How to Make the Splendid Spiral Kumihimo Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you'll learn how to make the Splendid Spiral Kumihimo Bracelet Kits - Exclusive Beadaholique Jewelry Kits. In your kit you will get the tools and materials needed to complete one full bracelet. We also offer refill kits that will include all the materials without the added bulk of the disc, bobbins and glue that you will already have from a full kit. This makes it easy for you to choose more bracelets in your favorite color combinations.
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hi this is kat with hemo bracelets by beadaholique now these are exclusive for you so let me start there by showing you all the different colors you can choose from so we have this lovely teal and coppery rose gold we have a blue and silver and this here is more of a classic just gold and white I really like this pink and bronze again with that coppery sort of flash to it this one down here is a little bit darker it's got that gunmetal and lilac happening and then over here finally we have the mint and gold now this is the version that I'm actually going to be doing in this video here but you can follow along with any color that you've gotten and it will be just the same all right so let's talk a little bit about what you're gonna get in your kit you're gonna get your spool of esslyn here now this is a size 18 s LOM you're going to get your magnetic clasp you're going to get your two colors of seed beads and then you're also going to receive some e6000 your kumihimo disk and your eight bobbins now what you won't receive that you'll need to provide is we're gonna use a little toothpick here you can also use a scrap of wire that's gonna help us out with our glue you're gonna need either a kumihimo weight or sometimes you can use a bag of pennies with a binder clip you can kind of just make one you know at home but we recommend these nice little Gator Clips they clip on really nice and easy and they've got a good good strong teeth to them and then you're also going to need a pair of snips or scissors and you'll also need a ruler so one of the things that we do here at beadaholique are refill kits now what's the difference the difference is let's say you've purchased one of our kits before and you want to make this bracelet but you already have your disc and your bobbins and some extra glue because we're not going to be using this whole tube here today so what we do in our refill kits is gonna give you these items here you're gonna get the spool of thread or excuse me of court you're going to get the beads and you're going to get the clasp because you already have everything else that you're gonna need to create this bracelet so that's a good cost-effective way if you already have your disk in bobbins all right so let's go ahead and dive in and I want to first start by talking about sizing so with this let me bring in my ruler here now you're gonna see that I'm gonna load up my beads and I'm gonna load 40 on each strand but I'm just gonna unhook that and I want you guys to see the size here so we are gonna be doing about a 7 inch bracelet but because the Rope of kumihimo is really nice and thick it's going to wear a little bit more like a six and a half inch bracelet so my wrist is six-and-a-half inches and you can just sort of see how that fits on me and you can see that yeah it's seven inches on the ruler but it's about six and a half all the way around and this is a very comfortable wear for me so just something to consider and as we go I'm gonna show you how you can sort of do do your sizing but I just wanna let you know I'm gonna do 40 beads on each strand and that's gonna give me 7 inches along my ruler here because your clasp and you can just see it sort of together there is gonna add just under an inch total to the length alright so let's go ahead and start by cutting our cords now I'm gonna move some of these guys out of the way there just so I can have them up there perfect so what we're gonna do is we're going to cut four strands that are eight feet each and we're gonna fold them in half so let me just sort of get my first one happening here I'm gonna go to twelve inches yeah two three four five six seven and eight now you can see that I'm being a little extra generous and the reason is we give you plenty of cord to do more than one of these bracelets even but what I want to tell you is that it's easier to add beads but you can't really add cord in kumihimo so if you're like wow that's a lot of extra cord then you end up cutting off well it's just to ensure that you get the right fit once you have a better handle on exactly the size that you're gonna want you can eliminate some of this if you'd like but you're always gonna have a little bit extra because you have to have enough to keep around at the bobbin even once you're done weaving because otherwise your strand would just fall out of the bobbin and you don't want that to happen so you're always gonna have a little bit of extra sort of scrap if you will all right so there's my third one and we're gonna do it my fourth one now I am going to be working with a toe seed beads here today and they're gonna string on to this really nice and easily if you do find that you're having trouble you can always sort of clip this at an angle to kind of create a little needle-like effect for you or we have another video showing you how to do a little bit of a different technique but these a toe beads should be just fine all right so I've gathered both ends in my hands here so now I'm gonna put those together and I'm going to find this is where it's a lot of cord when you're first working with it like this alright so you're gonna find that midpoint down here so this is what I have I have this little loop here so all I'm gonna do is I'm going to take those four chords and just make a little overhand knot just by going through the center and this doesn't have to