How to Make the Awakened Necklace

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to string this necklace design. This design features a focal of a buddha bead on an eye pin surrounded by simple wire loops attached to open frame hoops. In this video you will see some alternate designs for you to make this style suit you.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the awakened necklace featuring gemstone beads wood beads and czech glass beads from raven's journey so today is going to be all about strung jewelry which means we have a lot on our plate here so let's just go ahead and see what we've got so for tools you're going to need a pair of crimping pliers which i have over here a pair of chain nose pliers flush cutters and round nose pliers because we're actually also going to be doing a simple wire loop and then i have a couple of pairs here of or excuse me i have a pair of bead stoppers and we're going to use that i have my beading wire over here like i said i'm going to be using some wood beads here today i have some gemstone beads these are my czech glass drops from raven's journey so i have three different colors i also have some open frame hoops my eye pin i have some crimps some crimp covers and my lobster clasp i have my focal buddha bead here and then i also have some 8 0 miyuki round seed beads so i have a lot here but let's go ahead and break this down so the very first thing that i want to do to create this design is i'm going to take my little buddha head here and i'm going to take my eye pin string on one seed bead and that's just going to help because the hole on the buddha is a little bit large so what i want to do is just kind of create a little stopper there at the bottom kind of almost that you don't even see it and then i'm going to add one bead on top just to complete that look so this is our first little component so let's now go ahead and take our round nose pliers come in here and what we're going to do is we're just going to make a simple wire loop so we're just going to bend that wire back and then holding it we're just going to wrap it up and over the top go ahead and bring that around finishing that loop and now we have that loop on that one side so what we can do is remove our pliers come in with our flush cutters and just remove that excess wire now for this piece we can go ahead and just take this and we're going to set it down there for now and i'm going to kind of remove a couple pieces here that we're not going to need just yet all right so this is going to be a two-part piece so the first thing i'm going to do is i'm going to measure out from my beading wire i'm going to measure about 12 inches all right go ahead and snip that off with my flush cutters and i'm just going to set my ruler aside come in with my bead stopper and i'm going to just do one end right there and what we're going to do to this other end is we're going to treat this bead stopper as though it is our clasp in the back so i'm going to show you the pattern that i want to do so the first thing we want to do here is we're going to use those little seed beads as nice little spacer beads so i'm going to go ahead and pick up three of them and go ahead and slide those down now these little drops if you'll notice they do have a drop like shape kind of like a teardrop so we always want to make sure that we're putting them on in the right order so it's always helpful to kind of place this on your work surface let me kind of get these guys out of the way actually place this on your work surface so that you know the direction you're going with these little beads so i'm going to go ahead and string on one of the teal i'm going to go teal purple and blue and i'm going to add a seed bead in between each one as i slide it down and you'll see that we want to make sure that they are going the right direction all right so i have one two and three perfect and now what i'm gonna do is i've added that last little seed bead there i'm gonna switch over and i'm gonna do a different kind of trio so i'm gonna add on one of my gemstone beads and if you take a look here the hole on my wood beads is rather quite large so i'm not going to be able to put a seed bead on top of that because otherwise it'll just fall right in there so i'm just going to slip that on and then add one more of my gemstone beads and now i'm just going to repeat that now i had three of the beads up there at the top that was just for my clasp so now what i want to do is just add on one and i'm just going to repeat to do one of my teal one of my purple again alternating with that seed bead in there and one of the blue all right so you're probably wondering what are we going to do with this hoop here so this is a perfect example of kind of adding in a nice little focal piece now you could extend this and i actually might here in a moment let me just see on my ruler how far that is alright so that's only five inches and thinking as you're designing if this is coming from the back of the neck this is going to not even quite come down to the collarbone just yet so i think i am going to make a decision here and let's go ahead and add another round of our gemstone beads here so we'll do gemstone wood gemstone i don't like that one not all beads are created equal all right so now i have another trio there now i want to add the hoop with the buddha bead in the center but i want him to be off center meaning i want my necklace to kind of come like this you can just sort of see it on camera there but i want that piece to be a focal however i really kind of wanted the three colorful beads as close to that bead as possible so what i'm going to do is i'm going to continue and this is where the bead stopper is going to be your friend because you are going to see what's going to happen here so i can add on my one bead there and my next the turquoise the gold the purple the gold and finally that blue bead there with one more gold all right so my goal here