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Hi, this is Julie with and has an extra embellishment on it and we have other videos on showing you how to do this I will show you the basic technique of actually covering the structure of a headband in ribbon and for this project I'm going to be using some grosgrain ribbon it's a soft gray color important thing to note is that the ribbon is wider then the band itself and that's important because you want to make sure that you don't see the band you just see the ribbon this is super easy to do you're going to need some ribbon a headband pair of scissors and some glue and I'm using crafters pick glue for this project because I know it sticks very well to both the fabric of the ribbon and the metal of the headband so what you're going to do go ahead and unwind yourself some ribbon so that you're not struggling with your spool and we're going to start by just getting rid of any excess glue now you can use a toothpick for this I am going to use my fingers and I'm going to start on the bottom outer edge I'm just going to squeeze out some glue and put directly on to the headband itself I'm going to do about 8 inches now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go back I'm going to take my finger and I'm going to smooth out the glue and I only did about 8 inches because I knew I was going to get extra glue here now so I'm just going to keep smoothing it out you want to work relatively quickly because the glue does dry quickly I'm just going to rub off that now what I want to do I want to lay my ribbon against the headband and I want to leave a tail of a couple inches and now I'm just going to walk my ribbon up and over my headband and lay it into the glue okay and turn it upside down make sure that the headband is fairly centered on there and it is and now I'm just going to take my fingers and smooth up and over make sure that there's no bubbles and that the ribbon itself is firmly pressed into the glue there we go now I'm going to just go ahead and continue adding glue and I just want to add enough to get to the end of this front side so just a little bit in there and go ahead and lay your ribbon into it okay so we've covered the front we're going to set that down for a couple minutes it's going to dry pretty quickly so I'm only going to wait about five six minutes and then I'm going to come back and do the other side now that our topside is dry we're going to go ahead and do the back side you'll notice we haven't cut we have not cut it off of the spool yet and that's because we don't want to waste any ribbon there's really no need to so we're going to do the same process on the underside some glue on go ahead smooth it out and I'm okay if it actually gets on to the other ribbon because that's good that's only going to help to secure that ribbon a little bit more you don't want big globs of glue on the ribbon because it will seep through and saturate it but a little bit is not a big deal and it actually helps so I always like to make sure I don't have glue on my finger though when I am going to go ahead and place the ribbon so now you just go ahead you make the turn I just I'm going to pinch that into place and now I'm just going to walk my ribbon down the length of my headband making sure that it lines up with the top ribbon there we go all right press that into place so now we need to add more glue we're going to do the same process we're just going to walk that ribbon down sure it lines up there we go almost there and we're going to go almost all the way to the edge and just wash your hands afterwards or that white glue will just ball up and roll off of you so almost done all right and I don't want it to actually go all the way to the edge I want to go just a little shy of it so I'm just going to snip it off just like so I'm just reinforcing it making sure that is firmly pressed into place and now what I'm going to do or stuff I'm just going to hit rid of this glue on my hand okay so I got this little tail here and I want to make sure I have a nice neat end as you can see that this one does because you really don't want people to know exactly where you started or stopped so I'm going to cut so it's about half an inch and then I'm going to take just a little bit of glue put it on the edge and I'm going to fold over that edge just so that I don't have any rough ribbon edge and I'm going to pinch it and hold in place until the glue grabs and secures it okay now all I need to do is put a little bit of glue on this part here fold it over now I'm covering my other rough ribbon edge pinching it into place and we now have a headband that has been covered in ribbon now another added touch you could do if you wanted to is you could even with this particular ribbon and this headband there is a little bit of a lip you could go back and you could actually do a nice little embroidery stitch you could do it a picot edge or a basic beaded edge either way that would look quite nice or you can leave it as is and do something like I've done here where you've added an embellishment and I want to show you one quick tip before we sign off here on how I was able to add this embellishment so that the ribbon was very secure and it would not pop off so what I did is before I even started the process of covering my headband I knew I was going to have it off to the side so it was going to be a couple inches from the tail and remember I started with a couple inch tail so about six seven inches in I had already finished the top part of my embroidery and I aren't already cut a matching sized piece for the back so what I do is I put the back piece like so and then I put the top piece over it make sure that all my edges matched up and then I actually did my stitching so this entire piece was completely stitched together and stitched on the ribbon itself before I even began to put the ribbon on the headband and then one time to put the ribbon on the headband I just did the same process I just put it into place and I actually just put a line of glue right there on the backside of the actual ultra suede itself because the ribbon was then sewn in and trapped so that made this piece very secure so that's a quick tip on how you would do that if you're going to go ahead and add a piece of bead embroidery or a bead embellished piece like you see here in this headband so pretty quick and easy to do is a nice way of creating a really pretty headband and a foundation for more elaborate work as well you

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