How to Use Push Back Spring Earring Findings

SKU VID-0982
Designer: Julie Bean
For those with non-pierced ears, these earring loops are a great option. They have a sleek push back spring design and a small open loop at the base to hang things from. Also learn how to make a pair of hummingbird earrings.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with it has a little push spring back mechanism so you can see right here we're gonna be able to pull that spring back and that's gonna be what goes on to your ear so you do not need to have pierced ears to use this earring which is pretty cool because you don't usually find hoop earrings for people with non pierced ears so we've got that little tab right here and that's gonna press up against your ear and the tension is going to keep the earring on your ear they also have this little open loop at the base all of these different finishes do and that's going to allow you to attach a charm a jump ring or a different type of finding or bead to this hoop let me show you the different finishes there's a silver tone nickel plated one antique copper gold plate and an antique brass I'm going to turn this silver tone nickel plated one into a quick pair of earrings I do want to show you the actual color though of this which i think is pretty important so here is a Nunn design bright silver plated charm and here is a nun design antique silver plated charm I think the antique silver goes really well with this particular finding so just keep that in mind if you're trying to coordinate your different project ingredients for this particular shade of silver I think antique silver does go a little bit better with it unless it's a really dark antique silver of course antique silvers do vary a little bit so that's just a quick note but let's turn these into a really pretty pair of hummingbird earrings so we've got our chain nose plier and like I said there's this little loop and is actually already open for you which is great we're just gonna twist it like we would twist a jump ring link on our charm and so we want to see where the front of this is going to be so this here is going to be the front that little tab is going to go in the back so let's make sure our little hummingbird is facing the right way and then just close that little loop there's one and then let's create the matching one okay just open up that loop slide on our little hummingbird close that loop back up yeah there we go we have a little pair of hummingbird earrings perfect for those people with non pierced ears you can find these findings these charms and other jewelry supplies at you

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