be pretty we're gonna cut it off later so don't worry about it just make sure all of your cords are together they come through and we give a nice little knot down there at the bottom alright just a little overhit not like I said doesn't need to be pretty it's gonna get cut off anyway alright so here's the next step I like to take my cord and I'm gonna take my gaiter clip clip my cord and put it right down through the center of my kumihimo and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our strands and we're gonna go on either side of those little dots there all the way around the disk and you can just kind of separate them sometimes they get a little tangled but again don't even worry about it we're gonna separate all of them and string on beads and it'll be all fine and all work itself out all right so I'm just going around placing them on either side of each of those cords there we go all right so your kumihimo disk should look something like this so we have two cords on either side of those little dots there the 32 the 8 the 16 and the 24 all right so now I'm gonna kind of bring all my cords over to one side here now here's how I like to think of my cords I like to think of this as one two three four five six seven eight now you don't have to do this this is just for me but when it comes to my bobbins what I like to do is I add a little piece of that little blue painters tape so it's not so sticky and I just number my bobbins and that just helps me keep track of where I'm at in my weave here so here's what we're gonna do let me find my number one which of course is all the way here on the bottom so this is my first bobbin so like I said I'm gonna treat this 31 and 32 cord like my first one so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come to the end and now I'm gonna load up my strand here with 40 of these beads so let me just do one on camera here so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 five six 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 and 40 all right so I have my 40 beads on here now it doesn't look like a lot but they're gonna get spaced out in that spiral so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my number one bobbin here or any bobbin like I said you don't have to do the numbering step it just makes me feel better all right so now I'm just gonna wind it carefully around that bobbin and this is why you want that extra cord because we want to provide some tension there so you can wind it pretty close to where it those beads are gonna stop so this is that cord coming out of the 31 so I'm gonna leave this one just here and let that leave that to the side now for the other green ones here I'm going to come to the cord that's between the 7 and the 8 and then I'm gonna do the one that's between the 16 and 17 and then I'm gonna do the one that is between the 24 and 25 so let me do that off camera and I'll be back and I'm gonna show you how that's all gonna work and for the alternate ones the ones between 32 and one 8 and 9 15 and 16 and 23 and 24 those are gonna have the gold beads on so let me load up my beads and then we'll compare and make sure that you are all set to go because it does matter where everything goes for that spiral to happen all right so I will see you back here in just a moment okay so I have all of my beads loaded up and I kind of spread everything out here so you can really just see what's happening so again just to reiterate I have my 1 my 3 my 6 and my 8 that I have those green beads on them and then I have my 2 my four my 5 and my 7 that have those gold beads so if you're this far you're with me all right so now what we're going to do is actually going to start that braid so go ahead and pick up your disk and I'm just going to kind of hold mine here and we're gonna start down here and what we're gonna do is we're gonna release that cord that's between the 16 and the 17 and I'm gonna bring it up and over the disk and bring it to the 30 and the 31 and sort of slide it into that little notch there now I'm gonna take the cord that's between the 32 and the one lift that up and bring it across and I'm gonna bring it down to the 14 and the 15 so go ahead and slide that in so that's considered just one pass there so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna rotate my disc now I'm gonna rotate it in 90 degrees counterclockwise now you can go clockwise if you like but just know that once you start in one spiral in one direction you have to stay there I like to move counterclockwise I think it makes a really nice little design here but yours will just spiral the opposite way but it'll be the same all right so now we're gonna repeat that so picking up this one on the left here the 24 and 25 up and over bringing it to the left therefore the 6 and the 7 and then moving to the right hand side picking up that 8 in the 9 bringing it up and over to the 22 and 23 now you can see that when I did that this one kind of buckled a little bit so just go ahead and give him a little tug underneath just to adjust and then we're gonna do it again we're just gonna rotate 90 degrees now you'll notice that I haven't added my beads yet and that's ok we're gonna get to that point but what we want to do is we want to build up a little bit of that spiral so that we can get to the point where we're gonna use that little ending spiral there that little braid to attach our clasp alright so you can see I'm moving just a little bit faster but the same technique just one up and one down always staying on that right or left side there so we don't cross over there's no crossing like that so just stay right on that side there and moving that down and what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to do this until you build up about an inch or so of that braid and again just sort of keeping good tension we want to keep nice tension there in the center if you see that start to pull down too much not like that we want to