How to Make a Shambhala Bracelet, Part III: Sliding Knot Clasp

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, learn how to make a macrame sliding knot clasp. This adjustable clasp is an interesting way to connect braiding or knotting projects. See also How to Make a Shambhala Bracelet, Part I: Macrame Square Knots and How to Make a Shambhala Bracelet, Part II: Macrame Knot Finishing
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Hi. This is Megan with Today I'm going to show you how to make a macrame sliding knot clasp. It's a really good way to finish a macrame bracelet like a Shamballa bracelet or just a good adjustable way to finish any kind of corded work. So you can see how to do a macrame square knot in another video and if you don't know how to do that go ahead and watch that video first "How to Make a Macrame Square Knot" This is going to be using the same principles as that it's going to be make square knots. What you'll is a basically have your work and you'll take the ends of your work and loop them around and have both ends parallel to each other. Just like that. Then you're going to take another strand of cord. I'm using waxed cotton cord. You can use any kind of cord that you want for the style of macrame knotting and you'll just use the same cord that's used for the body of the bracelet. So when I'm going to make my sliding knot clasp, I'm going to take you probably want a little over a foot length for your knot clasp just go ahead and put it inside the bracelet loop thread it about the middle so that you have half of it on either side. Then you're going to tie a few square knots in that. The number of knots that you put in your sliding knot clasp will depend on how wide you want the clasp to be. So I would say you probably want to do two or three square knots just to have a clasp nice and stable. But you can make a wider if you like. And the important part is to make sure that while you're pulling your knots relatively tight to make them uniform you wanna still be able to pull on the ends of your center cord and move that around so that you can adjust the bracelet. I'm just going to go ahead and just do three square knots on this clasp Then you would finished off your clasp just the same way that you would any other macrame knotting and you could see how to do that on the video how to finish off macrame knotting. And once you finish that off you'll see that you can pull on the ends of the center cord of the bracelet to make it smaller or larger. So you can also pull it open to put it on and then pull on the ends to have it more fitted around your wrist. So once you finish off the knot that is going to be what you're sliding knot clasp looks like. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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