How to Make a Necklace with Leather Cord and Large Hole Beads

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create this design using 2mm leather cord, European style large hole beads, 8mm round stardust beads, and a celtic heart charm by TierraCast. First you will see how to attach the charm to your bail bead. Then you will see how to string the beads in the order shown. Next you will see how to stabilize your beads by attaching crimp covers onto the leather cord. Finally, you will see how to attach a clasp using foldover cord ends.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique you how to make a necklace with leather cord and large hole beads so for this project I'll be using some 2 millimeter leather cord in black I've got some European style large hole beads in this faceted glass some 8 millimeter Stardust sparkle beads in hematite a tierracast Celtic knot pendant this Bale style European large hole bead comes with its own jump ring and then for findings I've got some 3 millimeter cord ends 4 millimeter crimp covers I've got 6 millimeter jump rings and a 12 millimeter lobster clasp for tools I'll be using some round nose pliers chain nose pliers flush cutters and also eight fold-over crimping plier so to begin the first thing I'm going to do is attach my Celtic knot pendant to this bail bead so let me bring in my tools and just slide those onto the jump ring and this will be our focal piece and I liked how this bill has a Celtic knot pattern that goes well with the theme of the pendant just bring those two sides together flush and we're ready to start so I'm gonna bring in my leather and just start stringing my beads in the order that I've chosen and these eight millimeters sparkle beads have a two millimeter opening which accommodates the size of the cord really well so I'm going to put one of those in between each of these large hole beads and the large hole beads have a four and a half millimeter size opening which normally would shake around quite a bit so it's nice to have the stability of these beads in between and I'm gonna work that tip around in my finger just to get it a little bit tighter to go through the holes of the beads and continue alternating once I get to the center point here I'm gonna add on my bail with the loop and then work in the reverse this is a quick and easy project that could be good for either a man or a woman it's a nice basic design all right so I've got my beads on there and have a yard of leather here which is more than I'll need of course you can decide your desired length but I'm gonna bring that about to the center of my cord and in order to stabilize my beads and keep them from moving what I'm gonna do is bring in a crimp cover and I'm going to slide that on to my leather and this crimp cover is a gunmetal fluted design that I liked how it sort of blended with the colors at the metals I'm just going to take and with my flat plier squeeze squeeze down and it's just gonna bite down on that leather and keep our beads in place that's on one side do the same thing on the other side that down where I want it a little farther against the because once I slide it on it doesn't move a whole lot which is good then I'll close it up coming at it from a couple different angles to get that circular shape to maintain itself let me know so we've got our centerpiece and I need to decide what size we want to make this I'm gonna bring my ruler in and I'm gonna go for about a 20 a 22 inch necklace so bringing the bail to the middle I'm gonna count now ten and a half inches up I need to consider the length of my clasp and the cord ends are gonna add about an inch of length so to play it safe I'll cut it at a 11 it's gonna give me a little more no more length I'll clip that and I'm gonna take up my court end and the way we're going to attach this is with the fold-over crimping plier so the way this works is I'm going to set the cord end right inside of the tool and actually gently grip down on it you know what I want to flip it around so that the loop is facing away let's try this way so let's set that in get a hold on it and then I'm going to slide the end of the cord right and while I'm holding on to the cord end and that's gonna let me check where I'm at on the other side and get the leather where it's just underneath the loop and I'm gonna get that as squeeze so that's gonna come down on the cord just right now just to be safe I'm gonna give it one more little tuck but I think that worked really well so that's one side and now I'll do the other side too and I'm just gonna hold the two sides up to get my measurement by eye and I'm going to cut where the leather ends right at the tip of matching the other one I'm gonna do the same thing to attach our other crimp cover cord end rather alright so let me insert this loop side in get a grip on that finding I'm gonna tuck my leather in through the opening just to the point where it comes below the loop on the opposite side give that a squeeze and there we have it okay so now bring in my pliers and open up my six millimeter jump rings these are 20 gauge so they're nice and strong if you wanted an adjustable length you could always use an extender extender chain on one side that's where the glass bowl hook on to and now I need to attach my clasp just by doing the same thing open up my jump ring slide on my clasp loop my cord end and close it up there we have a finished necklace great for a guy or a girl I hope you enjoy this video all these tools and supplies are available at please also subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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