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Hi, this is Julie with ski crystal christmas tree hanging beneath it very easy to make fun and festive so whether you want to make it for yourself or a gift is really a quick fun project what you're going to need you need these little gingerbread house beads they're really cute and you can see that they got nice detailing on both sides you'll need three sizes of Swarovski crystal margarita beads I have a six and eight and a ten millimeter you'll need an earring hook and then you'll need an a head pin now I've got a ball head pin and I'm going to use a second one and turn it into an eye pin for the gingerbread house so you'll need two head pins or if at home you have in your supply box and I opinion a head pin an eye pin and in terms of the tools a wire looping plier you could also use a round nose plier chain nose plier and a pair of cutters so this comes together really quickly and really easily let me show you how to do it so we're going to take the head pin place onto it the largest of the margarita beads followed by the middle size and finally the smallest one so we've made our little tree we're gonna make sure they're all down towards the base and then we're just going to take our wire looping pliers grab the stem of the wire right above the six millimeter margarita bead crimp so that did half the work force pull that wire around rotate your pliers to the top so you're gripping the wire and the loop and finish pulling that wire over to the side so you complete your loop now where your wires crisscross you're just going to cut off the excess wire with your flush cutters you've got that nice loop now next we're going to turn this into an eye pin so we're just going to cut off that little ball grab the end of our wire and make a little loop so like I said in the beginning if you have an eye pin go ahead and use it we're basically just creating an eye pin I just want to make it so you didn't have to purchase I pins and head pins for this project it's always nice when you can get away with fewer ingredients so we've placed our bead on it and now I'm pressing the loop up against the base of the gingerbread house just so that it's snug now I'm going to create another little loop up top there we go and again where my wire crisscrosses just going to make a cut now I'm going to straighten up all my loops okay this one before I straighten it I'm going to open it same way you open a jump ring and slide it onto the base loop up the gingerbread house close it back up so we've got the little tree dangling and I want to make sure that this loop is nice and closed just saw it at an angle and didn't look as close as I would like so I'm just going to tidy that up all we need to do now is attached our earring hook open the loop again the same way you open a jump ring slide on your gingerbread house and because the gingerbread house is going to twist and turn it looks great on both sides you don't have to worry about the orientation close that loop back up and you are done so here you have your little pair of gingerbread house earrings with a Christmas tree hanging beneath them you can find the supplies for this project as well as other ones at you

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