so again coming out here we're just gonna kind of turn that around so now what's gonna happen is this thread is going to get a little thicker so what you want to do is just be very careful going through we don't want to crowd the beads too much you'll kind of feel it have a little bit more tension there and turn that around now we're just going to repeat that same thing on this side where we go down and through and catch a little thread bridge come up sneak our needle through that loop and pull tight and just repeat once more this is how you tie off your thread for just about any bead viewing just creating those little little knots there and then like I said I always like to go through a bead or two just to kind of make sure that we are settled and nice and nestled in there all right great so now I can come in with my thread zap or snips and I'm just gonna use my little scissors here to cut off those ends there we go alright so this is our bracelet and the very final step that we want to do is we want to use a couple of little jump rings to attach a clasp so I'm going to use my jump ring here and I have a couple pairs of pliers that I'm just gonna open that little jump ring sneak it on to one end sneak on my lobster clasp and close that up and then to this other side here just opening up another little jump ring now here's where if you wanted to you could add a chain extender so if you didn't want to do more bead weaving you could always add a one or two inch chain extender you know you can kind of make your own if you'd like by just linking together at several jump rings alright so there you go that is how to finish a super duo bracelet using the symbol bead endings you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to beadaholique.com and if you're new to our YouTube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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