How to Make the Freesia Dance Bracelet featuring the Czech Glass Tee Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video you will learn how to assemble the Freesia Dance Bracelet by simple bead weaving and stringing. This design features Czech Glass Tee Beads and SuperDuos, Toho Demi Rounds and Swarovski Crystal Pearls.
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Hi, this is Kat with I desk here I've brought out some of the beautiful colors of the tea beads just because I really wanted you to get a feel for them and to see how you can modify this design to feature your favorite colors so over here are the TVs and we're going to be using a different color than this but I just kind of wanted to show you how they are and we have a little Center drilled hole so these are one full bead and these are eight millimeters by 2.5 known years across so just to give you a little bit of an idea this is what we're going to be working with today so by all means please choose your favorite color combinations of the TBS and the other components that I have here to make this bracelet your own and speaking of the other components so I've chosen this color of TV's here it's sort of a beautiful jet with a blue on top so you kind of get that beautiful dancing color and I'm going to be using the iridescent dark blue for offski pearls I have a six millimeter and a three millimeter that we'll be using today I have the 11 o Toho Demi round beads I have some super duo's here and then the findings I'm going to be using today are all gunmetal so I have a tunic sender a closed jump ring which is five millimeters 21 gauge I have a 12 millimeter lobster clasp 2.5 millimeter crimp tubes and 4 millimeter crimp covers and I'm going to be using a size twelve beading needles today and I have two needles and I'll show you how we're going to be using both of those today for today we're also going to be using the crystal fire line in the point zero zero six size and softflex in the fine now I have on my desk here I have snips and a bead zap so you can choose which one works best for you little burrs work the same and then I have a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of flush cutters and I have my zero four and one crimping pliers so I think that's everything we have here so let's go ahead and get started so I have already strong on c1 beading needle about two feet of my crystal fire line so as you can see I've actually already started this project so what I'm going to show you first is how to make the beaded unit that we're going to string on to our beading wire a little bit later I'm going to go ahead and remove my ruler there so we can kind of get a nice view so very simply go ahead and start by picking up one tb1 stem around one super do and then I'm just going to backwards repeat that and string that down now I'm not using a bead stopper on the end of my thread you're welcome to do so if you think you might lose it but just keep repeating a pattern and you'll just keep going back and forth picking up your beads so you're just making sure that you have one of those demi rounds as a little buffer between each of your beads here and you're going to pick up this pattern six times so you can just sort of count by the times that you have your t beads now don't worry too much about their orientation we'll be fixing that a little bit later all right and this will be my left TV and again and bring that down all right so this is what you should have on your thread right now so go ahead and double check your work and just make sure you have one of those little Deming rounds in between each of those beads okay so I'm about five to six inches I'd say from the tail end so all I'm going to do is just tie an overhand knot and you're going to want to have good tension with your piece but don't tie it too tight because you're going to want to be able to get your needle around those beads one more time for extra security because what we're really doing here is we are trying to build a nice strong unit that we can string so now I told you that I was going to be using that second needle so I'm going to leave that first needle on take my second needle and string it on to the other end here there we go and now I'm just going to go around the circle and tie this off because this is what I mean it where you just want to get some good strong tension with these beads so I'm going to just going to work this around through a couple of beads here and every so often I'm going to go down behind the thread and catch that thread and come back through that loop and pull it down and make a little knot and this will also help secure that thread but keep going because you're going to want to go all the way around just to give it a little extra structure because as you can see it's a little wobbly in my hand but that's what that's why we do this all right just keep going holding around and don't force it these beads are glass so you'll just kind of want to wiggle it around a little but do be careful you don't want to break your beads all right I'm coming close to the ends I'm going to do another one of those a little knot there and pull that tight and just go through the next couple of beads and you can see I'm coming all the way back to the side there and I'm just going to go through so these beads will have three passes of thread I just want to go through those one more time all right and I'd say that's nice and tight so I'm going to remove my needle from that side and set that aside and now this is where you can use your threads up or your snip I prefer my threads up so you just remove the guard pull it up you're going to wait a couple of seconds for it to warm