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Hi, this is Julie with illah meter 12 millimeter and a 10 millimeter then we've got some tierracast findings a 6 millimeter swarovski crystal bead for her head an earring hook and a head pin to link these guys all together then our tools very basic we have a chain nose plier a wire looping plier because to use a round nose if you prefer and a pair of flush cutters so I have this lined up exactly how we're going to be putting it on the pin so we've got our head pin I'm going to just slide on the first margarita bead a second and then the third and you can see it's graduated in size it's going from the biggest to the smallest we're going to put on the angel wings these are the 21 millimeter size and the head and then we're gonna use this bead cap as a halo and then finally we're going to attach the earring hook after we make a wrapped wire loop so go ahead make sure all your beads are down at the base of the head pin bend your wire just above the bead cap rotate your pliers if you are using the wire looping pliers pull that wire around and then twist it around several times then trim off the excess wire using your flush cutters a little tricky to get in there and then what you can do is if you do have a rough wire end and go ahead and use your chain nose to tuck it in now to open up the earring the loop of the base of the earring hook just twist it like you would a jump ring slide on your wrapped wire loop and then close that loop back up so very quick very easy to do so now we have a really pretty pair of holiday angel earrings you can find the supplies for this project and more at you

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