How to Make a Charm Bracelet with Seed Bead Accents

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make the Back to School Charm Bracelet using themed charms, 3.7mm rolo chain, and assorted 6/0 Czech glass seed beads. First you will see how cut your chain to the desired length and attach a toggle clasp. Then you will see how to attach charms to the chain using jump rings. Finally, you will see how to wire wrap beaded dangles onto the chain using ball head pins and wrapped wire loops.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique you are bracelet with seed bead accents so in this video we'll be making a themed charm bracelet back to school we'll be using some 3.7 millimeter Rolo chain a toggle clasp it's a really sweet enameled chain charms and a date charm I've got a 1.5 millimeter sized ball head pin some size 6 o seed beads czech glass and they come in this mix of a fake rainbow and some four millimeter jump rings for tools we've got some flush cutters round nose pliers and chain nose pliers so this would be a wonderful project to customize any way you want with a wide variety of charms that we offer here at so let's get started I'm going to take my chain which is cut right now at a foot and I'm going to cut back down to the size that we'll want and I'm going to take into account the size of my clasp so to do that maybe should just bring it up here to see how much space that's gonna take also considering the loop jump rings I'm thinking if I cut the chain at about six inches that's gonna give me a seven inch bracelet so let's find that approximate link there I'll use my flush cutters ticket get in and clip that and so first we can attach our class and we'll do that using a couple of four millimeter jump rings now some of these I have opened up already for ease of use but let me open one just to demonstrate I'm gonna bring that up and find the opening these are open jump rings and with two pairs of pliers I'm just going to grip on one side and on the other and twist it then I'll slide on the end link on one side of my chain there it is and I'll also slide on the loop on one side of my toggle clasp and with both pliers twist that closed so we'll do that on the other side and these jump rings are 20 gauge which is nice and thick and that makes it a very stable connection pick up the other side of my toggle and close it up now once I've got the length that I want I'm gonna bring it back up to my ruler and start placing the charms where I think they should go now since I have four charms one's not going to sit in the very center if I space them evenly so you'll also notice that these adorable little buses face both directions and would make a great pair of earrings so I'm going to bring these out toward the end bring in this cute enameled mmm chalkboard I guess and my little 20-20-20 charm thinking ahead and I'll start to attach those on to my links of chain the same way just by taking my jump ring the loop of my charm and bring up a link now if you want to be meticulous and count the links of course you can for the purposes of this video and being approximate these links on the Rolo chain are fairly thick now what I could do here to find the even link on the other side is line it up like so and match it with my eye Lync looks good slide on my other bus charm this would be an adorable gift for a teacher in your life or for yourself if you are one alright so coming around bring these back in and get another jump ring we have a variety of different dates as well if you have a commemorative day that you celebrate great for graduations also so now I'm finding its fame about an inch from the class I'm gonna come in another inch and a half or so slide my charm on bring in my final jump ring for my final charm and of course you can always add on more charms if you collect then that's a fun thing and take my last link so my charms are spaced approximately getting a nice weighted feel to my piece and now what I'm ready to do is take one of my head pins and what I'm gonna do is pick two colors of these really bold almost primary colored beads and create some wrapped wire loops on the top so for that I'm gonna grip with my round plier and angle at 90 degrees off the top of my pliers reposition so that one round prong is on the top and create my loop and before I close that I'm gonna open it a little bit and slide it halfway between two of my charms onto a link grip flat on my loop and with my other plier coil around the base and I'm just filling that space making a standard wrapped wire loop and clip the tail with my flush cutters tuck in whatever needs to be tucked all right now I'll pick my next set of colors and this is going to add a really nice pop because I'll get some navy blue with a little bit of turquoise and do the same thing create another loop to latch on between two more of my charms ripping flat and coiling I like these ball head pins because they really get a nice finished finished look to designs alright let's use another couple of colors this time I'm going to take a green and a purple and slide that one between my final two charms on this side okay now this is just a suggestion this technique this accent you can always add more in fact I think I'm just gonna add two on either side and call it done for now this time over here I think I need some red and yellow create my next wrapped wire loop watch it on these head pins being 21 gauge are nice and thick too I could do simple wire loops if I chose it feels a little more secure to get that coil around the top by buying this mix of opaque rainbow you really get a lot of color choices without having to buy a whole bunch of different strands of beads so that's a nice thing or here I think I'm gonna add some green with a turquoise create my last loop close it up I really liked the idea of making this themed charm bracelet I've actually got three kids of my own and they'll be going back to school here pretty soon so I just thought well that is very cute I hope you enjoyed this video all these beads and supplies are available at and please visit our youtube channel and subscribe for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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