How to Make a Kumihimo Weight Using Household Items

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Sometimes you find yourself without your Kumihimo Gator Weight and need something in a pinch. In this video you will see how you can make it work using common household items. While a proper Gator Weight is always your best tool, this is a great way to keep your creativity going.
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hi and welcome back to beat AHA League I'm cat Silvia and I'm the senior designer for so if you're working from home or if you find yourself in any situation where you don't have the right tool sometimes you have to make something work in a pinch so in this video I'm going to show you how you can make a kumihimo weight using common household items the weight on the end of your kumihimo braid is really crucial to getting the right tension so let's dive in for this you're going to need a binder clip a baggie some loose change or something heavy like marbles and a rubber band and hair ties also could work well for this okay so it's really simple we are just gonna take our little baggie here and load in our loose change and drop that down to one corner there now go ahead and kind of smooth that up you can sort of situate your coins or your marbles however you want so it's a nice small tight little weight there at the bottom and then we're gonna take our binder clip make sure that these pieces are facing down like this cuz this is gonna work like our little Gator clip right like that just opening and closing so we're gonna thread that baggie through one side thread it up through the other side and kind of pull that all the way through there and now we're gonna bring that to the center and we want our weight to sit as centrally distribute it as possible so kind of bring that together right down there at the bottom and I'm just gonna kind of wrap this around there we go just like so so now I can take one of my rubber bands and go ahead and put it over and you're just gonna wind this around criss-crossing it each time just the same as you would a ponytail or a hair tie of any kind ahead and crisscross and we want to make sure it's nice and tight and there we have our makeshift kumihimo wait so you can use this as a nice little Gator clip for kumihimo thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed that be sure to hit that like button and that subscribe button and of course have that notification bell to get all the latest from betta Holly and for all your DIY jewelry shopping needs head over to you

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