How to Make a Double Strand Bracelet with Simple Wire Loops

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make the Aster Coin & Sepal Spiral Bracelet by linking simple wire loops attached to coin beads from Raven's Journey. This style can be done with various styles of beads and can even be made into a triple or quadruple strand bracelet.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to create a link bracelet using these beautiful coin beads from raven's journey now i'm going to be using two different styles here and you can see that i've already set up many of my beads so i'm going to show you how to do one of them and then what we're going to do is we're going to link them all together using this great little slide clasp so this is a nice little slide tube clasp and it's going to help separate my little strands there so the first thing i want to do is take one of my eye pins here and i'm going to be using my round nose pliers so let's go ahead and slip on our bead slide that down and then go ahead and take your round nose pliers and what we're going to do is we're just going to make a nice little simple wire loop facing our little bead there wrap it up and over the top and bring it across and if you need to because that little piece is kind of small there we can go ahead and use our chain nose pliers these guys here to help us complete that loop and then we can sneak in with our flush cutters and trim off that excess wire and we can just kind of set that aside so now you can see that i have that's how we created all these little bobbles here now the next thing we want to do is we are going to do a little strand sort of pattern so i'm going to go and i'm going to alternate each one up and down because they're a little bit different size you can see they the the blue one there is a little bit more rounded and the purple one is a little flatter so what i'm going to do is just kind of create this little chain link that goes all the way across there and we're just going to link them all together now i may have some few a few extras here i wasn't quite sure that the size this was going to be but let's go ahead and start and the easiest part here is just opening and closing these little loops so you're going to do it just as though you would a jump ring there so go ahead and just open that little loop and we're just going to slide it on to one of our loops of that slide clasp and just go ahead and close that up now there are a couple tricks to getting this right the first thing i want to point out is that you're going to want to make your loops a little bit loose so you can see here i have a nice loose one oh it's actually already opened which is perfect i want to make my loops a little loose because i want to give those coins a little bit of area to slide around i think it'll be nice if they can kind of twist over and turn if you want you can make it nice and solid but i like the idea of kind of having them be a little bit freer to do their own thing so just moving down the line now you can go one for one or you can do what i'm doing here is just going the length now if you only wanted to do one strand of this you can absolutely do that you can also do a triple strand we have triple strand of these slide clasps so it's a really easy thing to do so i'm going to continue to add these and i just want to show you so you can do it that method like like so just kind of linking them all up and down on one side or you can go kind of one for one here and we can do one here on the bottom i'm just going to loop that through and close this guy up here there we go so now i can continue kind of going along this side now if you look you'll notice that those little beads are going to kind of bump into each other towards the end now this is where that little sizing is gonna come in handy because you can go a little bit looser with your sizing or you can go a little bit tighter so that they're gonna really separate on the wrist and i'll show you what i mean once we get a little bit closer here to the end and i can kind of put it on my wrist and and show you but i'm just going to continue to link these guys up here and i will be right back to show you what happens towards the end all right so i have linked up all of my little beads there and you can see that it's a really nice size and just so that you can tell i just want to set my ruler down here so that you can see nice and easily so this is going to give you about a seven inch bracelet so you can just see how many beads i've used used here we have one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten so that will give you about seven inches so let's go ahead and finish this up so what i'm going to do is just slide that off and kind of bring that over here making sure that my clasp is facing the right way because i want to absolutely make sure that we're not going to end up twisted here and i'm just going to slide that on and make sure it goes onto the top loop there and i'm going to go ahead and close that up then i'm going to come to this one on the bottom here and repeat that adding it to that second loop there and go ahead and close that up so here's what i mean when it's about sizing so when you see that worn on the wrist they do actually lay pretty flat so you can keep that together now you'll notice that the two in the back can go right kind of on top of each other there but one might slip underneath so don't worry about that i'm just going to clasp this onto my wrist and then i'm going to show you what it looks like when i have it on okay so this is what our finished piece looks like on and you can see that it can kind of slide up and over some of those little clasps or excuse me some of those little beads there so this is it really tight on my wrist you can see that it's not moving now you have an opportunity there to either do some extra loops you can also add a little jump rings here to expand that ever so slightly if you don't want to add the length of two extra beads so you have some options there but this is how it wears if you have the uh the 10 beads for about a six and a half to a seven inch wrist so i hope this was helpful for you for sizing but it's a really fun little project and you can do it with lots of different coin beads thank you so much for watching you'll find this full tutorial and even more tutorial videos by heading over to you

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