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hi this is kat with i did want to bring out the three other colors that are wonderful from a nun design so up here at the top we have the beautiful antique silver so it has a nice little antique finish to it we also have the antique gold again having that really nice antique finish there and then we have a lovely bright silver so if you want to go a little bit shinier we have this bright silver option now of course today I'm going to be doing the copper and I've brought out the jump rings and chain to go with that but if you did want to do that gold or silver you can choose your favorite and then design chain to complement those colors as well or mix-and-match and do a wonderful piece using mixed metals alright so the other elements I have here today is I'm going to be using the artistic wire and I found that this Brown maroon or Caffe color is actually really wonderful to work with the Nunn design and it might look a little bit red here but you'll see how it actually plays really lovely with that antique copper so this is 22 gauge so we're gonna be using that in here today and then I did want to add a little pop of color and I thought some little gemstones would be really really fun so I've actually sort of pre done some of that here so I'm going to show you how to link all that together now as far as tools go here's what we're gonna need we're gonna need a couple of pairs of chain nose pliers we're gonna need a pair of flush cutters a pair of round nose pliers and I'm gonna use some nylon tip wire straightening pliers so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to show you sort of what we're gonna be working with here so I have this beautiful chain and I have twenty-four inches so I'm gonna make a really long necklace here today so what I want to do is I'm going to be creating a focal down here at the bottom but in order to lengthen that chain a little bit I thought it would be nice to add in some colored pieces here with that beautiful colorful gemstone so I'm going to be attaching one piece to one side and this piece to the other side but I'm shy one gemstone on this side so I'm going to show you how to create those little links and how to link it together and then it's just very simply the same for the rest so again we're going to use that 22 gauge artistic wire so let me go ahead and get a little bit off of my spool here yeah and I'm just gonna snip that off if your wire is a little bit more kinked you can just use those wire you're straightening pliers just to straighten that out and I'm actually gonna snip off this end so I have a nice nice piece to work with alright so very simply I'm gonna come to the end of my wire and use my round nose pliers and I'm gonna find the size that I want there which for me is about a quarter of an inch down on my round nose pliers and I'm just gonna just gently Bend that around my plier as I rotate it and just give a nice little circle right just like so and then I'm gonna come in and I'm gonna bend it back to create a little bit of an eye pin now if yours is a little cockeyed like that just come in with your pliers and just kind of straighten that out there we go and now to the other end I'm gonna take one of those gemstones and slide it down my wire just like so so I have a little simple wire loop there at the bottom very much similar to an eye pin and then I'm gonna create that loop again now you can see that my wire is going around counterclockwise there so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go the other way so I'm gonna hold my gemstone just like so and make sure it lands in the back the same spot as my loop before so now what I can do is just bend that back end my wire up and over rotate my pliers and bring that around to create that simple wire loop come in with my flush cutters and trim off my wire now I have plenty of wire to do more of my little simple wire loops so that's the advantage with cutting off a little bit more wires than you can use this until you can't use it anymore alright so that's just scrap for me though I'm gonna set that aside and now to attach this to my little chain that I have here I'm just gonna take those bent chain nose pliers and come in and just sort of open that loop just as you would a jump ring giving you a little gentle twist and hook it on to the loop that I already have and then close that up so again if you're linking more you would just loop that on to the next loop end to the next loop all right so I have those all set to go there so let me go ahead and finish that little side by opening that little loop and I'm gonna slip on my chain there we go and just close that up and that's the same little twist that I did before just like attaching a jump ring and make sure that it is nice and close I don't want that to pop open there there we go so you can see how that beautiful maroon color actually looks really nice with that antique copper so let's be consistent let's move on so we're gonna do that on the other side here so I'm just gonna open that little loop at the top slip on that last link of chain and just sort of close that up now you can choose whichever colors of gemstones you want you can see that I clearly have lots left over here but I just went in picked two different links here and it or excuse me the same links but I did different colors so that they kind of mix and match and looked really nice at the bottom alright so let me move this up here a little bit and actually I'm gonna move all of my beads to the side I just wanted you to see the beautiful colors and that's one a little mix so that's a really really neat little thing okay so now we're gonna work on our focal here so I think it's really neat to sort of I you know I wanted to do a three down there at the bottom but they weren't laying quite right so I actually kind of discovered that they look really nice just like that and we're gonna use these Nunn design hammered jump rings and these are really big so it's going to add to that geometric style so all we're gonna do is just sort of loop on all three pieces and coming with our been chain nose pliers and our other pair of chain nose pliers there and just give that a little gentle twist to bring them together now these are really thick jump rings so you're definitely going to want to use both pliers for that all right so now holding it again I'm gonna come in and I'm gonna actually loop a second jump ring around all three of them one more time and again this is just really gonna add to that geometric style there we go all right so now you can see what I mean where you could have all three at the bottom they just get a little jangling down there so I'm gonna take that middle sized one and loop it up so we get that happening all right so now I'm gonna use two more of those same jump rings again continuing that really fun geometric style and I'm going to loop one to the top of that middle sized one and then I'm going to loop it through that little simple wire loop attached to that gemstone and just like so close that up nice and flush and then I'm gonna repeat on the other side again looping in that middle size jump ring and then looping on my little gemstone chain there and closing that up and now we have a really fun a little geometric style chain here and let me kind of put this down on the table so you can really see what's happening and I went for a long necklace so this is 24 inches of chain like I said and then I have one two three four five six seven eight nine of the gemstones on either side so you have a really fun a little geometric style very basic techniques just some simple wire loops and opening and closing some jump rings but a beautiful statement necklace I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these pieces featuring Nunn design and gemstones by heading over to and if you're new to our YouTube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button 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