let me just double check my pattern is to actually attach this to this wire here and the way i'm going to do that is i'm going to take one of my crimp tubes and i'm going to slide it down onto my wire and i'm going to go around this hoop here and then turn my wire around and go back through that crimp tube just like so and go ahead and slide that down so i want it to be a little bit loose i need it to have a little bit of movement to it but tight enough that it's going to be secure so go ahead and you can kind of see again i'm just sort of checking making sure that it'll move around a little bit and you're going to come in with your crimping pliers and setting it in that first little notch there go ahead and crimp and then i'm going to take that out and just rotate it 90 degrees and move it to the second little notch there so that it can fold over like a little v and you can always give it a little extra pinch there on the end so that is what i want to achieve there now i'm just going to take this wire and kind of stick it down through that one seed bead and allow it to come up through that one blue bead and here's where i can come in and just snip the tail that wire off all right perfect so finally i'm going to come in with a crimp cover now you do not need to use crimp covers you can if you like i always like the way they look they kind of end up looking a little bit like a metal bead afterwards so you just kind of set it into the little jaws there you can just see it kind of looks like a little pac-man and just hold it with your fingers and i'm kind of holding mine a little awkwardly for camera but i want you guys to try to be able to see this and then i'm just going to come in over top and just give it a little pinch and we can kind of rotate our pliers just to bring that together again we want it to be like a little tiny bead there on the end all right beautiful that actually worked out very nicely okay so i'm going to go ahead and slide that on and now you can see how that looks so it has a really nice finished look now here's where the back end of it it we can just leave so what i'm going to do is i'm going to take my bead stopper and move it up so that it's nice and tight on my beads there so i'm going to leave that bead stopper there until i'm fully until i'm really further along so that i can make sure that that size is what i want because what i can also do is i can take off some beads let's say i wanted to take off these last three i could just add a string of seed beads in the back that way i can kind of adjust that size without continuing the pattern so you always want to use a bead stopper it'll help you kind of keep that in in play all right so we're going to move now to this side here and this is where i'm going to attach my little buddha bead all right so go ahead and come in with those chain nose pliers there and i'm just going to open up that top loop same as you would a jump ring and slide on my frame there and just making sure it stays right in there i'm just going to go ahead and sneak in there and close up that loop making sure i get a nice good closure and while i'm here holding it i'm just going to come to the side and i'm going to open up and slip in my second little piece there and give that a nice little closure so you can see what we're going to do now is we're going to take this first half here that's going to be our clasp in the back you can just kind of see and now what i want to do is i want to take this and i want to repeat that pattern and i'm going to go down and around and meet up at the other side so let's go ahead and do that okay so now we are going on to the second bit here so i had about a foot of wire for that first one so just to give myself a little extra i am counting on about two feet of wire so i just measured this out so this is about two feet now we have here and again i'm gonna come in with my bead stopper and place it about two inches or so from one end this is enough the reason why i say two inches is you just wanna make sure that you have enough to turn around on your crimp tube when you get to the other side so now what we can do is we can start here with our pattern or we can reverse it and start on the other side so that we know that what we're ending with at our bead stopper here is our clasp and that's exactly what we're going to do so let's assume we like the first side so we're just going to pick up three of those little seed beads there slide those down and now here it is again so you can decide if you want to come from your loops here and kind of do the reverse which is what i'm going to do or you can do it the other way around so you can either have your beads stacked like this or excuse me rather like that so they continue the shape of those teardrops or you can flip them around so that it kind of comes out from the center so you can do something like that as well so you can kind of create your own style of pattern if you want to do a mirrored effect or what have you so what i'm going to do because i think it'll be it'll be kind of fun to see this is i'm going to go with this type of style here so what that means is that i'm going to put this bead on first so this is going to be actually you know what i have decided to do something else let's go back here and i'm going to actually take off those little seed beads and i'm going to pretend that my bead stopper is my stopper here so let's continue to work the same way i think that'll be a little bit easier and i'll get to see my pattern develop i'm kind of doing this on the fly all right so let's go ahead and let's continue on with our pattern assuming that i can just do let's see all right let's reverse the pattern but keep the beads going the same way does that make sense so we are going to start with our blue bead oops excuse me we are going to start with our gold seed bead and then our blue bead here another gold and we're going to do the purple gold and teal all right so let's go ahead