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Hi, this is Kat with things so what you'll need for this is I have the rubber o-rings here and this is a size 12 millimeter and I have three packs so I have 30 total and over here I have six millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and I also have ten millimeter 18 gauge jump rings and these are both open jump rings I also have two pairs of pliers I have a chain nose plier and a bent chain nose plier you can always use two pairs of the chain nose pliers but I prefer using a bent nose with my dominant hand just makes doing a little bit of the chainmail easier for myself so this is what we're going to be making here this is the helmet chain and as you can see it's a stretchy bracelet because I'm going to be using those rubber o-rings so Before we jump in to actually making the bracelet I want to give you guys a little bit of a guidance on how to size this bracelet so what I'm gonna do and like I told you I had three packs of the rubber o-rings and that gives you 30 of the rubber o-rings and just as you can see here on my bracelet they kind of go two at a time so they go in pairs so what I'm gonna do just to show you guys I'm gonna line up two and just kind of put them next to each other against my ruler here so you can see just how big it's going to actually be so let me just line this up and like I said this is one pack so you'll get sort of you know five links when you stack them up and you'll get about two and a half inches with one package now I do want to say that this uses thirty and three packages and as you can tell on my mandrel here what I'm going to do is I'm going to slide it over the top and it kind of fits around my 6.5 inches but I can kind of stretch it to seven seven and a half eight just depends on how tight you want that to be around your wrist so I will let you know that if you want a comfortable one this will give you about 7 between 6.5 and 7 inches I'll say that because it's it can kind of vary a little bit as you can see but if you want to wear it loose this is the size that you'll need and you'll need three packages if you want it bigger definitely pick up a second package and or I'm sorry definitely pick up a fourth package because that will give you all the extra rings that you need because I don't imagine it'll be adding an extra 2.5 inches but you could if you like if you're making kind of a different design but that hopefully gives you just a little bit of a guidance on the size of how to do this bracelet so now we're going to jump in and I'm going to show you how to construct it so go ahead and take your pliers here and let me just move some of this out of the way so to begin what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your benching nose pliers and we're just gonna open up one of our six millimeter jump rings here and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to hook on four of the rubber o-rings now this will start to be a little bit tight but don't worry they'll kind of delay once you get the jump ring closed and again this is why using that sort of bent chain nose is really nice especially for this type of a project alright so just close that jump ring up nice and tight and now what you're going to do is just separate those two so you have kind of a little four sandwich kind of working there so now just go ahead and set that down and you're gonna pick up another six millimeter jump ring and just go ahead and open that up hook it onto one of the ends there and now you're going to kind of just move it with your fingers and hold it and you're gonna add on to more of the rubber jump rings and get your pliers in there and just close that up okay and now this is what I have so I've sort of linked three together so far so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one of my 10 millimeter jump rings and go ahead and open that up you don't need to open it too much just enough I'm gonna go into the second jump ring here and kind of slip my jump ring through there and up through the sandwich and then kind of make sure that this one folds down and it comes all the way around and I can kind of bend it so it's coming through there just like so and now I'm just gonna close up at ten millimeter jump ring I'm making sure it's nice and flush and now I can take those two and sort of bend them back over and as you can see I got my jump ring and it's sort of just trapped and sandwiched in the middle there so I'm gonna do another link just to show you but this is all it takes it's just super easy and you just keep going in the same direction and I'll show you how to close it up when we get to that point but to do your next link you go ahead and take that six millimeter jump ring hook it around those two on the end add on two more jump rings or I'm sorry add on to more of the rubber o-rings and get your chain nose pliers in there yeah just close that guy up and now we're gonna take another ten millimeter jump ring open that up and now you're gonna slide it through here kind of threw that little sandwich area and get it around through the top and it helps me to fold these down you don't have to if you don't want to but just kind of keep track of where you're going close that up nice and tight and fold your rings back over and you just keep going in that same manner and I'm gonna keep going until I have the link that I want and then I'll show you how to finish up that last those last couple of links so I'll be back to show you that in just a moment so to finish up my last link here I'm gonna take my last six millimeter 20 gauge jump ring go ahead and open that up and I'm going to loop it on to the end that I've been working through and now I'm going to attach the other side these two jump rings on the end and I'm going to just slide them on there and close up my jump ring so now this is where my join is right here so now I'm going to take my last two 10 millimeter 18 gauge jump rings and to finish off those last two inside loops just go ahead and open that up and again just kind of slide it through that sandwich area right there now these ends are a little bit trickier because you can't fold it down so you can go all the way through and kind of pull it out to one side and sneak your pliers in there and kind of close it up on the outer side there and then you'll be able to kind of just slide that back down just like so so last jump ring and then we're almost done yeah just close that up and we are all finished so that is how to complete a helm wave chainmail bracelet with the rubber o-rings and you can find all of these supplies and we'll have a listing for this exact project on our website at you

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