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Hi, this is Kat with that i made using box nuts and finish it off and we do have a full tutorial video showing you how to do this and we also have a tutorial video showing you how to do box matting and then add beads onto it so you can complete this bracelet but in this video i'm just going to show you the basic box knot and I have two pieces of paracord right here so very very simply I'm just going to go ahead and open that up and stretch it out on my table and about here is the midpoint so I'm going to take my second length and kind of place it right on top so my midpoints are touching right here so now I'm going to take this red cord and fold it down kind of leaving out a nice loop over the top and take the bottom half and fold it up so now I kind of have this sort of little loop going around that blue cord now I'm going to take this side of the blue cord and go over this side and through keeping it on the bottom there so you can kind of see that and now I'm going to take the other length here and go over this side and through this loop keeping it on top so you got to kind of rotate it around a little bit so this is sort of what your not looks like when it's separated so you have the blue one coming around and the red one doing the same in the opposite direction so now take all four cords equally and kind of pull your knot together and you'll start to see that box form right there and you can kind of pull on each side just to get that nice box knot now this is what it looks like on this side just want to show you on the other side it's going to look like this now if you're working with something where you want this to be the bottom you can flip it over and start your work on the other side or if you need a loop to get maybe a jump ring or something other clasp through you can leave it on this side but I'm just going to show you what it looks like to kind of flip it over so you just take it and flip it away from yourself and you're all ready to repeat the process so you take this side pull it over this side pull it over take your blue cord go up and over and through the loop keeping it again on the bottom take this side up and over and through that loop and take all of your cords and pull them nice and tight kind of get that all nice and happy there so now you see you have this side with that beautiful box knot and on the other side you have that beautiful box not as well so you've covered up that loop so I'm just going to show you one more time and you'll notice that every time you do a knot your top and bottom ones will switch so you will be sort of alternating as you go through the boxes so take your top one and fold it down take your bottom one and fold it up take your right hand side go up and over and through the loop and take this side go up and over and through that loop and pull tight this is a really fun technique you can use various different types of poured and like I said I we do have another video showing you how to add beads to this you can actually just make it even that much more fun and you can already see that it's starting to form that little kind of ladder on each side of our box stitch there so you'll kind of end up with something that looks very similar to that so there you are I hope you enjoyed this video on how to do box knots you'll find all of these supplies and more videos at you

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