and slide that guy down there okay so this is what i'm gonna be going after now so we have a little bit of a different style happening which i kind of like you know why not stringing is really uh great to just experiment and have fun with but again like i'm telling you that bead stopper is your friend because i already had to take apart a little bit of my design okay stringing on a wood bead and getting another bead there all right so now i'm going to actually end up repeating this pattern a couple of times so let's see all right so now we're ready to we have our seed bead on there ready to add a blue bead gold bead purple bead gold bead and green bead all right perfect all right so i'm going to continue this this pattern and i will meet you back here on the other side so i have done the pattern now and i've added you can hopefully just kind of see all of it in frame here so this is the second piece and i am up to about 20 21 inches or so so what i'm going to do now is i think i'm happy with the way this looks so i'm going to remove my bead stopper from this side and this is the side that i intend to attach to this one here so again we're just going to go ahead and take our crimp tube slide it on to our wire oops grab a different one there we go slide it onto our wire and we're going to go up and over our little loop here our open frame hoop rather and go ahead and sneak that wire through and let's bring that together and again we want it to be tight but mobile so we can come in with our crimping pliers here again setting it right into that little notch there give it a nice little crimp and now we're just going to rotate that crimp it together you can see it kind of squeeze always give it a little extra there we go and now same kind of thing i like to go through a bead or two before i trim it off so go ahead and sneak that wire through and trim that wire and finally we're just going to grab another one of those crimp covers there and go ahead and come in with that and crimp down our little cover if you decided to not use the crimp cover you can also consider using the magical crimps they look like even smaller little beads there but i like the crimp cover look it looks very nice in this particular design because i've got some some larger beads happening there so it works for me okay so now we can come to both sides here and we can finish off our clasp now here's the option for you if you wanted to take some time you can you know size it up what i recommend you do is put that uh excuse me that bead stopper right back on there and then you can have your full necklace and it's not going to go anywhere so you can try it on and kind of see how it fits you can also kind of really stretch it out along your ruler if you'd like but i'm pretty happy with this i think it's nice it falls just the way i wanted it to with my little buddha there kind of hanging towards the bottom just a little off-center so that is perfect for what i want so i'm going to remove the bead stopper on my very first side there and what i want to do is i want to take my little crimp tube and i'm going to go up and over and i'm just going to add on my lobster clasp right there to the top and pull that down through and again we want to make sure that we're getting as close as we can now this side is a little bit different because what we can do is we can take our little wire there and sneak it through hopefully those last little three seed beads and then we can pull snug from there so you can just kind of wiggle it around sometimes i find it helps if you just you know just do that but make sure you're not pulling too snug we want to make sure that this is still going to feel a little liquidy so we want to make sure to allow some extra little space there so this is perfect go ahead and crimp your crimp tube and rotate crimp it again snip off that wire there we go just had to get the right angle on it all right and now coming in with our crimp cover and we're just going to close that up just like so to finish our very first side all right so now let's go ahead and we're going to flip over to the other side all right so coming to our last piece here i'm going to trim off a little of this wire i have a little a little more than i needed so i'm going to come in and i'm going to take my crimp tube slide that on slide on a closed jump ring and come through doing the same thing as i did on the opposite side here and just sneaking my wire through those last little seed beads there and something that you can do to help you out it can just kind of be just to grip the wire there with your pliers and like i said you just kind of wiggle it down make sure it's where you want it to be and we want to still make sure that we have some some movement here some liquidy all right and finally coming in with that crimping pliers giving that a nice little pinch there let's go ahead and trim off our wire and the final item is adding on that last little crimp cover all right and there we go all done so now we can attach our lobster to our little closed jump ring and that is our clasp there now let me see if i can kind of give you a little visual here of what we've got going on all right so we'll kind of make this a little hard so you guys can see there we go so i have my strung jewelry now again this is one of those pieces that you can really really make your own it's a lot of fun you can you know test out some of your favorite gemstones but i love these little ravens drop journey um raven's journey drop beads excuse me um because they're just so colorful and i love that little splash of gold that you have on there so this is how to make the awakened necklace here and you can see that we have some extra beads left over so you could always do some earrings or if you wanted to kind of create a secondary bracelet that could be really really fun as well so i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from

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