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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique the end of memory wire so with my round nose pliers I'm just going to take and grip right at the end of my bracelet memory wire here and with a firm grip turning outward with my wrist to see all the way around and squeezing it flush so depending on your design you may want your loop to the outward facing or inward facing so we have several examples here for instance this one that's a double strand has no charms or anything at the end and we want the loop to be less noticeable so it's a small inward facing loop same with this one but this one's got a charm and so the outward facing loop works better does feature the charm and on this choker the way that I attach the wire was to coil inside of the loop and put a crimp cover and so the outward facing loop helps to hold that on and protect it so depending on your design you'll decide whether you want it to be outward facing or inward facing it works on any of these types of memory wire so right inward facing loop you did the same thing just grip and turn with your wrist and squeeze it flush and it works for the ring memory wire as well find the end here for instance if you want to make little dangles for the focal cluster of your ring you would turn the loop outward like so and the masking side go in the opposite direction so I hope this video was helpful all of these projects can be found at thanks for watching you

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