How to Make a Large Hole Bracelet

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Designer: Andrea Morici
In this Beadaholique video, Andrea shows us how to make a pandora style bracelet. European Style large hole beads are all the rage! Personalize your bracelet by attaching your own charms to our large hole beads with loops. Beautiful glass beads and gemstone beads with metal cores. Short and long spacer beads in a variety of patterns. Gold plated beads for that luxurious two-toned color scheme. Bright enamel beads for a pop of color. These beads will fit one or more of the following European style bracelets: Pandora, Biagi, Chamilia, Troll.
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Hi. This is a Andrea with In today's video I'm going to teach you a little bit about pandora style bracelets. Now without a doubt I'm sure you've seen these kinds of bracelets all over the place. They're very popular and everyone wears them. I've seen really young people wear them. I've seen older people wear them. It doesn't really matter the popularity is across the board and now here's why. You begin with a simple bracelet. I have a leather type rubber bracelet here with sterling silver magnetic ends or the classic sterling silver one. This is probably the one you've seen most often. I got a braided faux leather bracelet. And then this is the fun part. You can add whatever kind of bead you like. You can change it out any day to match your outfit, to match your mood. Whatever it is you want you can display it on your bracelet with these fun little beads. Now they're called Pandora style because pandora is the company that made it popular but there are many different companies that produce these beads. What I love this bracelet for particularly is for a present for someone. What you can do is you can give them the bracelet one year. You could give them a nice sterling silver bracelet and maybe a couple beads to go with it. Then every year, every special occasion you can present them with another fun bead to add to the bracelet. So here are some of the different varieties of beads that you can use with your Pandora style bracelet and there are many many many more than these. This is just kind of the sampling. We have wood beads. Most of them have this middle gramite through the center. Some of them don't. Obviously the metal ones don't. Sometimes you get a glass one that doesn't have it or a crystal. It's really a matter of preference. The best part about this bracelet I think is mixing and matching. I don't stick to any one type of bead. I don't use all silver or gold. I use some glass. Some wood. Some metal. Some sterling. Some brass. I just love to mix it up. So we have wood. We have a gemstone style. This is a Murano glass. It's really beautiful. We have some kinds of bilgy ones and sometimes these are nice just to have by themselves. So if you have somebody special in your life who's really into music you can just hang this from your bracelet and that's enough. I think that looks just beautiful. We have a heart and these are all sterling silver by the way. Some are sterling. Some are silver plated, gold-plated. A starfish. You can personalize these by spelling out names with alphabet beads or you can use gemstones. Now these are c.'s. They're cubic zircons. They come in all the different birth stones that you would need. You could use the two kinds that have Swarovski crystals. Those are also really lovely. We have lampwork beads. This is a Czech Glass bead. This is kind of special. This is just a tube bead bail with a loop by the end. So if you have a special bead that doesn't have a large enough hole to fit onto your bracelet you simply hang your bead from a headpin and you make a loop on the end. You can attach that to your bail. That's one way of displaying beads that don't have a large enough hole to fit on your bracelet. We have religious beads, holiday beads and October's coming up real soon. October is breast cancer awareness month. So we have awareness beads. We have animal beads and just a lot of fun different varieties. You can really have fun with this and play with a lot of different options. So most of the bracelets work in this way. This is sterling silver by the way so precious metal it's kind of soft. Be careful with it. But this end screws off. So gently unscrew it. Then you can add whatever beads you like. Now a quick note about this. Since a lot of these beads are rather chunky, you're going to want to buy a bracelet that's a little bit larger than you would normally get. So I have a seven and a half inch bracelet here and that is because I'm going to take up a lot of that room with these beads. So let's see what do I like? I love this wood bead. I'm going to add that. I think this owl is really cute and love these sparkly crystal adds. My birthday's in October so I'm going to add this opal like one. I can just stick with this or I can add more if I'd like. I could add some silver on there. It really doesn't matter. When you're done adding the beads that you like you simply twist your end back on. Now I may like to wear it this way for weeks, months or I could get sick of it tomorrow and change them out for new beads. It really doesn't matter. It's up to you. That is the fun of this type of bracelet. I hope you have fun exploring it and adding whatever beads that tickle your fancy. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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