How to Make a Cotton Cord Bracelet by Fernando DaSilva

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Designer: Fernando DaSilva
In this video, Fernando DaSilva shows you how to make cotton cord wrap bracelet featuring beads and components from the Global Chic Collection. This is a fun and totally customizable design that will allow you to explore to the far reaches of your creativity.
Audio Transcript
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hello my name is Fernando Silva and I'm here at to teach you how to create this fantastic wraparound bracelet using taper support in components by global chic global chic is a line dedicated to cultural diversity so the tape is record has these Peruvian tapers to look it's multicolored it's made out of cotton thread woven round this cotton cord and the components of this line is brings the other side of the globe oh they have a very modern in urban look that really goes well it's contrasting but that's pretty much what we want with this collection it's to bring this cultural diversity so we have modern and you have like the oh the world so I'm gonna start showing you how to work and how to attach the cord that's our tapers record enter into the components so what I'm gonna do I I already taped the end one of the ends and I'm gonna trim like almost just to leave a small area that's gonna be hidden once I say insert inside of the component is going to be glued on it so nobody's going to see that tape is there that tape is there pretty much just to keep the end of the cord a little tight but I'm gonna use here the round domed button and you can see how it is you know like here how the the component work and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna insert instead of cover the tip of the cord with the glue I'm gonna insert some of this glue this is bead fixed shell and this glue you need to be very careful because you can't really afford this glue touching your skin or even dropping you know you can you have to be very careful you cannot drop some of this glue on your fabric on your clothing the reaction of the glue in your skin it will burn and your burners King badly so every time if you're not super familiar working with glues or if you're like a little bit concerned afraid of working with it stronger glue you should have gloves on and you should make make sure that all your area your table is covered and you're like working away you know you don't want to be in touch or with the tip of the groove once you finish work with the blue you cover and put the glue away so I have already the glue here so I also I don't want to be rubbing the cord inside of the component so what I'm gonna do is to use a toothpick and pretty much like spread that glue inside in a round of the edges inside edge of the component and onto the bottom now you can come and one because the tip of the court is already tape it you can just insert into the component or if you still and it'll be bigger you think that's not going to fit you can use a pliers a pair of pliers to help that cord to fit inside of the component make sure you go around and we squeeze the cord and tuck inside of the component just like I'm doing this you go like twisting because you want the cord to feel all the way to the the as deep as possible of the component this blue is the instant blue like into me and it's going to be cured and it's gonna be impossible you get that chord out of that component the tape also helps you to keep your coordinate in place and then you don't have all that glue is lighting on outside of your component so this is how supposed to be okay now after you have your button glued on one of the ends of your tape is record then you're gonna pick one of these lighters so these lighters come out so in different shapes you can combine them so the button here is round down and I think just to make it fun I'm gonna use the flowers so I have a red a button I have also a button that is in shape of flower so we can't do flour and flour or you can do another shape that's very popular that we also have that's the heart so we can do heart and heart you can do flour and flour I'm gonna kind of to make it more interesting I'm gonna use a flower against the button because also I think that makes the design more intriguing and less obvious so this is like that and you can understand soon you can understand what that's life is gonna be doing there and now we're gonna do you're gonna add another element that are you can do without or we can use it you know like to add extra decorative element onto your bracelet so we have these beads metal beads that have large holes in there called channel beads so the channel can be customized using different products so this is a great chance that you can add different media so we can add like on this bracelet that is on the table here you can see I create little stretch little rings off with seed beads and then I put them you know around the the channel on this one I'm gonna show you simply how I did with the brown one the brown one I just cut a piece of faux suede cord and then what you do is pretty much as you see use size around the channel the bead and then you cut it and then you glue it and once you go around so you see that that element that color is gonna make a really good nice difference and it's like I said what's almost like a charm so on this one I did already I made one using false weight the brown false weight so I'm gonna slide this one onto the cord I always keep a pair of pliers to help me to pull to tuck products in during the design it's always good to have a pair of pliers handy so the second one here this one that you see this aquamarine blue this are just a simple piece of hemp cord and you can see how adds texture and like decorative in bring more color these colors are very mode to color burn yeah like I said it's global chic so you're just adding more color and make it more global more multicultural and the third one that I add that this beautiful royal blue this is a pair just a simple piece of rat tail or it's known as a rat tail or satin cord so these are parts of our bracelet and now we're going to do the other end of the bracelet we're going to add another element to our cord to create a hook that is made with the cord itself and we're gonna use this over flat component there's also a slider but it's gonna work also as a stopper let me go back so you can see what I'm doing so we're going to string onto the the coil onto the component and then you're gonna create a loop going back through the same component and don't worry trust me it fits it fits a little bit tight but that was made exactly to do that because you want that pressure you want the component to be pressure against the true piece of cord and now what we're gonna do you can measure if you're like wants to do like to do everything very precise but I can tell you that pretty much you need a loop that's it's bigger or it's I would say like as large as a 3/4 or no bigger than one-inch so this loop it's very good you can always test always test that loop doing this because that's what the loop is gonna do it can go over the button and you'll see that there is a lot of room here so you can tied a little bit more that loop you don't need all that room you know so it's just like I said it just needs to be big enough just to go over your button and now we're gonna glue this baby in place using the same glue that we use to glue the button but here we have to take a chance a little bit so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna is light I'm gonna push it down and then bring the glue again bit fix or you can use your favorite superglue you know so it doesn't need to be so big fix I use this one because it's handy and I like and it's very very efficient for this type of application so I start adding a little bit of the glue in the middle like in between the two cords and then I add a little bit around the whole area of both sides of the group so you'll go here to make sure that you cover the entire area and then you do on the opposite side as well you have to above the air that are going to be covered by the by the although your slider but because I decided to create like a little I have to create like a easy way so when I slide the component over I don't have a lot of the glue covering my component because because if that happens you know it Frost's it makes them little leave some little you know marks on your component that it doesn't look pretty so I use a little bit of another toothpick to kind of spread that glue onto this fabric onto the court on this outside surface of the court make sure that the mirror sexual also that glue is spreaded and then you slide that over carefully because you don't want the glue again touching your skin you supplies us to open up the throat and they never let it sit for few minutes like I said this glue is like is a instant glue so it's already in place is glue and what I'm gonna do now is just trim that excess of cord that's left here and I mean using this very efficient cutter just make sure that you don't cut both parts of your of your card of your cord just going to get rid of this string cotton so now we're you can do as a final touch you're gonna use a little bit of the nail polish the heart like the coat just to seal all these strings the strength of the end of the this part that you section once it's dry you can come back here with the pair of scissor of your color again and get rid of that so I add enough on top and on the outside of life the edges around to stiffen up that and then you don't have that era frame and then you have your bracelet you can wait 24 hours to wear it or you can just wait 15 minutes and pull around because the glue is going to be totally cured so here you can see the bracelet finish it looks really nice the dawn against the flower and then you have the hook go passing through it you can see this one that I created also with on this one I use a flower and I use the heart hammered heart is lighter and ideal to create these sections of this channel beads with seed beads and the ones that I'm wearing I have the same one the dome and the flower but in silver-plated because both collection the Deline the components come in silver playing God play and this one it's a hook that the press the way you created is the same so the colors comes in different colors it's multicolored it's fun is hip and this is our project for today you

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