How to Make a Necklace With a Cellini Spiral Focal

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see how to incorporate a striking cellini spiral focal into a necklace using a tapered bead weaving technique that accommodates the use of bead caps, chain, and a clasp.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique using a shalini spiral woven focal piece so you can see here I have about a seven inch section of Cellini's spiral that I've woven and this is a five inch section and so I have two different sizes of necklace there's a seventeen and a half inch and about a 32 inch total and so one is a closer they're neck the other is more mid-torso lengths and these are variations on the shalini spiral which I just absolutely fell in love with as soon as I saw this design on our site and I learned from Kath beadaholique tutorial how to do this weave and I saw that her bracelet was the only one featured and I thought we've got to do more with this we buy it was what at first sight so before we begin I want to show you the different materials and tools that I'm using I've chosen some Rolo chain of various sizes this is about a 1 millimeter and I like this chain for this project because of the strength of it and also the way it just echoes the shape of the beads of it so I've chosen some clasp that also echo the spiral of the piece and let's see it got some a toe toe hose and 15 o Toho's cutters pliers and beads neck so to begin I want to show you how I tapered this end which is after my last section of 15 oh and before we begin as well please do see a cat's video on how to weave the shalini spiral she does a great job of of laying that out so that's how I learned so anyway here we are at the end of our section 15 and what I do is continue with the 15 beads to reduce and taper the end and so I want to demonstrate that on this side what it involves is basically two rows of just the 15 and you'll see how it starts to pull the other sizes together into a shape that tucks nicely into the cap which lead up to the chain and it creates a nice tight secure clean transition for the necklace so I'm just going to continue adding 15s between each of my other sized beads this is where it starts to look a little awkward at first it's where I pull a 15 over and a toe creates a bit of a gap but as soon as I start the next layer you'll see that it pulls together nicely and also this is the portion that goes into the cap do you really don't see it the size cap that I use is about a 12 millimeter across and beadaholique has a nice selection of caps in different metal tones different styles and starting up on life second round of just 15 and here's where that Ito gets us to get covered up you know tiny little pinch here so I'll continue around once I finished my second row show you how to further reduce it let us completed my second row of 15 and what I want to do at this point is skip to every other bead of the raised ones so that it tucks it in even a little more and I'm going to do two rows like that so I'm skipping one that I would have gone through and once I start my second row of this it will create a nice little raised tube of X that fits it into the cap so in this end you can see it creates a bit of a tube there so I'll finish that up and once I tie it up we'll move on to the next step so I'm going to go in and put my last bead now you can see I've created a little bit of a raised to bun this end and I'm making sure to leave the hole large enough so that my chain is going to fit through and when you get up to this point it's a matter of filling in a little bit of a gaps where you see where you see fit so I'm going to go ahead and tie this off now come through and do one more for security we go and skip it and I've got my two tapered end so what I'm ready to do is you can see here I've attached the cap via one of these small size eight till hoods that match the necklace there's one in there on an eye pin like this and so I have attached the eye pin inside and I've put a bead on we'll do that on the other side but I've prepared it here so that it can simply lower the chain and the eye pin through the beaded Sokol so it comes out on the other side and I've cut a portion of chain about equal to the size of the weave just a little bit and give so I'm going to go ahead and put my stopper bead on there string on my cap another bead and see it's a little a little loose but once I fold it up on itself straighten it right out I'm going to go ahead and wrap the bead cap and piece on to the eye pin and oh here's another trick I want to show you this chain actually the links open so what I could do is finish my wrap open the chain like a jump ring and hook it on that way so I wanted to shop my wrap put the extra mm is the finished piece now I've chosen these caps because I love that the twisted style style that also goes with the Wiis but if you choose a cap that has open scallops loops that you can weave into another great idea would be to weave the cap right on to the piece so that's another option so here's two different versions of this necklace is the teal twirl and the Tyrian twist these product bundles and all these components and tools are available at thanks for watching

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