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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com so to complete this project what you're going to need is just a pair of scissors I have a keyring here I have two colors of paracord each is about 45 inches and I also have a lighter to help burn my ends so this is what we're going to be making it is just a nice stiff box not keychain and I think you can really kind of see that beautiful nodding when you use two colors but you could use the same color if you like so let's go ahead and get started making our paracord box not keychain so to begin go ahead and lay your keyring right on your table there and you're going to take one of your links finding that midpoint and what you're going to do is you're going to go under the keyring and lay it over so that your mid point is about right on that keyring right there you can just go ahead and set that forward just like so now take your other color and you're just going to lay it across the top of your keyring right there just like so and again this is my midpoint so I have both of my cords about the same length coming right here so this is my first set up so to begin the Box not you're going to take your top cord here and you're going to fold it down and over and you're going to take your bottom length and fold it up so you kind of create this dual loop right here now you're going to take your right hand end and you're going to go over this cord and under that first loop just like so and go ahead and pull that through and you're going to want to kind of keep that shape this first one is a little difficult I'm going to go slow with you okay so we still have our shape just like so so now we're going to take this end that is coming out here and we're going to go up and over here and through my knot here making sure to keep it below the other knot so this is a step two out version of that first knot so I have my gold cord coming through here and my blue cord coming out here now very carefully what you're going to do is you're going to take each of those four strands and kind of start to tighten up that knot and you can see it start to form now go ahead and pick it up and just make that nice and tight just pull on each cord just a little bit and you have made your first box knot so you have your gold cord on the top there keeping it in place and on the bottom this is the start of your box knotting so now all you're going to do is just repeat that process so take your top cord fold it down take your bottom cord fold it over making sure to kind of keep those two loops intact right there and now you're going to take your right hand cord and you see that it is coming out here on the bottom so this cord is going to stay towards the bottom so you're going to go up and over this one and through this loop and sort of pull that through and then take your left hand cord go up and over this one and through that loop again keeping that on top there and again what you're just going to do is you're just going to pull all four strands as much equally as you can you'll kind of work it together with your fingers and just pull that tight pull that tight and you'll get that next box not forming right there and you just hold that knot with your thumb there is you can kind of pull that together and now you can see that that knot has formed so again this is all you're going to do this is the entire box nut so you just keep doing this until you get that length that you want so again fold the top one down fold the bottom one over fold the right up and over through that loop keeping it on top and fold the bottom one up and over through that loop pull that through keeping it on the bottom and pull my nut together nice and tight there we go and just keep repeating and I'm going to do this a few more times and then I will be back to show you how to finish your paracord box not keychain okay so now that I've come to the end of my knotting I'm going to show you how to finish this off so go ahead and take one strand and you're going to take your pair of scissors and get it nice and close there and you're just going to kind of cut off that tail go ahead and remove that and you're going to take your lighter very carefully and we just want to make sure you guys can see this I'm going to get your lighter going and touch the tip to the end of that paracord so it can kind of burn let it cool for just a second and then you're going to kind of press that down with that end of your lighter so what you're basically creating is a flat surface so that it won't pull all the way through so what you can do now if you feel that's a little insecure take your lighter one more time and you're just going to kind of burn that down and sort of seal it against the other paracord that you have there and again just take your lighter and just kind of bend it in there so now you just repeat that with each strand going around so I'll show you again just melt that tip there and kind of bend that in and give it a nice little seal cut off the next end and I'm just going to move it around the keychain here and you can make this keychain as long as you want now like I said at the beginning I started with about 45 inches of each and this keychain right here is about four inches of knotting so you can use a longer length or a shorter length whatever you're comfortable with all right last one here all right now it's pressed in and sealed nice and tight so there you go that is how to make a paracord box not keychain you can find all of these supplies and more at beadaholique.com you

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