up there and then very carefully watching your fingers you just take it and touch it to the end of the thread and it that's the door for you so that is how to use a thread zapper if you haven't used something like that before it's a great little handy tool and it's got a nice safety guard for you as well so I'm going to go ahead and set that aside for now so now I want to try to flip my beads around so what I'm going to do is just make sure that when I'm looking at the orientation this is what I'm working with now and you as you can see my thread is coming out of that super-sorry of that deme round right there so now what I'm going to do is pick up my work and you can work clockwise or counter-clockwise whatever is comfortable for you so what I'm going to do first is I'm going to get my thread so that it is coming out a super duo because we're going to do a little turn around here so I'm coming out of that pink super duo and now I'm going to turn my thread around by going through the second hole of that super duo and I'm going to sort of turn it so it's facing up because I'm going to create that second level there so now very simply we're going to be picking up a Demi round and then another TV and another Democrat and instead of picking up a super zero like we did before we're going to go through the next super duo going right around that circle pull that through and I'll show you what that looks like and you're just going to sort of help with your fingers just help that super duo start to stand up so you can see that we're creating that second level right there and you just want to make sure that your TV's are facing the right way so you're going to have that big side facing the outer circle and very simply we just go all the way around repeating the same pattern of picking up one Demi around one TVs and one Demi round going into the next super duo and you see how it wants to flip a little so just need to help it and this is again we're going to try to focus on our tension so just take your time and just sort of make sure that it's nice and taut go around one more time and you'll repeat this until you get to the other side and I will meet you there in just a moment okay so now I'm coming to my very last one mass so I'm picking up one bunny one TD and one Demi and I'm now I'm going to go through the next couple of beads that I can catch there because now all I want to do is go around and secure this and make this soup make this nice and tight so keep going around the circle and follow it around it used one sometimes you might be able to get through twice depending on how tight you want it and the thread passes that you're able to do but like I said just make sure that you're not shoving your needle too far or through too many beads because you want to make sure that it will be nice and tight without breaking those beads and every so often you can create one of those little nuts by going behind the thread bridge coming up and through the loop and pull that nice and tight so it will continue to string around all right and one more knot here I missed my loop there we go and through the list there hand tie that knot and just go through the next few adjacent beads and pull and I'm happy with that so I'm going to go ahead and again just use my threads out and go ahead and step off my thread like this perfect alright so now you can go ahead and set your needle and ratified and you can see that for this particular design I have made five of these little units here so I'm going to show you how to continue stringing them always put your guard back on you never know so I'm going to continue stringing them and as you can see I have two lengths of that soft flex beading wire here and I wanted to do a little bit extra just to make sure that I was going to have enough for my crimp tube so I have about 12 feet here or 12 feet how am I going to put the love beading wire 12 inches of beading wire and I have two lengths that are running parallel so just to continue to adhere and if you're starting this you'll just add and you can see the pattern develop very simple you're going to take the three millimeter pearls and I do want to point out that the three millimeter pearls have a nice little edge to them on one side and the other side is a little bit more closed I recommend using this edge side it's a little easier to string so just a little tip about some of those röszke pearls that they can be a little tricky to string if you're looking on the smaller hole but just try to flip around and it will string okay so I have one onto each of my beading wire and now I'm going to take one of my super doodles and string that down and this is really nice because it gives it some nice structure so when you're actually wearing it it's not going to flip and toss and turn for you so again I just added that super do and now I'm going to add one more of those three millimeter pearls to each beading wire here we go okay so I have my little sort of unit of five there and you'll have and get that nice and tight you'll see that those pearls sort of fit nicely around that super duo there so the trick is to use one of your units and you're going to thread a wire through one side of that super do you can kind of see where it's going in there and thread it across but what you're going to do before you get all the way across is you're going to pick up one of those six millimeter pearls and string that on so what's going to happen is that's going to sort of Nestle right in the center there and before you string it all the way down you're going to take that second wire and string it on just the other side of that super do so you're getting that nice little structure