How to Make a Mixed Media Collage Art Locket

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this tutorial, see how to embellish a simple locket with Crystal Clay, collage art, a glass dome, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS chatons. A great gift item, you can even personalize this by using a photo instead of the collage art.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I'm going to show you how to make this locket It's a mixed media collage art locket You open it up. You see you can put a photo in there we've used several different techniques in this project. I want to show you how to do the locket itself from start to finish and then we just added some chain which is really easy to do with pre-made chain or just add some chain but the focus of this video is the locket what you start with is your basic locket finding so this one has a nice bezel in the middle. It's not too deep but it's deep enough just opens up it's got a pretty decorative pattern on the back you're going to need some collage art. You can also use photographs as well I would recommend making a copy of the photograph not using the original you need some crystal clay I have sage green here and of course it's going to be part A and part B to that you need some crystal chatons. I have Swarovski Elements chatons here in size pp10 and pp24 and the final ingredient you need is a glass cabochon, this is one is one inch and I'm going to show you you're going to be able to put this over your different collage images to choose the one you like best and then work that into your locket only two tools required. You need some kind of pic to get the chatons into the clay, now there is a little toothpick with beeswax that will come with your crystal clay kit, you can use that I have a magic pic right here and that works really well as well then you need a pair of simple scissors to cut your paper with so to begin pick your image if you're unsure of what you want just roll the glass cabochon on the top of the surface until you capture an image you like I actually did this earlier and I really the love pattern right here with the blue and green I'm going to take my Diamond Glaze I'm just gonna flip my glass dome upside down so that flat surface is facing upwards go ahead and put about that much in the middle it's not that much, it's going to spread out you want a flat surface turn it upside down place it over the area that you want to show you have a little bit of time to move it around but not too much once you're happy with it press into place and hold it there for a few seconds to make sure that the Diamond Glaze spreads out all the edges as you can see it's doing right here and now we're going to let that dry for about twenty minutes then we're going to cut it out and put it onto a locket we've been patiently waiting. It's twenty minutes later. Your glue is going to dry depending upon your conditions but this is now dry I'm going to cut it out I'm going to rough cut around it and then I'm just gonna follow the line of the glass cabochon and I'm going to put my scissors right up against the edge of the glass and work my way around so that is ready to go where we're going to put it is in the center of our locket so to adhere it I have Nunn Design glue. I could just as easily use Crafter's Pick or another white glue and if you've seen my videos you know I tend to not use toothpicks but basically just need to go ahead and put some glue on the back picture image flip it over press it into place. Now with white glue you'll have a little bit of work time here so you can put it on their and then adjust it as needed, it doesn't dry right away now we have to be patient again and wait for this to dry so again it's probably about fifteen to twenty minutes until it's dry enough to work with again but you drying times might vary so we're going pause and then when we come back we're going to do the crystal clay and the chaton embellishments all that's left to complete our locket is to do a rim of crystal clay little crystal clay accents along the edge and add the chatons the way you're going to do that is you're going to take equal amounts of part A and part B of crystal clay crystal clay is a epoxy clay. It self hardens so don't need to bake it it's going to be very durable you have to estimate about how much you need and roll each segment into a little ball you don't want to do this on a mat, you I need a clean surface because the crystal clay will pick up any fibers I've got a large pea size here. If you think it's going to be a little big you can either shoot a little bit over and have it a little bit big and have a side project ready to use the clay on that's left over or you can do it a little bit under and just mix up more clay if you need to I've got two equal balls take them and squish them together for the purpose of the video I'm not wearing gloves, it is recommended that you do wear gloves it's a little hard to see in the video if I have them on. I'm squishing it together kneading it combining the one color with the hardener roll it together what your goal is to have it be one solid color get rid of the different striations with crystal clay you do you have a half an hour and forty five minutes depending upon your environment and when I say environment I mean conditions outside, how hot it is hot, how humid, how cold, different factors such as that but you do have about an half-an-hour of work time you can take your time. Make sure you get this right it is sticky and that's good, we want it to stick to our surface so once all the striations are gone, I'm gonna roll it into a ball like so and then I'm gonna roll it out I want a nice long tube shape I have too much clay here just pinch a little bit off you need to use that right away within the same half hour timeframe, you can't put it in a bag and store overnight, it does need to be used so if you don't have other projects ready just air on the side of caution make less than you need and just make more as needed, so what I'm doing is gently pulling on the clay if I feel a weak spot I'm stopping It could be a little bit hard to get a tube shape this long you want it to be even and when you have this length which is about eight inches, it's much more that you're gonna need just err on the side of caution take your end lay it down into the bezel rim lay it between the glass edge and the edge of the bezel work my way around I can tell that this is a little bit bigger so I'll pull that up pinch it off come right back to your starting point I'm using my fingernail roll this into a ball so you can use it for your next project obviously that's not very attractive so we're just going to use our fingers. This is clay so it is pliable smooth it out and squish it together go along the edge and press it into the bezel channel that was there you don't won't any fingerprints at this point, you're not going to actually see them because we're going to put the crystals into the clay try to not touch the top of your glass dome you don't want to get crystal clay on it we're back to that area I'm going to take my finger work at it a little and make sure that the first crystal I place is right over that same so that we don't see it at all go around the bezel make sure that the clay is pretty evenly, you don't have a big right here I have this sticking out . Make sure it's relatively even, it doesn't have to be perfect and that looks pretty good, so at this point go ahead wash your hands. They'll be sticky at this point, if you've directly touched the clay I'm going to start adding chatons. I'll start with the pp24's first which are the largest and I have a magic pick, to make it a little bit stickier I have this little handy pad which just has some tape on it do one at a time and I am going to start in my same area just to cover that pick it up lay it onto the crystal clay where you want it press it down a little bit the goal is you want to have the top edge, the outer edge of the chatons just beneath the clay that's gonna hold it in place work your way all the way around adding one chaton at time you don't want them to touch but for this project you do want them to be as close together as possible I've gone all the way around take the tip of my magic pick or whatever applicator you're using just press them down even further because as I was doing this I did not get all of the way press it in completely and for me it is a lot easier to just go back and do it this way then to worry about them being totally set each one as I apply them, I'd rather just get them on there and then go back and do this quick little rollover, just rotating the tip a little bit just to smooth it out so that it's not sticking to the crystal or pulling it up there we go now one final touch that we want to do and you'll see how in this one I added more of the clay in the little the tinier chatons on the side, so you want to have a little bit extra now we're just going to pinch a little bit by a little bit off so I just have the tiniest amount here rolling it into a tiny little ball putting it right along the edge to follow the design of the pattern you probably see that sometimes I feel I get a little too much so I'm just taking my fingernail and removing a little bit of it wash your hands really good after you do this you can tell I have a lot of crystal clay left so I'll definitely have some for another project here so I've got a little dot of clay in each of the little scallops centers you can probably tell I wasn't too concerned about really pressing them in place and that's because I knew I was going to go back pick up these tiny pp10 chatons they can be a little tricky sometimes and I'm going to put one of each in the center of every little dot. I'm going to use it's force to press that dot into place work my way around doing that all done so we did that locket from start to finish. It has two different takes on it but the same process for both it's a fun easy project. It makes a great personalized gift if you wanna make one for a loved one or just a fun project for yourself and this project and others can be found I'm in the free project section. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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