just give our guys a little tug and just kind of make sure that everybody's nice and secure and nice and flat across that top that's gonna give us that nice beautiful tight braid all right so I'm gonna do a little bit more and I'm gonna build up my braid and then I will be back and we will begin to add those beads all right so I am doing really good on my braid I've got about an inch or so there down at the bottom so I am going to finish that last little warp there and do my rotation so I know I'm back to my little dots here so that's a good little indication you can also see that I have my numbers down here now again this doesn't particularly matter but it's just good to kind of keep track that you've gone around and you have all of your ducks in a row there all right so to add our beads here we're gonna do the same braid but go ahead and take that bead and you're gonna slide him all the way down to the center now when you bring this cord up and over the top we don't want it to look like that we want it to catch underneath that cord that's just out to the side there so you might need to kind of help it down in there and you can just see that when I bring that cord across he kind of gets trapped in there so we want him to start facing down because these are gonna go down into that Center so you can see it probably a little bit easier in this one when I have that gold bead so again we don't want it coming up and over like that we want it to go underneath and catch so you're gonna need to kind of work your cord under there so you can now see that it's caught underneath this cord that's coming out here alright so now we're gonna rotate and the same thing just go ahead and release one of those little beads slide him down kind of help him get underneath there and bring that cord across and this is that same braiding pattern so nothing has changed there and bringing that across now again we want to keep really good tension so it can rotate and we're gonna put one down in the center there bring it across and repeat on this side all right and I'm gonna do a couple more with you here I'm gonna start moving a little bit faster and once you get the hang of this kumihimo was really wonderful it's a very zen kind of breeding practice just sort of very repetitive but very nice so again just kind of sliding that down and making sure that they're all getting underneath those cords and this is where you just want to pay attention a little bit it'll get a little bit easier as those cords kind of slide down there but this is how to do the beaded part of the kumihimo braid alright so let me do just one more here and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you a little technique so let's say you have to walk away from this well what I've done there is I've taken that last cord and brought it up to the front so what I'm gonna do is I have to put this down for a little while so I'm gonna leave three in that up position and one in that down position and the reason why you don't want to have your two two two two is that when you pick it up you're not gonna remember where you left off but by doing it this way you'll remember that you need to start by picking up this cord and finishing that pass on this side so this is a good way so if you have to put it down for a little while you know it happens to all of us because this does take a little bit of time so go ahead and leave it with three up and one down and you can put that down and then pick it up and you'll know exactly where to start so go ahead and add all of your beads and as you work what's gonna happen is your braid is gonna come out this side so while it's still on the disc you can take your ruler and just sort of measure that braided portion the bead the beaded braided portion if it's as long as you want it remember our class is gonna add an inch if it's as long as you want you can just simply stop adding the beads and we'll continue on to the braided portion I'll show you that when I get back but if you do find that you have to add more beads what I recommend is if you get down and you have one bead left on each of your strands these are going to help indicate which beads you need to add so what you can do is you can take this spool off add maybe three or four more of the gold beads and then SRI stirring it again so that's how we're gonna kind of keep that indicator on to each cord as to where we're at and what's going on with all of that so I'm going to show you a little bit more of what I mean when I get back and I'm gonna have a little bit of a longer braid to show you what that's gonna look like but go ahead and do your braiding with your beads and I'll be right back to show you the end results of this okay so I have my braid it completed here and all I did is I just stopped adding beads and started to add that braid there and I just wanted to add a little bit over an inch like I said that's all gonna get cut off anyway it's just for stability for our braid to go into our class so here's my length of my braid that I have so you can see how we've got that nice double spiral happening there so all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna finish this last little warp here bring that across and now go ahead and come in with your snips and you can just snip off all of these spools just leave them right on the board just like so and alright push all those guys to the side there so what you're gonna want to do is just kind of grab and release your cords there and then bring this all together and you're just gonna do one big overhand knot again doesn't need to be pretty we're just gonna cut it off anyway alright and just bring that knot down as close to that braiding as you can very simple overhand knot alright and we're done so we can remove our disc and set that aside remove our weight set that aside and now we're gonna finish off the ends so what we're gonna do is we're gonna build up our end so that it fits into this