so go ahead and might need to kind of finagle this to get it to go upwards there we go and now I'm going to carefully while keeping it on that wire string the second wire through and pull that down there we are okay and now because I have these two wires here let me kind of orient this for you I have my two wires coming through the super duo and I'm just going to kind of take it back and go on the other side of that superzero and on the other side of the other super duo so this can be a little tricky but once you get it through you just pull it down your pearl will fit nicely in there and just go ahead and string that all the way down your beading wire and like I said this gives a lot of structure so it will be nice and tight for you and that is all you have to do so I'm going to continue to string my next two and then I'll be right back to show you how to finish it okay so I have strung on my five units here and I just want to show you in case you're curious about sizing this is about what I'm working with here and I'm going to add one more unit to the end over here and I'll be at about five and a half inches now if you wanted to add another beaded unit you can absolutely do that the beaded units are about three quarters of an inch so just to help you with some sizing but I'm going to show you how to use a chain extender so that'll also allow you to extend by at least two inches and for me getting to that five and a quarter and adding the two inches is just perfect so just a quick note about sizing so I'm going to go ahead and add that last final unit of those five B's but again just doing one purl onto each strand and one superdude we count and one final pearl on each strand all right now I just want to make sure that your beading wire is taut not too tight but just that everything is nice and snug and what I'm going to do first is I'm going to take these two ends here I'm going to string on one of my crimp tubes onto both wires slide that down and then I'm going to string on my lobster clasp again onto both wires and go up and through creating a little loop and you're just going to want to pull those wires snug to create a nice little loop there and you can see my beads are kind of getting a little out of sorts so you just kind of want to wiggle it around and just make sure that that's going to be nice and taut but leave yourself a little bit of room because you're going to add a crimp cover there as well so I have now my lobster clasp and my crimp tube I'm going to go ahead and take my zero on four in one pliers make sure that your arrow is pointed down and then go ahead and place it in that first notch there squeeze the crimp and then simply rotate and you're going to place it in that second match there to squeeze it nice and tight and you can move it to the end there just to sort of give it a little extra squeeze all right now taking your flush cutters you're just going to trim those two ends there set those aside and now simply add a crimp cover now the best way to do this is to just kind of set it in there and make sure that it gets nice and firmly down in there now these are larger crimp beads or crimp tubes I'm sorry then most of the time you're used to working with so as you can see I can't quite squeeze it in there but I know it will fit so I'm just going to take my pliers and sort of reverse open it a look up a little bit never gamble okay so hopefully that will work so now I can fit that crimp in there a little bit nicer there we go still not quite large enough there we go all right and set that in there there we go kind of hear it click so now I'm just going to close that crimp cover up using my pliers here go give it a nice flush look all right so this side is done so now I'm going to move to the other side here and I just kind of want to squish everything together and make sure that I have no slack on my beading wire so I'm just going to do that for just a moment here kind of make sure everything is nice and tight and organized and that way I don't have any extra slack on that beading wire all right now I'm going to simply repeat this on the other side go ahead and take that crimp tube slide it down on both of your wires and now take that closed jump ring slide that down turn your wires around and go back through and you're going to want to keep your wires nice and tight again and sometimes it helps to hold that jump ring there there we go all right and sometimes you just gotta wiggle it down there we go so now again just go ahead and crimp your crimp tube turn it squeeze it give it a nice little squeeze on the end make sure no surprises and we don't want that wire to come out so trim your wires okay and set those little Scouts inside and we'll see just can't cover fit nicely on there sometimes you have to open them up a little bit sometimes they're just right so just a little trick if it doesn't fit right away just go ahead and open it up so now you could leave your bracelet it let's say you did want to add an extra unit but you didn't want to add that chain extender you could simply close that up with your closed jump ring but if you want to add that chain extender go ahead and open that left loop on the chain you're just going to need two chain nose pliers to do that just the same as you would a jump ring and open that up add it to that closed jump ring and now simply close that up make sure it's nice and flush you don't want to lose that chain extender and you are all set to go so that is how to make the freeze advanced bracelet featuring the czech glass tibi I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and find many more videos at

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