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Hi, this is Julie with chord if you're gonna use a cord to make a bracelet so it's a really nice way of being able to pull out the colors in your cord and accessorize with these fun beads so I pulled out some other seed beads and now these are Czech glass size 11 oh and they're on a hank so they're already pre strung which is perfect for this project if you're using seed beads that are not pretty strung you will want to string them just go ahead and use some 9mo or whatever string you have at home so what you're going to need is you're going to need the bead core you're going to need the seed beads some type of applicator for your glue and opposed to Pat the post-it pad pair of scissors and some e6000 so not a lot of tools or supplies which is really nice so I'm gonna use this really pretty purple color and then I've got my bead let me put this aside so what you'll first want to do is go ahead and pull one strand out of the hank and you're just gonna grab the beads right at the top and pull so you actually don't need to cut anything so just let that be down on your table go ahead put some of the e6000 glue on your post-it note now East's thousand does take a while to get to a hard cure but it does start to dry relatively quickly so you do want to work in a timely manner you don't want to put your glue down on your notepad and then walk away for a half hour you do want to do this right away so not touching the glue and holding the channel bead by the ends we're just going to fill this well with glue and we don't want it to be too thick we really want to spread it out but we do want to make sure it covers from top to bottom and you do not want to be touching the e6000 so you want to make sure you just hold this bead carefully and you can just rotate it I do like e6000 for this project because I can actually see the glue and it's got some heft to it is a little bit of a thicker glue which I think works really well considering we're gonna be setting the seed beads down into it I actually did try this with a much looser glue and it did not work as well so take your beads and I like to actually not start from the end for this project I like to start from the middle and that's so all my beads have some nice tension to them already I found if I start at the end I ended up with some gaps so we're just gonna lay the beads into the glue you can stick your finger up into that bead now we're just gonna wrap them around keep wrapping until you can wrap no more and then go ahead and press them in place you might find you can rap a little bit more when you start pressing them in place there we go you saw that these just dropped off that's totally fine we still have the beads we can work with here from the main Hank and I'm just pushing them in place and scooting them a little bit along because my e6000 was not too thick I can press these down and the e6000 is not coming up the sides which is ideal so grab your feet okay and then look at where your strand is make sure that all looks good and then right here give yourself about a quarter of an inch beyond where your beads are set down into the channel bead and cut and then let those little beads fall off and what you ideally want is a little tail left that's sticking out any extra beads just go ahead remove them and then cut this tail to be about a quarter of an inch as well I'm going to take a little bit more glue you might at this point need to put down some fresh glue I'd even want to use the other side of your applicator because you don't want it to be too gloopy and then just put some glue right over that tail on both sides just press it down you can scoot the beads over it but because you left that string in there even if you missed a little spot of glue over here the beads are going to stay put you do not want to pull that string out okay and we are done we're just going to let that dry and then when it's dry we can add it to our bracelet project so carefully remove that bead if you've got it on your finger there you go just let it dry and you'll be all set and that is how you add seed beads to a global chic channel bead you

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