magnetic clasp now this is a six point two magnetic clasp millimeter so that's how big that's gonna be and it's gonna look really nice on our cord here but we need to build up this little braid here in order to kind of get it to fit nice and snug so I'm gonna be using my e6000 and I have just a little sticky note here that I'm gonna kind of lean that on and I have a couple of toothpicks you can also use a little scrap of wire that works great for this as well so I'm gonna take one of my bobbins here and actually take out some of that cord so you can see that I have give or take about two feet left over so the reason I do this is because waste not and just to show you how much is left over from the braid that I did because don't forget your braiding your unbraided your unbeaten portion twice and your beaded portion but even if you had lengthened it a little bit you'll still have about the same length and this just kind of helps keep it stable so you're not really wasting too much but here we are okay so let's go to the first side of the bracelet and you're gonna just repeat this on the other side so I'm only gonna do it once here on camera but let's go ahead and take that end and I'm gonna slide it underneath and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna tie a really simple kind of overhand knot and just bring that nice and close together now what I want to do is I want to get that little knot as close to the beading as I possibly can give it a little tug let's tighten that up and make sure that it's not over any of our beads looking good okay and then I'm gonna take one end and kind of hold it up here in my hand and I'm gonna take this other end and I'm gonna wind it around and I'm just gonna build up that braid now again this doesn't need to look pretty cuz it's gonna go right inside that clasp of ours and I'm just kind of holding it with my thumb keeping good tension cuz I want a nice tight wrap there and just kind of wrapping it and wrapping it and you can see that I'm going up about a quarter of an inch or so and I'm gonna show you why in just a second and wrapping and I'm kind of going down and I'm going up and what you want to do is you want to get it as wide as what's gonna fit nicely into our little clasp there alright so let me go ahead and take that little clasp apart and what you're gonna want to do is if you look down the barrel of it hopefully that's coming through on camera here for you but that magnet is really close to the edge here so it's really close down where my fingernail is pointing right there so what we want to do is we want to fill up the rest of that well so you can see that I'm almost there I might want to add a little bit more bulk to the top there but just kind of eyeballing it that's gonna fit in there pretty nicely let me just do a couple more raps and here's where I'm going to take this end and the end that I was holding on to and now I'm just gonna tie a couple of little knots here and just hold that kumihimo if you can kind of bringing that knot all the way down there all the way up to the top give it a nice little tug and for extra security let's do that one more time tie a nice little knot there right up at the top all right perfect so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna come and I'm gonna snip off those little ends set those aside cuz that is officially scrapped now all right so just above where I tied that little knot what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of bring my cord in here and I'm gonna cut this off now because the braid is so thick you might need to do a little bit of seesaw just to kind of get that watch your fingers please be careful doing this until it just kind of snaps right off so we have our braided portion that we've cut off there all right so now I recommend doing kind of one at a time just because we don't want this to start to unravel before I can get it in the clasp so what I'm gonna do is i'm going to take my e6000 and if you're working with a fresh East 6000 you're just gonna need to flip it over and use that tip to puncture the end but mine's already open cuz I've done some kumihimo in the past here I'm gonna get a little bit onto my surface make sure you close that up and then I'm gonna take my toothpick get a nice good glob kind of happening there on the end and now I'm gonna take it and sort of place it down into the well and sort of swirl it around really making sure it gets all those little corners there and I'm just gonna come and take another little glob there and just kind of watch those strings and just sort of add that down right into the center I'm making sure I have some good glue happening in there all right so now I'm gonna take this end and I'm gonna as I put it in I'm gonna sort of twist it I find that that helps a little bit just to really make sure that it gets all in there and hides really nicely all right so I'm just gonna twist it a little bit and that is how to do one end so I'm just gonna repeat very quickly on the other side I'll show you what the finished product looks like okay so we have our finished braid here and now you'll notice that I've left it long to dry and the reason we do that is we just don't want to make sure that any glue seeps through those ends that will make it hard to pull apart so make sure that you let it dry extend it like this but just to sort of show you this is how it will look when it is all done and around the wrist so you'll get that beautiful little magnetic clasp there and this is the mint and gold and just to reiterate again we do have this lovely lilac and gunmetal a white and gold the bronze and pink blue and silver and our teal and that coppery rosy gold so those are the six varieties that we have of these splendid spiral kumihimo kits and you can get all of these kits and their refills by heading over to if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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