How to Make a Pair of Acetate Earrings featuring Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will learn how to use GS Hypo Cement to affix Austrian crystal flatback rhinestones onto a Zola Elements acetate rectangular frame. You will also learn how to set an Austrian crystal into a Gita Jewelry earring setting to complete this trendy and chic look.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and make a great pair of earrings so I have my acetate frames here and these are from Zola elements and this is the beautiful Twilight color so it's got a lot of the little blue and cream and even a little pink down there at the bottom for a nice little color pop so I have two of those rectangular frames and they have holes at the top there but no holes at the bottom so these are going to be perfect for earrings so I have my Swarovski crystal flatbacks here in Crystal Light chrome and they're so tiny and perfect for this application and then for a little pop up top I'm going to be using some Gaeta settings now this is a great earring setting here and it's a nice post earring so it has a little loop there at the bottom so I'm gonna pop a stone in there and attach it to my zola finding alright so I'm gonna complete this earring and to do so what you're gonna need is we're gonna be using some GS hypo cement here and then I'm gonna be using the magical pick and this is a great little it has a nice little sticky tip and it's gonna help me pick up those rhinestones I'm going to show you how to use that and this is the pad that comes with it I'll show you all about that as well and then I have a popsicle stick and this is actually to help me with those Gaeta findings I have some toothpicks here and then I also have two pairs of chain nose pliers I have one regular and one bent but these are just gonna help me open and close a jump ring that we're going to be using to attach our earring to our rectangle finding alright so if you have all your supplies ready let's go ahead and get started okay so I'm actually going to use a little piece of paper here just to kind of move that out of the way just to kind of place it underneath my Gia's hypo cement because I'm gonna leave it a little bit open as I'm working usually we kind of close the glue but because I'm going to be using a lot of the different little stones I wanted to make sure that my work surface is protected so you can just use a sticky note a piece of paper a paper towel whatever you like this is just to catch any little glue droppings alright so to use our magical pick here it has this nice little edge here and this is the sticky end and then the end over here is a nice little sort of pointed end and we're gonna be using that to kind of maybe move around some of our rhinestones so the pad here is really really great so you just lift it off and this is just a peach piece of scotch tape under there but what its gonna do is it's gonna activate that sticky so you can hear it kind of snap on me and this you can use over and over again so if it starts to get less sticky if the tip starts to get less sticky you can just sort of re reactivate it and then go back to placing your rhinestones all right now I'm going to do kind of a fun pattern here so if I'm looking at my earrings and let's say I'm wearing them like this I'm gonna do one where the rhinestones go kind of up to the side here and then on the other side I want to reverse it to go up to this side now each acetate piece is completely unique so the coloring is always gonna be a little bit different so you know just before you begin kind of look at it you know think about where you want those stones to go flip it over turn it around whatever you want to do you can mix and match you can also go up both sides you can do it just all at the bottom you can do down the sides of each piece this is entirely up to you you get 72 of the Swarovski crystals to work with so if you're kind of dividing it you're gonna do 36 and 36 now I'm only gonna do mine on one side on the front side you can also do it on the back so if you want to divide that it's 18 and 18 on each side so just totally up to you and this is totally freeform so each earring is probably actually going to just look a little bit different unless you really do want to play it out exactly where to place all the stones but you know I like to just kind of go for it all right so we're gonna be using Gia's hypo cement and go ahead and take the top off of your Gia's hypo cement and you'll notice that it has a nice little sort of pin tip there it sorry so we already see some glue welling up there so what I recommend is what we're gonna do is we're gonna come in and we're gonna do maybe three dots at a time so I'm gonna start in this corner here because I told you I was going to go all the way up in fact I'm gonna actually kind of wipe that off there we go so I'm going to do three little dots one two and three alright and then I'm gonna set that down and then quickly come over with my magical pay and this is gonna bring them over and I'm just placing these on to the little dots of glue I just added there and then you can use this side to kind of move them around if you need to or sort of press them down just so that they get right on top of the acetate there all right and then we're just going to repeat so that's kind of the whole process you just sort of have to eyeball where you want your stones to be and the reason that we're using Gia's hypo cement for this is that it's gonna allow us to really just pinpoint that glue because we don't want all this kind of gloopy glue everywhere but it does dry clear so you can kind of push these guys around just a little bit I'll get that one later there we go all right all right so yes you can see that my glue is dripping just a little bit so you just kind of just wipe it off there and we're just gonna go back and do a couple more I like to do maybe three at a time you can do more if you like because you know our glue is staying open so you do want to work quickly but that's it that's how easy this is and you have a little bit of time to kind of move some of these guys around just a little bit yes he was kind of getting off there there we go all right so all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna keep going and I'm gonna kind of create a cool little line that's gonna come across here so it'll sort of divide that section so I'm just gonna keep placing them as I see fit and then I'll be back to show you the next step all right so I think I've added enough here so I'm gonna let this dry but I just kind of want to let you guys see the sparkle and kind of the studs that are happening there so you can get a nice little flash there and it's not too much you know you don't want to add I mean you could add it all over if you wanted to but I just want just a little little sparkle as you kind of move with it so all right so I'm actually gonna move these to the side so I can let that dry when we're done with our glue for right now and I'm gonna come in and show you how to set your stone into the key to finding all right so I have a size 39 here and all of our kita findings listed at will tell you the exact size that you need so that there's no guesswork for you but it has these four little prongs here and these are really great and it's just gonna hold that stone so we actually don't need any glue for this all right so very carefully I'm just going to place my stone in the center there and don't worry about those fingerprints you'll clean those off later because you're gonna kind of need to hold it down and we're going to be using a popsicle stick for this now a popsicle stick is gonna be great because it's going to help you sort of roll over without scratching your crystal so what we're gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of put my thumb on top of the stone and make sure that it is nice and centered in there you can kind of see that it can wobble around just a bit there we go all right and then to the prong I'm just gonna take it and I'm just gonna roll it over the top so it might be hard for you to see but just watch the motion that I'm doing where I'm just bending that prong right over the top just like so and then we're gonna go across the stone here so we're going you know from three to nine and then I'm just gonna do the same thing here and just kind of gently roll it over and just press down there we go and then now I have the other two that I'm gonna do and again just kind of rotate it in her fingers and you just use the little side of the popsicle stick just to kind of roll it down there and move to the other side and repeat you can just roll that down there you go so now we have our stone nice and set and I'm just kind of polished it off there we go so now we have our stone nice and set he's not gonna go anywhere with any men all right so just to complete the look which is really really simple we're gonna take one of our jump rings here and these are five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and I'm just gonna take it in my bent nose plier my chain nose plier give it a little gentle twist to open loop it on to the acetate frame and then making sure it's facing forward we're gonna loop on our loop of our key to finding and sneak our pliers in there and close up that jump ring making sure it is nice and flush and nice and close we don't want to lose any components and there you have it that is how simple and easy this is but you get that nice crystal at the top and those crystals sort of cascading down the bottom so that is how easy it is I hope you guys do this at home you can get all of these supplies and even more choose your favorite colors of stones and crystals we also have these in gold as well so be sure to head over to to shop all the latest thanks for joining us here and if it's your first time here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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