How to Make a Delicate Layered Necklace Trio with Finished Chains

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll see how to make a quick and easy trio of layered necklaces using finished chains in a variety of lengths and styles, including cable chain, rolo chain, ball chain and saturn chain. You'll also get tips on how to personalize layering necklaces with charms, connector links and charm chain. A great gift idea!
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hi this is Rachel with beadaholique to show you how to make a delicate layered necklace trio with finished chains layering your necklaces is such a pretty feminine way to accessorize it adds lots of visual interest to your look and allows plenty of room for personalization and I found that three is the magic number I like to have one short chain a medium chain and a longer chain and you can add little embellishments to your chains or just let them speak for itself so my short chain here is a Saturn chain with little beads and I think that looks pretty on its own and the middle chain I added a Terra cast spiked bead and a TR cast charm on the longest chain and I did something kind of different with my second trio here on this one I put embellishments on all the chains I have a syrettes key crystal channel charm on the short chain and a Terra cast bar on the middle and a seraph ski raindrop pendant on the long one so there's lots of room for you to make this style your own and one way to bring in organic aesthetic into your layered necklaces is to mix and match different chain styles so I have a spread of different styles of chain here in front of me and different links and these are convenient because they're actually finished chains so if you look here they come with a spring ring clasp and a tag closure already attached so that takes some of the work out of it for you and all you have to do is focus on the creative part so some of the chains here are some fine cable chain some Rolo chain I have two millimeter ball chain and this is cool because it does have that spring ring closure instead of the usual ball chain closure I have a really delicate one point two millimeter ball chain here I love this I think it's so pretty and I have that Saturn chain and these are gold plated and silver plated and that's three things that you see here are 16 inches 18 inches and 24 inches but I'm gonna show you a trick for lengthening your chain that will also personalize it so I'm gonna make a mixed metals version of this layered necklace trio I'm actually just going to alter the silver version that I have on my table and speaking of mixed metals I have a couple of adjustable bangles here just to remind you how easy it is to layer and personalize these bangles so you don't let your wrist feel left out anyway so I'm gonna work on the silver version and I think the first thing I'm gonna do is switch out my smallest chain my 16 inch chain here and the chart that I have here this Sourav ski channel charm we actually have this charm in all different birthstone colors so it's really nice as a gift idea so what I'm gonna do is switch in this one point two millimeter ball chain and I'm actually going to put on a different channel charm in this Siam red color and it's got a gold frame so that's where the mix miles is going to come in so I'm just going to take a jump ring and I'm using my Webber's pliers and I'm just gonna open that jump ring and slide it through the loop of this channel charm and put that on this ball chain necklace and now this is going to be my first layer in this new necklace trio alright so for my second chain I'm going to switch out this tierracast bar I really love this bar but there's so much you can do with your second layer in this necklace trio I just want to show you so I'm just gonna take off the jump rings and this necklace was actually one of the finished chain necklaces all I did was just cut the middle link and open it up and add this link pendant in the middle so I'm going to do something similar I'm actually gonna add this nice silver Chevron for my middle link I'll take some fresh jump rings you know I'm just gonna slide it through one hole of the link and the last link of chain and I'll do the same on the other side and just slide on that last link of chain didn't close it up and now I have an all-new middle layer in my necklace trio alright and for the last chain there let's see I'm gonna take off this Rev ski raindrop pendant and I'm gonna show you actually how to lengthen one of your finished chains and add some charm chain in there so all I'm gonna do is hold up my chain and find the middle I'm just gonna take my flush cutters and cut the middle link of the necklace and just open it up and I have here some triangle pendant charm chain I love this charm chain I think it's just so cool as a lot of geometric interest and I think I want to add maybe two and a half three inches of this chain onto my last necklace so I'm just gonna cut one of the links I think that's a nice amount and if I just put this piece on there as is it will lengthen my last necklace by a couple of inches I don't actually want my last necklace that long so I'm going to cut off maybe about half an inch of chain on either side of the split just to soak up some of that extra length that the charm chain is going to add and I'm just eyeballing this you can of course measure with a ruler and that will give you a much more accurate accurate cut okay so I'm going to take a jump ring and I'm gonna slide it through the loop on the end of my charm chain and the last link of my Rolo chain then close it up and I'll do the same thing on the other side take another jump ring and I'm just gonna slide it through the hole on the end add the last link of my chain and close it alright and now I have a brand new long layer for my necklace trio with some awesome triangle pennant charm chain so there you go that's how easy it is to entirely change the character of a necklace trio like this I just switched out all of the charms and pendants and added some new ones and totally made it a new personalized piece so that is how to make delicate layered necklaces with finished chain you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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